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Posted in Feature on February 6, 2014

By Gerry Thompson

We've seen a few different flavors of Show and Tell strategies in Legacy. Some are mono-blue with Omniscience (and win with Cunning Wish), some are blue-red (and win with Sneak Attack and fatties), and there are some mish-mashes containing elements of both, with or without Burning Wish.

Show and Tell

Today I have another version.

Magic Online player "obv" is well-known in the real world as well and is no stranger to combo decks. His update to Show and Tell includes six discard spells and Omniscience, with Intuition instead of Cunning Wish, which seems like an upgrade for a couple reasons.

First of all, you get a full fifteen-card sideboard instead of having to play tutor targets. Secondly, Intuition functions as a tutor for your combo pieces, which Cunning Wish never did. The downside is that you don't win immediately, but you don't have to play Dream Halls (which is slow and unwieldy) and you have more, better things to Show and Tell, like Griselbrand.

There are pros and cons of each version, but obv's version is new, exciting, and potentially the best version.

obv's Omni-Tell

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