Oh the inSanity!

Posted in Feature on November 10, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Cyrus Bales's Sanity Grinding

Sanity Grinding

Throughout the years many a player has been able to enjoy the nicest perks of the Pro Tour: playing, for free, against some of the game's biggest and brightest names on the Gunslinging tables. Magicthegathering.com editor in chief Scott Johns was one such gunslinger at Pro Tour–Berlin, and he was so impressed with the above decklist he had to bring it to the attention of Daily Decks. We present for your enjoyment this Sanity Grinding list, credited to Cyrus Bales by one Paul Smith, who used it against Scott. The deck seeks to deck the opponent with a combination of Sanity Grinding and Twincast, flipping any number of powerful spells with significant amounts of blue in their manacosts. Read more about the deck and gunslinging in this piece from the event by Scott.

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