Oath of the Gatewatch Update Bulletin

Posted in Feature on January 29, 2016

By Matt Tabak

Senior editor. Game designer. Writer. Bon vivant. Matt wears many hats inside Magic R&D, but they're hard to see as he's so tall.

So that all the players may be informed of Oracle and Comprehensive Rules changes in a timely manner, I will keep watch.

What's that? I'm a few weeks late? Well, darn.

The Update Bulletin, in theory, is supposed to give players a heads-up as to the changes we make to previous Magic cards and the Comprehensive Rules with each new card set. This gives everyone an opportunity to digest the changes, ask questions, and so on. And in the hopefully rare case that we screw something up, we can be alerted to it before the changes go live and make course corrections as needed.

The flu shot I got last year, in theory, was supposed to keep me from being deathly ill for ten days in January, forcing me to cancel a planned trip and generally sucking all the joy out of my existence.

Theories ain't all they're cracked up to be.

So, my apologies for the lateness of this article. As most of you are probably unwilling to pore over the 15,000-plus Magic cards and hunt down changes, I hope this information is still useful to you. I've also included Comprehensive Rules changes that happened with the Commander (2015 Edition) release.


Oracle Changes

Comprehensive Rules

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