Mono-Blue Infect

Posted in Feature on September 7, 2011

By Wizards of the Coast

John Stolzmann's Mono-Blue Infect

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Modern came crashing into the Magic world this past weekend at Magic Weekend Philadelphia. The big event on hand was Pro Tour Philadelphia, where nearly 500 of the world's very best players competed to flesh out what the brand-new format would look like. Madison's John Stolzmann came with an innovative deck of his own design that seeks to cast a gigantic Blazing Shoal targeting one of the deck's infect creatures. By pitching Dragonstorm or Progenitus to the Shoal, you get a whopping lethal service of poison damage! The deck performed well, putting teammate Sam Black into the Top 8 of the event. Read the event coverage of Pro Tour Philadelphia for more!

To get a closer look at the deck in the hands of Sam Black, check out this deck tech with Rich Hagon:

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