More Amonkhet Art Descriptions

Posted in Feature on June 2, 2017

By Chris Gleeson

Chris is the copy editor for DailyMTG. If the Ts are dotted and the eyes are crossed, he dun goofed.

Amonkhet is lush and beautiful—at least inside the protection of the Hekma—and the art for the set is simply gorgeous.

So let's take a closer look at more of that art in larger-than-card size, along with the descriptions that led to the creation of each piece.

Spring // Mind

Mind | Art by Josu Hernaiz

Aftermath frame: first half (wide aspect)

Setting: Amonkhet
Color: green spell
Location: near a waterfall in the city-state (see below)
Action: This piece and "Mind" are linked pieces that represent the phrase "Spring (to) Mind." In this piece, "Spring," show a scene of flourishing nature within Bolas's city-state. A waterfall tumbles into a wide pool, surrounded by green foliage. In the foreground, a small figure (see reference packet) wades through the pool, fingers trailing in the clear water.
Focus: natural aspects of the scene—the waterfall and green plants
Mood: lush, growing, vivid, alive

Aftermath frame: second half

Setting: Amonkhet
Color: blue spell
Location: in front of a cascading waterfall
Action: This piece and "Spring" are linked pieces that represent the phrase "Spring (to) Mind." In this piece, "Mind," show a close-up of the same figure shown in "Spring," but now he prays directly under the waterfall. He holds his hands up on either side of his face, palms toward us, eyes closed in prayer. Water cascades onto his shoulders, framing his head with a mystical spray.
Focus: the meditating man
Mood: calm, meditative

River Serpent

Setting: Amonkhet
Color: blue creature
Location: a river scene in the city-state (see reference packet), with the setting sun in the background
Action: Riverboats and other small watercraft traverse the river of this world, but there is a risk: occasionally big nasty river monsters attack those boats. Show an enormous fearsome River Serpent rearing up out of the river to attack a small riverboat. It is huge and snaky, with fins running down its sides and a big fanged mouth.
Focus: the huge boat-eater serpent
Mood: fearsome and deadly
Notes: Notably, in ancient Egyptian mythology, the giant serpent Apep (or Apophis) battled the sun god Ra and attempted to swallow the sun. Maybe it looks like this serpent's mouth is almost big enough to wrap around the sun.

Shadow of the Grave

Setting: Amonkhet
Color: black spell
Location: in the desert (see reference packet)
Action: This is an abstract piece that represents reflecting on one's past and mortality. Show a figure in the hot desert, with a huge mountain/mesa of sand in the background. The figure's long shadow casts up onto the dunes, magnifying it—and the shadow is that of a fleshless skeleton version of that figure.
Focus: the scene
Mood: reflective, menacing

Cursed Minotaur

Setting: Amonkhet
Color: black creature
Location: the desert wastes (see reference packet)
Action: Outside the safety of the city-state, desiccated undead mummies trudge across the desert, looking for living outcasts to devour. This mummy is the undead form of a minotaur. Its ram-like head has become gaunt, the skin barely stretched over the skull. Its wiry-strong body is draped with sun-bleached rags.
Focus: the undead minotaur
Mood: once a proud warrior, now one of the marauding dead

Bonus Amonkhet Invocation Art


Setting: Amonkhet
Color: blue spell
Location: a calm part of the river in the city-state (see reference packet)
Action: In this shot, we see a human male initiate on his knees in shallow water, facing away from us. He's looking up in awe at a flock of ibises rising dramatically from the surface of the water, only, these birds are illusionary, made from bright blue energy. It should seem like a wall of birds stretched across the frame in front of the initiate. The birds should read as birds at card size.
Focus: the initiate set against the wall of birds
Mood: an overwhelming sight to behold

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