Nationals Showcase: Australia, Japan, Spain

Posted in Feature on July 18, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Magic 2010

The Road to Worlds begins in earnest for three major Magic-playing countries this weekend. Invitations to Rome and the opportunity to represent your country on the biggest Magic stage are up for grabs. How will Magic 2010 change Standard? With Pro Points on the line for top finishers, these are sure to showcase exicting play by some of the biggest names in Magic. Follow along all weekend for the top stories from the feature match pits, the shifts in the metagame, and much more!

Mackintosh, Elves Capture Australian National Title

Playing in his first National Championship, Jamie Mackintosh stormed the Top 8 with his Green/White Elves Combo deck, and will lead the Australian National Team at the World Championships in Rome later this year. Joining him after a heart-breaking loss in the finals with his Five-Color Blood deck will be fellow newcomer Ian Wood, and Top 8 veteran Hugh Glanville, who played Faeries.

Shuhei Rocks Japan Nationals

Ladies and gentlemen, the bar for 2009 national teams has been set. Reigning Player of the Year Shuhei Nakamura emerged victorious from a loaded field at Japan's National Championship. He'll be flanked by 2007 Rookie of the Year Yuuya Watanabe and newcomer Yuma Shiota....oh, and just in case one of them can't make it to Rome, 2005 Player of the Year Kenji Tsumura is the alternate!

Marti Takes Control of Spain Nationals

Enric Marti piloted a Five-Color Control deck to the title of Spanish National Champion, defeating Jonathan Cano and Jund Aggro in the final. Rounding out the national team is Alain Simón, who played Elves Aggro.

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