The PAX Party Puzzle

Posted in Feature on September 9, 2010

By Monty Ashley

Pretend you're at the PAX Party. If it helps, reread yesterday's Arcana. As you enter, you're given a sheet of paper that says this:

Assault on Mirrodin

PAX Prime Scavenger Hunt

Find each of the listed Scars of Mirrodin preview cards at the party. Find words on the card that match its clues, and write the answers in the blanks. Always write the word from the card, not any changes you would make to it while solving a clue. The two answers to #11 cannot be entered until the Blue Sun phase and the Red Sun phase.

Excited, you dive into the party. Oversized Scars of Mirrodin cards are everywhere. And you begin to solve.

At this point, we break out of the illusion. But we have the puzzles! Which, we should mention, were created by Lone Shark Games, who were responsible for all the puzzling at both PAX Prime and Pro Tour–Amsterdam (which had its own set of entry puzzles and its own party).

When you think you know the answer to a puzzle, click on the hint to see if you were right. And then scroll down to the bottom for the next phase.

The Red Sun and Blue Sun turned out to be difficult to replicate online, so we're giving you them for free.

changing 2 letters to a single L makes a color
is an anagram of BRIDES
changing 3rd letter makes "invertebrate"
changing 1st letter makes "invertebrate"
deleting DE makes "open to teaching"
deleting 1st letter makes "joked"
"in favor of" + "health" + "frequency"
"each" + "fellow" + "Tolkien beings"
changing 1st 2 letters to a vowel makes a color
anagramming 1st 5 letters makes a color
replacing 5 letters with U makes "sentry"
can be read as a start of a message for a doll
is identical if the card were upside down
begins with a limb
can be read as a phrase for "stared"
contains three of the same consonant
"a woman's name" + "a man's name"
is a cryptogram of STEEL
adding BUD in front makes a new word
has 2 letters in same positions as BRIGADE
look during Bluesunday for this cold word
(SPECIAL) look during Redsunday for this hot word
can be read as "expert at riding the waves"
changing the 1st vowel makes a body of water
adding a P at the front makes a fruit
rhymes with the color of mana this produces
is the longest word on the card
sounds like a synonym for "stink"
is an anagram of PARSLEY
"Hawaiian offering" + "family member"
deleting a letter makes "weld"
adding a G at the front makes "body parts"
begins with a place to shop
"paintings" + "provided" + "perform"
changing H to O makes some food items
has the same 1st half as the last flavor text word
containes a word for "cat," except the last E
adding a P at the front makes a bean
contains only letters in the Greek letter P
has even letters that spell ONES
contains a monster
sounds like a synonym for "pilfer"

By now, you've gotten all the answers (or stared blankly for a few seconds, then looked at the answer by clicking to see it). If this were the PAX Party, you would now decide whether you're Phyrexian or Mirran. The Mirrans keep the answers on the right side and the Phyrexians keep the answers on the left.

At the party, each faction selected its five champions with the next five puzzles. Each puzzle works on each side of the answers, but Phyrexians and Mirrans got different answers. The first person on each side who texted in the correct answer got to be a champion.

WHITE is the color of sharing. One word in your list makes a new common noun if you replace its second letter with the second letter of the one above it. Name that noun.

BLUE is the color of knowledge. You have two words whose letters score 1 point each in Scrabble. Take the word between them and scramble it into a word ending in E. Name that word.

RED is the color of destruction. The first letters of all eight prime-numbered words can be rearranged to make what explosives enthusiasts love. Name the rearranged word.

GREEN is the color of life. If you read several consecutive even-numbered letters in one column, you'll find a plural noun for some Magic creatures. Name those creatures.

BLACK is the color of darkness. Reading diagonally upward starting with one word's first letter is a substance that is often black. Name that substance.

For the answers, you'll have to come back tomorrow. We'll put the answers down at the bottom of the Wallpaper of the Week Arcana.

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