Opening the Deck Builder's Toolkit

Posted in Feature on May 21, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

We've got this new product coming out today called the Deck Builder's Toolkit. It's designed for new players who want a base of cards to start building decks from. And as part of the launch (today!) we sent copies out to a few other websites to see what they thought. Because we already know that we like it!

Trick Jarrett (

Having received a care package from our friends at Wizards yesterday, I’ve been fielding questions about the upcoming Deckbuilder’s Toolkit via twitter today ....

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Evan Erwin (The Magic Show,

We've got the Pro Tour competitor and multiple StarCityGames Open winner Chris Woltereck on board, and together we're going to break apart this Toolkit and see what we can build ....

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Be sure to watch Evan's unboxing video!

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