Now That's What I Call Grixis!

Posted in Feature on July 18, 2012

By Conley Woods

You know, here on Daily Decks, we tend to showcase a lot of the crazy and the kooky. Maybe it's just what I enjoy as a player, or maybe those decks just really are cooler, but we must remember that Magic is a game where ultimately, you can win or lose. And sometimes, oftentimes, the best way to end up with a W next to your name is to cut the frills and get down to business. Luckily for us, though, there are a few formats out there where getting down to business is anything but!

With Magic 2013 officially out, I wanted to feature a Commander list that showcased some of the new cards and Cassidy McAuliffe once again delivered with the following take on a Grixis Commander list. Now, of the many reasons to play blue, black, and red in your Commander list, the coolest might be that you get to have an awesome Dragon-turned-Planeswalker to lead your troops into battle. Sure, there are other options as well, but Nicol Bolas definitely gets the nostalgia flowing! Once you get to look at the list, though, you see a lot of neat yet powerful cards, which is a signature of Commander.

Spelltwine, Gem of Becoming, Archaeomancer, Diabolic Revelation, and Disciple of Bolas are all new and ready to rock in this list, but I expect all of those cards to be pretty commonplace among the Commander crowds. But if new cards don't do it for you, I expect you can get quite a smirk across your face while casting Treachery and Demonic Tutor as well. This list really does incorporate what seems like endless format staples and is a great place to reference if you are interested in breaking free of the monocolored Commander list you might be used to. Get out there and grab some dual lands, but be sure to ask permission from Nicol Bolas first!

Nicol Bolas

Grixis Commander

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