The New Gatherer

Posted in Feature on April 16, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

You may notice, at some point today, that card links in articles and decklists are now taking you to a new version of Gatherer. This Gatherer, in continuous development since late last year, is the culmination of our efforts to improve the searchability of our Magic Card Database for all of our users. Although we will continue to work on improvements and integration of features requested by the community, today is the day "Beta" Gatherer becomes Gatherer and we retire the old version.

We're always looking for input from the community about how to improve the features we provide inside Gatherer. If you have suggestions, feel free to post about them in the forums, send us an email, or for technical issues, you can use the built-in Feedback tool as well.

Before we get into the details of the switch, there’s one other thing we’re announcing today. The new Gatherer will not have third-party advertising. We’ll maintain one banner slot at the top to help get the word out for upcoming Magic products and events, but we’ve discontinued selling those ad spaces. We are also in the process of removing third-party advertising from the rest of the web site. That will take a bit longer, but should be completed in the next few weeks.


Gatherer Basics

First thing's first: everything you have been able to do up to now in Gatherer, you can still do! The interface has changed slightly, but more importantly, you have many more options to configure your search and display the results in a way that makes sense to you. You can find Gatherer at

The old, retired version The new, improved version

Some of the most important changes are to the way you can view your search results. There are two entirely new modes: the Standard mode, which shows a small card image along with the Oracle text, and the Visual Spoiler mode, which shows all of the cards in the results as large card images. Gatherer still has Compact, Checklist and Text Spoiler modes, with some added bells and whistles including an optional hover-over card image and many more sorting options with successive multiple sorts.

Visual Spoiler mode Updated Compact mode

You can find a number of useful tips on how to use the new version of Gatherer in the Help section, specifically how to use the default Simple Search and how to interpret the Search Results page.

Check out the next section for a quick walkthrough of the most powerful new feature of Gatherer, the Advanced Search.

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