Of Myrs and Men

Posted in Feature on August 27, 2012

By Conley Woods

Last week, we took a look at a mono-blue Grand Architect deck that put the three-drop to good use, pumping up the team and speeding up Equipment. But as we mentioned then, Grand Architect has quite a few uses. While that list had a few artifacts in it, they were certainly not the focus of the list. So what would something like that look like? Artifact-based Architect lists seem pretty straightforward, but there have to be a few twists, right?

Grand Architect

Josh Beck reminded us that Grand Architect can do it all with his take on a new Heartless Summoning brew that he featured at a recent PTQ Top 8 in Portland. While it is true that concepts similar to this list have been tossed around forever, rarely have they seen success, so Josh clearly figured out something.

The deck looks to use the cross section between Grand Architect and Heartless Summoning, both essentially reducing spells by two mana. Between these two mana generators, plays like turn-four Wurmcoil Engine are commonplace. Both accelerators even have the synergy of casting Myr Superion without aid. The deck also has the ability to shift into combo mode if need be. With a Heartless Summoning in play, Perilous Myr instantly dies, triggering his Shock effect. Well, with a Havengul Lich in play, this process can be repeated for each mana you have, triggering tons of Shocks.

This is the type of list with a huge toolbox to work from, allowing you to adapt to most situations or environments. This makes the deck a great FNM standby and, as Josh showed us, maybe even a PTQ weapon.

Josh Beck's Grand Summoning

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