Photo Coverage of 2000 Australian Nationals

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By Wizards of the Coast

[view] Stephen Campbell with his trophy

[view] Ben Seck with his trophy

[view] Kim Brebach

[view] High fashion

[view] Stephen Campbell vs. Kim Brebach in the Finals

[view] Justin West vs. Craig Hong in the Loser's Bracket Finals

[view] Justin West vs. Kim Brebach in the Semifinals

[view] Andrew Macdonald vs. Ben Seck in the Loser's Bracket of the Semifinals

[view] Hugh Karp vs Stephen Campbell in the Semifinals

[view] Andrew Corney vs Craig Hong in the Loser's Bracket of the Semifinals

[view] Hugh Karp vs Andrew Carney in the Quarterfinals

[view] Stephen Campbell vs. Craig Hong in the Quarterfinals

[view] Kim Brebach vs. Ben Seck in the Quarterfinals

[view] Andrew Macdonald vs Justin West in the Quarterfinals

[view] Hugh Karp - Quarterfinalist

[view] Andrew Macdonald - Quarterfinalist

[view] Justin West - Quarterfinalist

[view] Andrew Corney - Quarterfinalist

[view] John Cosgriff is presented his prize by Laura Waniuk.

[view] The winning card in the card art competition.

[view] Winner of the card art competition , artist - John Cosgriff

[view] Robert Ansell, judge and tournament organizer.

[view] Australian Nationals Trophies.

[view] Michael Doecke wins the Standard section and comes 9th place overall.

[view] Top 8 of Australian Nationals - from 8th place to 1st place (left to right): Hugh Karp, Andrew MacDonald, Kim Brebach, Craig Hong, Stephen Campbell, Ben Seck, Justin West, Andrew Corney.

[view] Belligerent and loving it.

[view] Kim Brebach and Andrew Corney overseen by teammate Nik Smith.

[view] John Ou working it out.

[view] Wishful thinking?

[view] Mark Brown and Laura Waniuk discuss the tournament schedule.

[view] Take that!

[view] Spectators at feature match.

[view] Ms. West and Andrew Macdonald.

[view] Coin flip from feature match - Dane and Ben.

[view] Liam Coltman, Sideboard Reporter.

[view] Ben Coltman and Ben Seck await a deck check.

[view] View from the judge's stage

[view] Jonathan Chan checks his deck.

[view] Andrew Macdonald smiles.

[view] Three Rishadan Ports on the table.

[view] Dane Coltman taps his land.

[view] Judges confer about a ruling.

[view] Dane Coltman and Craig Hong at table #1 during round eight.

[view] Feature Match round seven.

[view] Lenny Collins

[view] Justin West and his ominous beanie stare.

[view] Let's get this party started.

[view] Prophecy is delicious and nutritious.

[view] Mark Brown starts the deck check on Lenny Collins as Luke Hancock looks on.

[view] Adam Kemp - my mum built my deck.

[view] Stephen Campbell begins round seven.

[view] Ben Seck can't believe his luck.

[view] Frankie Bow and Kim Brebach get down to business.

[view] Playtesting before round seven.

[view] Chillin' at Nats.

[view] David Low, still smiling despite only 4 hours of sleep.

[view] Competitors await Day Two of Australian Nationals.

[view] Oliver Ox carefully grooms his goatee while his opponent waits patiently.

[view] Chris Foggin talks to a player about his previous match.

[view] Luke Hancock, Sideboard Reporter.

[view] Wassssssssuppppppp?

[view] Russell Barlow looking for a "Drain Life".

[view] Round 4 Australian Nationals.

[view] Barrie Collis and Rod Ho jostle for position.

[view] Are we having fun yet?

[view] Welcome to the Swinging Pussycat Players Club.

[view] Table 3 drafter stole Alex Mack's hat.

[view] The youngest competitor - Wei Lao, age 12.

[view] "The Ben Seck" wished he hadn't eaten that sausage roll.

[view] Michael Doecke looks for help from under the table. Didn't find it.

[view] "I can't wait to see what the next booster holds."

[view] Glenn Shandley and Nik Smith contemplate the upcoming draft.

[view] Greg Romans is looking for Dane's fluffy dice and Dane has given up on finding them.

[view] Mark Brown is called to remedy an situation.

[view] Cards from draft one, booster one.

[view] Chris Foggin oversees the draft at table #8.

[view] Checking out the first booster.

[view] Praying to get some good cards.

[view] Let's get started.

[view] Stephen Campbell explains how he qualified for Nationals the day before.

[view] Dane Coltman forgets his fluffy dice luck charm.

[view] Draft participants Andrew Grain, Andrew McDonald, Barrie Collis and Jonathan Chan.

[view] Nationals Draft #1 view.

[view] Players eagerly await the first draft.

[view] Discussing a ruling at the judge station.

[view] Nationals players filling out their surveys.

[view] Eric Lawson tries to gather any late Nationals players.

[view] Preparations for day one of Australian Nationals.

[view] Hard-working judges Chris Foggin, David Redfern and Michael Puccini moving the stage.

[view] Chris Zantides returns a very expensive Replenish deck after it was placed in the lost and found.

[view] Eric Lawson lays down the law as the head judge of the first grinder.

[view] Ashley Tindall shows more style than his opponent.

[view] Stephen Campbell, excited to be making the Nationals, qualified through grinder #1.

[view] Judy Taylor was the only female to play in the first grinder.

[view] Neil Crighton contemplates his next move.

[view] View from the side events room.

[view] The staff were easy to spot in their red shirts.

[view] The venue for Australian Nationals - Rydges Hotel & Resort in Canberra.

[view] Ladies & Gentlemen, Mr. Luke Devlin.

[view] Neil Mahoney smiles for the camera.

[view] Darrell "The Thinker" Greensill mentally prepares for his next match, his friend is thinking about "sausage rolls". (If you need to ask, you're not Australian.)

[view] Lee (shifty-eyed) Copus and his bro.

[view] Judy Taylor registers for grinder #4.

[view] Playtesting the night before Nationals.

[view] Welcome to Australian Nationals.

[view] Milling about before the first grinder; 71 players competing.

[view] Rod Ho, Michael Doecke, Ben Seck and Liam Coltman eagerly wait in line to register and pick up their t-shirts.

[view] Justin West and opponent play in the first side event run at Australian Nationals.

[view] Michael Doecke, Dan Turner, Luke Hancock and Sam Ward can't wait until the photo is done to get dessert.

[view] Michael Trinh, Cael McGann, Andrew Poon and Jay Kinkade discuss deck tech at the BBQ.

[view] Prepping the deck for Saturday's competition.

[view] Gerard Fong, Andrew Corney, Adam Kemp and Evan Weston enjoy the player's BBQ on Saturday. Rod Ho throws another shrimp on the barbie for Glenn Shandley.

[view] Nice Pants, did your mum make those?

[view] Players heading into the first of the 4 "grinders" on Saturday.

[view] Glenn Shandley, Andrew McDonald and Stephen Campbell await registration on Saturday morning.

[view] David Low, King of Side Events.

[view] Australia - A Big Country!

[view] Is it that cold outside?

[view] Mark Brown and Russell Alphey working on DCI Reporter.

[view] Zantides says "Hey Monkey, Get Funky".

[view] David and David attempting to hide from Andrew Pirie.

[view] Peter Blanchard and Chris Zantides hard at work.

[view] Chris Foggin applies his engineering degree.

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