Photo Coverage of 2000 World Championship

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Sunday's Pictures

[view] Jon Finkel, winner of Pro Tour New York 1998, Pro Tour Player of the year 1998, Team Champion 1998 and US national champion 2000 became the new 2000 World Champion after a very exciting match against Bob Maher, the new Pro Tour Player of the year 2000.

[view] Jon Finkel and Bob Maher playing a very close final match.

[view] Bob Maher becomes the new Pro Tour Player of the year by making the finals at this years World Championships.

[view] Runner-up in the Team Championship: Canada with Ryan Fuller, Gab Tsang, Sam Lau and Murray Evans.

[view] The US team with trophies and 22,000 US to split.

[view] Jon Finkel with trophy and 34,000US. A very happy man

[view] A very happy Jon Finkel shaking hands with Bob Mayer after an exciting final match.

[view] The World Champion team of the new millennium: from left to right: Chris Benafel, Frank Hernandez, Aaron Forsythe and Jon Finkel.

[view] Murray Evans was probably very relieved after beating Chris Benafel in the 2nd match of the team finals.

[view] Gab Tsang right before he took the game and match of Frank Hernandez.

[view] Sam Lau looks confident in this very crucial game.

[view] Aaron Forsythe played a very important game when Canada was in the lead with 2-1.

[view] The different trophies.

[view] Jon Finkel and Ryan Fuller shaking hands after the US won the team finals.

[view] Peter Adkison is preparing the check for the winners of the team event.

[view] Rookie of the Year: Brian Davis from the US

[view] The new Pro Tour Player of the Year: Bob Maher, Jr.

[view] Sam Lau in his match of the team final against Aaron Forsythe.

[view] 14-year-old Murray The Mauler Evans put up a good fight and he beat Chris Benafel 2-1.

[view] Chris Benafel in his match of the team finals against Murray Evans.

[view] Ryan Fuller is clearly enjoying his match against Jon Finkel.

[view] Aaron Forsythe is playing Sam Lau in the team finals.

[view] Jon Finkel in his match against Ryan Fuller.

[view] Frank Hernandez

[view] Aaron Forsythe US vs. Sam Lau Canada.

[view] Frank Hernandez US vs. Gab Tsang Canada.

[view] This is a picture of a monitor showing the live Internet broadcast of the Team finals.

[view] The site has a great view of the atomium which was build for the World Exposition in 1958.

[view] Magnificent views of Brussels.

[view] Peter Adkison and Richard Garfield are enjoying themselves a lot while gunslinging.

[view] Charlie Catino, Vice President Organizd Play and Bruno Van Speybroeck, European Sales Manager Pokmon and European PR Manager.

[view] Jon Finkel is playing a very relaxing semi final agianst Dominik Hothow.

[view] Dominik Hothow is waiting for Finkels next turn.

[view] Bob Maher Jr. playing a very important match. Winning means becoming the new Pro Tour Player of the year.

[view] Benedikt Klauser from Germany.

[view] The semifinal between Jon Finkel and Benedikt Klauser.

[view] The semifinal between Dominik Hothow and Bob Maher Jr.

[view] A lot of players are following the final matches.

[view] ESPN2 is recording everything to broadcast on television next month.

[view] Darwin Kastle waving the German flag, hoping this will help Dominik to win the semi final against Bob Maher Jr. This will secure his Pro Tour Player of the year position.

[view] Quarterfinal match between Nicolas Labarre France and Dominik Hothow Germany.

[view] Quarterfinal match between Bob Maher Jr. USA and Helmut Summersberger USA.

[view] Quarterfinal match between Benedikt Klauser Austria and Tom van de Logt Netherlands.

[view] Quarterfinal match between Jon Finkel USA and Janosch Kuhn Germany.

[view] Janosch Kuhn in his second top 8 at a World Championships.

[view] Tom van de Logt from the Netherlands in his quarter final against Benedikt Klauser.

[view] Nicolas Labarre from France is playing a very relaxed quarter final match against Dominik Hathow.

[view] Jon Finkel from the US is a very likely candidate to win the 2000 Worlds.

[view] Dominik Hathow owes Patrick Mello half of the prize money hes going to win. They agreed on this when Patrick Mello helped Dominik to get to German Nationals.

[view] Bob Maher from the USA, still in the running for Pro Tour Player of the year.

[view] Helmut Summersberger from Austria in his quarterfinal against Bob Maher Jr.

[view] Benedikt Klauser in his quarter final agianst Tom van de Logt.

[view] A lot of players showed up at 9 am to watch the quarterfinals.

Saturday's Pictures

[view] Sideboard reporter Gary Wise

[view] Team France in a feature match in the upper right corner of the picture, Nicolas Labarre and Marie Laure Saulnier can be seen watching the play.

[view] The feature match area was ringed by spectators good seats were hard to find.

[view] High above the play floor

[view] Craig Cudnohuvsky, Wizards of the Coast staff photographer, risked his life to bring you these birds-eye-views of the play area.

[view] The lines for the artists spread out across the floor

[view] The side event registration area, as seen from above

[view] The people on-site behind the online coverage

[view] Tomek Arabski, young Polish player

[view] A pleased fan poses with Scott Fischer and Joe Hauck

[view] The Team feature matches drew a crowd, especially when a powerhouse like Team Germany was playing

[view] In Round 4 of the Team day, Team Canada faced Team Czech Republic

[view] The table of flags

[view] The national team from Chile with Juan Reutter, Andres Hojman, Basilio San Juan and Mario Luncumilla.

[view] The Turkish team consists of: Vedat Ozfresko, Aras Senyuz, Bora Davran and Onur Konuralp.

[view] The Finnish team: Lasse Larvanko, Arho Toikka, Antti Koskimki and Mike Wall.

[view] Ireland is represented by: John Larkin, David Kearney, Bill Johnson and Robert Mckeon.

[view] The Norwegian team with Bjorn Petter Jocumsen, Nicolai Herzog, Sigurd Eskeland and Eivind Nitter.

[view] The Polish team members are: Marcin Sados, Igor Mazirerski, Adrian Ciszek and Pawel Karaszewski.

[view] The Romanian team only consists of 1 player: Bogdan Costea.

[view] The South African team with Andrew Mitchell, Christian du Plesis, David Irvine and Emeric Malan.

[view] The Swedish national team with Jimmy Oman, Andreas Jnsson, Mattias Kettil and Tomas Rosholm.

[view] Czech Republic team with Ondrej Baudys, Martin Laznovsky, Libor Marek and Petr Tejnsky.

[view] A round 1 feature match between the Canadian national team and the French national team.

[view] A round 1 feature match between the US team and the Dutch team.

[view] A round 1 feature match between England and Taiwan.

[view] The 3rd game in the Germany-Austria feature match between Andre Konstanczer and Helmut Summersberger.

[view] The 2nd game in the Germany-Austria feature match between Wolfgang Eder and Benedikt Klauser.

[view] A round 1 feature match between Germany and Austria. Kai Budde is playing Erwin Cetl.

[view] Vicky Korstanje, responsible for the online coverage, is taking a break to see how the English team is doing.

[view] Mum, little kid and dad all in one team playing the team tournament in Side Events

[view] Although not one woman played in the main tournament, a lot of women are playing in side events.

[view] The mural made by the 4 Magic artists on site, from left to right: Paolo Parente, Jeff Miracola, Scott M. Fischer and Randy Gallegos. This mural will be auctioned tonight at 8pm.

[view] The Feature match area featuring the US team against the Spanish team in round 2.

[view] The Spanish team beat the Norwegian team in round 1. This won them a feature match against the American team in round 2. Carlos Barrado is playing a mono-black deck against Jon Finkel whos playing a black/red deck.

[view] Jeff Donais and Collin Jackson are clearing away the mess that was made during deck construction.

[view] Mike Donais and Cyril Grillon arent feeling all that good.

[view] Team New Zealand builds its first deck for the Team competition.

[view] Team United States builds its first deck for the Team competition.

[view] Once all the decks are set and assigned, they must be carefully recorded.

[view] Team Germanys remarkable card selection

[view] Team Germany builds its first deck for the Team competition.

[view] Team Finland builds its first deck for the Team competition.

[view] There are little flags on each of the tables so that competitors can feel like theyve brought a little piece of their home with them.

[view] Team Japan builds its first deck for the Team competition.

[view] Team Iceland builds its first deck for the Team competition.

[view] After the decks are made, its time to decide who plays what. This is sometimes a time of careful negotiation, as the player stuck with the worst deck often ends up dragging down the team with a poor performance.

[view] Some teams make decks by the democratic process some have a leader that makes all the decisions.

[view] In Team Sealed, a crucial decision is which colors get split up between players.

[view] Teamwork is essential for success in this format.

[view] Team Belgium builds its first deck for the Team competition.

[view] Team Canada builds its first deck for the Team competition.

[view] The first step in Team Sealed Deck is to separate the cards into colors.

[view] Argentina: Andres Moro, Jose Barbero, Nicolas Enjamio and Diego Ostrovich.

[view] Australia: Stephen Campbell, Kim Brebach, Ben Seck and Craig Hong.

[view] Austria: Benedikt Klauser, Philip Cetl, Erwin Cetl and Helmut Summersberger.

[view] Belgium: Vincent Gieling, Jean-Louis DHondt, Pierre Cools and Michiel Horemans.

[view] Brazil: Fabiano de Castro e Castro, Romario Tavora, Eduaro Teixeira and Pedro Pavin.

[view] Canada: Ryan Fuller, Murray Evans, Gabriel Tsang and Sam Lau.

[view] China: Xu Jian Hua and Lan Yu.

[view] Denmark:Anton Lunau, Martin Beck, Allan Mortensen and Niels Sanders Jensen.

[view] England: Ben Ronaldson, Antony Goh, Scott Wills and Terry Matthews.

[view] France: Yann Hamon, Franck Canu, Alexis Dumay and Michael Sochon.

[view] Germany: Andre Konstanczer, Jan Brinkmann, Wolfgang Eder and Kai Budde.

[view] Greece: Filippidis Gianis, George Velonis, Kapalas George and Ilias Zografos.

[view] Hong Kong: Teddy Ng Chi Fai, Kai Cheong Tang, Ho Chee Yin and Hon Ming Au Yeung.

[view] Iceland: Sigurdur Orn Gunnarsson, Ragnar Mar Kjartansson, Arelius Areliusarson and Yngvi Omar Sighvatsson.

[view] Indonesia: Agus Susanto, Yopi Effendi, Winindra Wimindra and Rudy Widjaja.

[view] Israel: Uri Peleg, Baruchi Kimchi and Ayal Hassidim.

[view] Italy: Luca Chiera, Andrea Vitali, Nicola Rabagliati and Alessandro Vegna.

[view] Japan: Tadayoshi Komiya, Tsuyoshi Ikeda, Tsuyoshi Doyama and Michihisa Onoda.

[view] Korea South: Heung-Jin Jung, Suk-Ju Lee, Sang-Seok Lee and Sung-Bum Lee.

[view] First seed of the Top 8, Domink Hothow

[view] Second seed of the Top 8, Jon Finkel

[view] Third seed of the Top 8, Tom Van de Logt

[view] Fourth seed of the Top 8, Bob Maher, Jr.

[view] Fifth seed of the Top 8, Helmut Summersberger

[view] Sixth seed of the Top 8, Benedikt Klauser

[view] Seventh seed of the Top 8, Janosch Kuhn

[view] Eighth seed of the Top 8, Nicolas Labarre

Friday's Pictures

[view] Tommi Hovi apparently feeling very confident about his top 8 chances.

[view] Edward Fear from the US showing no emotions in his round 18 feature match against Nicolas Labarre.

[view] Janosch Khn has to beat Tommi Hovi in this round 18 feature match if he wants to repeat his top 8 performance from Worlds 1997.

[view] Tom van de Logt made top 8 in a major tournament before at Euros 1998. Will he be able to do it again

[view] Nicolas Labarre is paired against Edward Fear in round 18. Winning secures him a spot in the top 8.

[view] Ozfresko Vedat from Turkey made a surprise appearance this high at the top. Defeating Tom van de Logt in this round 18 feature match will give him a spot in the top 8.

[view] Zvi Mowshowitz, apparently feeling very confident about making top 8.

[view] Bob Maher in a very exciting round 18 feature match against Zvi Mowshowitz. The winner goes through to the top 8.

[view] Carlos Barrado from Spain, was the first Spanish player to win a Grand Prix when he won GP Madrid end of February.

[view] Table 1 featuring 4 players who were sure of their spot in the top 8: Helmut Sommersberger vs. Dominik Hothow and Jon Finkel vs. Benedikt Klauser.

[view] Zvi Mowshowitz seems very happy about this round 17 feature match agains Sigurd Eskeland.

[view] Raphal Levy, runner-up at euros only 2 weeks ago, is playing a very strong tournament yet again.

[view] Tom van de Logt, current national champion, in a round 18 feature match against Raphal Levy from France.

[view] Raffaele Lo More from Italy who made top 8 at last years Worlds, in a round 17 feature match.

[view] Ryan Fuller doesnt look very happy.

[view] Sigurd Eskeland looks very relaxed in his feature match against Zvi Mowshowitz in round 17.

[view] Chris Benafel from the US considering his options in a roud 17 feature match.

[view] Janosch Khn from Germany in a round 17 feature match.

[view] Richard Garfield came to Brussels and enjoyed some gunslinging with enthusiastic Magic players.

[view] Official Pokmon trainers taught lots of people how to play Pokmon in the course of the tournament.

[view] Zvi Mowshowitz from the US in a round 16 feature match against Kyle Rose.

[view] Benedikt Klauser from Austria in a round 16 feature match against Bob Maher.

[view] Mike Long from the US in a round 15 feature match.

[view] Tommi Hovi from Finland in a round 15 feature match against Mike Long.

[view] Round 15: Bob Maher is playing a very important feature match against Jon Finkel, whoever wins this round makes top 8.

[view] Jon Finkel is playing an excellent tournament once more.

[view] Ryan Fuller, current Canadian champion and Pro Tour regular in a round 14 feature match agianst Teddy NG Chi Fai.

[view] Tadayoshi Komiya from Japan might be unknown to most European and US Magic players but is very well known in his own country as he is one of Asias best Constructed players.

[view] Concentrated Magic players on the third day of this tournament.

[view] Casey McCarrel, winner of Pro Tour New York in a round 14 feature match against Niels Sanders Jensen.

[view] Niels Sanders Jensen from Denmark was the winner of Grand Prix Copenhagen only 2 months ago.

[view] Nicolas Labarre from France in a round 14 feature match against Carlos Barrado.

[view] Current Hong Kong champion Teddy NG Chi Fai in a round 14 feature match against Ryan Fuller.

[view] Norways finest Sigurd Eskeland.

[view] Bob Maher Jr. is playing a round 14 feature match against Sigurd Eskeland.

[view] Carlos Barrado, winner of GP Madrid 2000, is performing very well in the tournament.

[view] Worlds attracted a lot of media attention. In this picture we see a reporter of CNN covering the event.

[view] Jon Finkel, the current US National Champion, stands a lot of chance to becoming the next World Champion.

[view] Jakub Slemr, Czech Republics finest playing a feature match in round 13 against Jon Finkel.

[view] Raffaele Lo Moro made top 8 at last years World Championships in Tokyo.

[view] Nicolai Herzog, last years European Champion, in a round 13 feature match against Raffaele Lo Moro.

[view] Andrea Chiarvesio, Organised Play Manager Italy, watching one of the feature matches in round 13.

[view] Scott Johns is also covering the event for his own web site,

[view] Ed Fear, store owner in Rochester, New York in a round 13 feature match

[view] Yann Hamon, current French Champion is a feature match against Chris Benafel.

[view] Randy Buehler is following the match very closely for Sideboard Online.

[view] Aaron Forsythe waiting for his opponents next turn in a round 13 feature match.

[view] Chris Benafel keeping a close eye on his opponent in a round 13 feature match.

[view] A souvenir left behind by the performers during the opening ceremony.

[view] A very exciting match between Tom van de Logt, who was at the top of the standings at the end of day 2 and Bob Maher Jr., who was in 2nd place at the end of day 2.

Thursday's Pictures

[view] A spectacular view of the Feature match area.

[view] Paolo Parente making sure his hair doesnt get covered in paint.

[view] People looking for pears amongst all the junk.

[view] Paolo Parente came to Antwerp with the flu, but he recovered quickly to meet up with all his fans.

[view] Scott M. Fischer, trying to decide whether to drink beer or water.

[view] Scott M. Fischer feels a bit intimidated by the giant white board in front of him.

[view] Behind the scenes in the staff room area.

[view] Collin Jackson is proud to be part of the DCI

[view] WotC Staff meeting. From left to right: Charlie Catino, Jeff Donais, Worth Wollpert, Mark Rosewater and Cyril Grillon.

[view] Ben Ronaldson, English national Championship had a good performance at his first World Championship.

[view] Magic Players relaxing in between rounds.

[view] Magic Artist Jeff Miracola is very happy to be in Belgium to meet all his fans.

[view] The Retailer booth is doing good business, selling all kind of Magic, Pokemon and TSR stuff.

[view] Sean Anderson is having much fun at the Tournament information booth.

[view] Side Events are run all night long during the entire tournament.

[view] The DCI Information booth, run by RE Dalrymple is answering all sorts of DCI questions during the entire tournament.

[view] Chris Zantides Australia and Elaine Ferrao USA surrounded by an international and motivated Judge team.

[view] Chris Benafel looking at his draft so far.

[view] Collin Jackson enjoying another Karaoke act

[view] Laura Waniuk and Jeff Donais discussing very important matters.

[view] Roc Herms from Spain in a round 12 feature match against Sigurd Eskeland from Norway.

[view] Sigurd Eskeland is performing really well in this tournament. Will he be able to repeat his recent PT New York accomplishment

[view] Steven OMS keeping score in his feature match against William Jensen

[view] Raphael Levy, only just missed out on the European title in Paris two weeks ago. Here hes playing against Jakub Slemr in a round 12 feature match.

[view] William Baby Huey Jensen: done

[view] Mike Long, Duelist Invitational winner in 1999.

[view] Kyle Rose, Pro Tour London winner in 1999.

[view] Jakub Slemr is day dreaming about his next top 8 finish while waiting for his opponents turn.

[view] Raphal Levy vs. 1997 World Champion Jakub Slemr from Czech Republic in a round 12 feature match.

[view] Round 12 feature match between Mike Long and Kyle Rose, both from the United States.

[view] William Baby Huey Jensen vs. Steven OMahoney Schwartz in a round 12 feature match.

[view] Sigurd Eskeland, PT New York 00 winner vs. Roc Herms Pont from Spain in a round 12 feature match.

[view] Scott Fisher admiring his own work.

[view] All 4 Magic artists Randy Gallegos, Paolo Parent, Jeff Miracola and Scott Fisher were given paint and a giant white banner. Mission: be creative. Many spectators watched them in action. This mural will be auctioned on Sunday.

[view] Round 11 Feature Match: Raffaele Lo Moro

[view] Round 11 Feature Match: Roc Herms Pont

[view] Round 11 Feature Match: Kyle Rose

[view] Round 11 Feature Match: Tommi Hovi

[view] Round 11 Feature Match: Tommi Hovi vs. Roc Herms Pont

[view] Round 11 Feature Match: Kyle Rose vs. Raffaele Lo Moro

[view] Round 11 Feature Match: Tom Guevin and Mike Long

[view] Round 11 Feature Match: Tom Guevin

[view] Round 11 Feature Match: Svend Geertsen vs. Donnie Gallitz

[view] Round 11 Feature Match: Svend Geertsen

[view] Round 11 Feature Match: Donnie Gallitz

[view] Round 11 Feature Match: Tom Guevin and Mike Long

[view] Round 11 Feature Match: Mike Long

[view] Draft 2 table 10: Christophe Lippert, Michiel Horemans, Eivind Nitter, Masaya Mori, Niels Sanders Jensen, Andreas Jonsson, Luka Gasparac, Frank Hernandez.

[view] Draft2 table 1: Tom van de Logt, Jon Finkel, Benedikt Klauser, Niklaus Hugi, Edward Fear, Janosch Kuhn, Frank Karsten, Ben Ronaldson.

[view] Draft2, table 2: Bob Jr. Maher, Jason Moungey, Dominik Hothow, David Humpherys, Komiya Tadayoshi, Nicolas Labarre, Chris Benafel, Thomas Preyer.

[view] Draft 2, table 3: Raphael Levy, Jakub Slemr, Zvi Mowshowitz, Carlos Barrado, Vedat Osfresko, Christian Fehr, Daniel Clegg, Yann Hamon

[view] Draft 2, table 4: Ryan Fuller, Sigurd Eskeland, Tommi Hovi, Roc Pont Herms, Stephan Valkyser, Scott Wills, Robin Pong, Arelius Areliusarson.

[view] Draft2, table 5: Murray Evans, Gabor Papp, Helmut Summersberger, Uri Peleg, William Jensen, Steven OMS, Kai Budde, Justin Gary.

[view] Draft 2, table 6: Mike Long, Alexis Dumay, Ondrej Baudys, Andres Hojman, Jun Yang Ang, Thomas Guevin, Kyle Rose, Raffaele Lo Moro

[view] Draft 2 table 7: Franck Canu, Pawel Karaszewski, Tomas Rosholm, Thomas Felsberg, Aaron Forsythe, Scott McCord, Gert Coeckelbergh, Joe Weber.

[view] Draft2 table 8: Gabriel Tsang, Lasse Larvanko, Brian Kibler, Ben Rubin, Warren Marsh, David Price, Rob Brooks, Matt Vienneau

[view] Draft2, table 9: Doctor Wong, Carlos Romao, Teddy Ng Chi Fai, Igor Frayman, Tiago Chan, Yngvi Omar Sighvatsson, Robert Dougherty, Dirk Baberowski.

[view] Tommi Hovi vs. Benedikt Klauser in a round 7 feature match.

[view] He forgot the Spice Girl t-shirt, but brought an animal farm instead.

[view] So whats it going to be Gary Wise close to defeat in round 7 feature match.

[view] Matt Vienneau beat Gary Wise 2-0 in round 7 after which he was 2-0-0.

[view] Gary Wise and Matt Vienneau in the first all-Canadian feauture match in round 7.

[view] Even Pro Tour players get mana screwed.

[view] Sigurd forgot to bring his Spice Girls t-shirt to this tournament and he could have used it in this round which he lost against Zvi Mowshowitz.

[view] Zvi Mowshowitz was mesmerized by Sigurds animal farm in a round 7 feature match.

[view] Roc Herms, top player from Spain, shaking hands after a very quick match agains Nicolas Labarre from France.

[view] William Baby Huey Jensen throws an angry look towards Ben Ronaldson.

[view] Ben Ronaldson is a very nice guy, with captivating blue eyes and a winning smile.

[view] Ben Ronaldson, current English Champion vs. William Jensen, Top 8 Competitor in Pro Tour London 99 in a round 8 feature match.

[view] Masayi Mori, watching Dave Humpherys making his next move.

[view] Dave Humpherys from Your Move Games beat Masayi Mori 2-0 in this round.

[view] Masayi Mori, 2 time APAC Champion vs. Dave Humpherys in a round 8 feature match.

[view] Gary Justin, US National Champion in 1997, determining his move in a round 8 feature match.

[view] Andr Konstanczer, current German Champion, manages to keep on smiling while Justin Gary is winning the match.

[view] Justin Gary and Andr Konstanczer in a friendly feature match in round 8.

[view] Done Darwin Kastle in a round 8 feature match.

[view] A desperately looking Alan Comer is watching Darwin Kastles next move.

[view] Alan Comer and Darwin Kastle discussing a move in a round 8 feature match.

[view] Niklaus Hugi from Switzerland

[view] Dangerous acrobatics by WotC Staff members.

[view] Chris Benafel is quite happy about his Notorious Assassin.

[view] Arelius Areiusarson from Iceland and Nicolas Labarre from France reviewing their picks in between boosters. Jrome Mioso from Wotc France is watching carefully.

[view] Tommi Hovi recruiting Rebels for his deck.

[view] Zvi Mowshowitz and Kai Budde, carefully considering their next picks in the first draft.

[view] Jon Finkel always draws a lot of attention to himself. Here we see Worth Wollpert, Randy Buehler and Brian Hacker observing his picks in the first draft.

[view] Collin Jackson enjoyed singing Karaoke during the draft. In this picture hes doing his version of No Scrubs. Or maybe not.

[view] The other Donais, Mike is making sure that everybody behaves during the draft.

[view] Worth Wollpert, Brian Hacker, Henry Stern and Randy Buehler discussing Brians deck for the Pro Tour Qualifier. Level 4 judge Thomas Bisballe is sneaking around in the background.

[view] Zvi Mowshowitz, looking at the cards that he drafted during the first draft.

[view] Draft 1, table 1 from right to left: Niklaus Hugi, Tom van de Logt, Chris Benafel, Scott Wills, Frank Karsten, Edward Fear, Eivind Nitter, Thomas Preyer.

[view] Draft1, table 10 from right to left: Ondrej Baudys, Romario Tavora Britto, Casey McCarrel, Jakub Slemr, Steven OMS, Franck Canu, Adrian Ciszek, Bora Davran.

[view] Draft1, table 2 from right to left: Tommi Hovi, Christian Fehr, Nicolas Labarre, Roc Pont Herms, Benedikt Klauser, Frank Hernandez, Arelius Areliusarson, Tadayoshi Komiya.

[view] Draft1, table 4 from right to left: Jason Moungey, Dominik Hothow, Ben Ronaldson, Helmut Summersberger, Murray Evans, Janosch Khn, William Jensen, Nicolai Herzog.

[view] Draft 1, table 4 from right to left: Kai Budde, Jon Finkel, Terry Tsang, Zvi Mowshowitz, Warren Marsh, Daniel Clegg, Sigurd Eskeland, Sang-Seok Lee.

[view] Draft 1, table 5 from right to left: Tiago Chan, Bob Brooks, Mike Hron, Masaya Mori, Robert Dougherty, Jeroen Remie, Robin Pong, David Humpherys.

[view] Draft 1, table 6 from right to left: Doctor Wong, Bob Jr. Maher, Brian Kibler, Allesandro Vegna, Carlos Romao, Ioan Llwyd, Ilias Zografos, Ryan Fuller.

[view] Draft 1, table 7 from right to left: Vedat Ozfresko, Gabor Papp, Justin Gary, David Price, Teddy Ng Chi Fai, Sasa Zorc, Andr Konstanczer, Marc Hernandez.

[view] Draft 1, table 8 from right to left: Mike Long, Alexis Dumay, Mike Wall, Andres Hojman, Alen Magdic, Jamie Parke, Jan Brinkmann, Carlos Barrado.

[view] Draft 1, table 9 from right to left: Raphal Levy, Jun Yang Ang, Marin Stranak, Antti Koskimaki, Stephen Brown, Uri Peleg, Kyle Rose, Luka Gasparac.

Wednesday's Pictures

[view] Tommi Hovi, 2 times Pro Tour Winner considers his options in a round 6 feature match against Andre Konstanczer.

[view] Roc Herms from Spain distracted for a second while the picture is taken.

[view] Andre Konstanczer, not looking very confident.

[view] Andre Konstanczer, current German national champion, not having much confidence in Tommis next move.

[view] Chris Benafel, runner-up US Nationals playing against Spanish finest Roc Herms in a round 6 feature match.

[view] 2 Team mates playing each other in a round 6 feature match: Darwin Kastle and Justin Gary from Your Move Games.

[view] Justin Gary, looking attentively at Darwin Kastle while drawing his next card.

[view] Darwin Kastle is very seriously considering what to do next in a round 6 feature match.

[view] Bob Maher finding time in between games to have a friendly chat with the Sideboard reporters.

[view] Masayuki Higashino looking extremely happy with his hand.

[view] Masayuki Higashino from Japan playing Bob Maher from the US in the last feature match of the day.

[view] Scott Wills England going 6-0 on day 1 against Edward Fear from the USA.

[view] The building in which the Worlds is being held was built in 1930.

[view] Impressive statues are keeping a close eye on the huge Magic banners.

[view] Brian Kibler wearing his American Cup visor.

[view] Kyle Rose waiting for Raphael Levy to make his next move in a round 4 feature match. Worth Wollpert is paying attention.

[view] Raphael Levy, runner-up at Euros 2000 carefully considering his options.

[view] Masaya Mori is not fooled by the sad puppy look

[view] David Price has exchanged his Stare of Death with a sad puppy look

[view] David Price frowning while considering his next move against Masaya Mori in a round 4 feature match.

[view] Gab Tsang vs. Gustavo Chapela Gaxiola in a round 4 feature match.

[view] Gab Tsang keeping a close eye on his opponent while hes considering his next move.

[view] Gustavo Chapela Gaxiola from Mexico.

[view] Erno Ekebom from Finland waiting for Nicolais next move.

[view] Nicolai Herzog carefully considering his next move while Palle Poulsen from Denmark does his Jesus impersonation and Sturla Bingen envies his fellow countryman being qualified for Worlds.

[view] Erno Ekebom from Finland and Nicolai Herzog from Norway meeting each other in a round 4 feature match.

[view] Chris Galvin and Charlie Catino eager to test their skills against younger and better Magic players.

[view] Scott Fisher is trigger happy

[view] Joe Hauck, Magic Brand Manager gunslinging with a young Magic fan.

[view] Anja Baresic from Croatia and Magic Artist Scott Fisher both seem extremely happy about meeting each other.

[view] Randy Gallegos, happily signing cards for his fans.

[view] Sigurd Eskeland appears to be losing this feature match against Pro Tour New York Finalist Warren Marsh.

[view] Sigurd Eskeland cradles his head in his hands as Warren Marsh records his winning score.

[view] Svend Geertsen discusses a situation in feature match vs. Noah Boeken.

[view] Jon Finkel in a tough position against Rob Dougherty.

[view] Pro Tour New York 99 winner Jon Finkel vs. Pro Tour Washington DC Winner Rob Dougherty.

[view] 2000 European Champion Noah Boeken in a tough position against Denmarks Svend Geertsen.

[view] Christian Luhrs vs. Jakub Slemr in a feature match.

[view] Jeff Miracola is always happy to spend time with his art fans.

[view] Scott Fischer made many fans happy by signing their cards, shaking their hands and selling them some prints.

[view] Check out the 5 huge banners for the World Championships.

[view] A wonderful fountain stood outside the beautiful World Championship site.

[view] Janosch Kuhn, 2nd place at Worlds 1997.

[view] Terry Tsang with his wonderful tangerine colored hair.

[view] Svend Geertsen Denmarks finest player.

[view] Randy Gallegos is excited to meet all the Belgian fans.

[view] The ribbon dancers performed a dangerous and beautiful acrobatic show for the spectators and Worlds competitors.

[view] Sexy female Ribbon dancers performed during the Opening Ceremony.

[view] Erwin De Spiegeleire, Vice President Wizards of the Coast Europe.

[view] Richard Garfield gave a moving speech about Magic, his daughter and the World Championships.

[view] Joe Hauck, Magic Brand Manager, giving exciting information about future Magic developments.

[view] Some of the performers performed on stilts

[view] The Opening Ceremony included lots of fire and pyrotechnics.

[view] Performers danced under lights with live music to the delight of hundreds of spectators.

[view] Scary

[view] Scary costumes and make-up adorned the performers for the opening ceremony.

[view] Musicians played wonderful music during the beautiful Opening Ceremony of the World Championships.

[view] Complete Japanese Foiled sets of Masques, Nemesis and Prophecy were on display.

[view] Artist exhibited their artwork in a large display area.

[view] A huge 400 pound statue of Dakkon Blackblade greeting visitors to the World Championships

[view] Visitors admire the World Championships trophies.

[view] A view of the Worlds site with prominent statue of Dakkon Blackblade.

[view] David Humpherys explains his side of the story.

[view] During a tense moment Mark Rosewater makes a ruling in the Maher vs. Humpherys match.

[view] Players read about Jon Finkels winnings.

[view] Satoshi Nakamura and the Japanese players discuss strategy during the Standard portion

[view] Part of the Pro Tour NY team champion, David Humpherys vs. Pro Tour Chicago Champion Bob Maher.

[view] Relaxing players were never safe from the roving eye of the camera

[view] Former World Champion Brian Selden uses Rishadan Port to kill Gary Krakowers Masticore.

[view] Gary Krakower has been on 3 Canadian National teams.

[view] 1998 World Champion Brian Selden vs. 1997 and 1998 Canadian National Champion Gary Krakower.

[view] Gary Wise sharing tech with Your Move Games Darwin Kastle, Justin Gary and Tight Tommy G.

[view] Irish National Champion John Larkin is playing a Trinity Green deck.

[view] Gab Tsang, Canadian national team vs. Ben Rubin USA

[view] Gab Tsang is playing Accelerated Blue, hes in a round 2 feature match facing Ben Rubin.

[view] Ben Rubin with his Pattern of Rebirth deck considering his next move in round 2.

[view] Round 1 in full progress

[view] The amazing feature match area during round 1.

[view] Dominik Hothow from Germany hopes to finish in top 32 of his first World Championships.

[view] Gary Wise of Canada looking very pleased with himself.

[view] Stephan Valkyser from Germany looking even more pleased.

[view] Yann Hamon, current French champion vs. Masayi Mori, current APAC Champion.

[view] Yann Hamon from France.

[view] Masayi Mori from Japan.

[view] Steven OMahoney Schwartz vs. Trevor Blackwell winner of PT LA 00.

[view] Steven OMahoney Schwartz looking extremely good this tournament.

[view] Trevor Blackwell from the USA.

[view] Gary Wise from Canada vs. Stephan Valkyser from Germany.

[view] William Jensen from the US vs. Doctor Wong from Taiwan.

[view] Doctor Wong

[view] William Jensen, winner of Pro Tour London 1999.

[view] Players patiently waiting their turn to hand over their deck lists on day 1.

[view] A view of the magnificent site by night.

[view] A very smart looking Warren Marsh.

[view] Last years European Champion Nicolai Herzog looking confident.

[view] Raphael Levy from France

[view] Scott Wills from England looking very cool.

[view] Anthony Goh from England.

[view] Darwin Kastle from US.

[view] Noah Boeken from the Netherlands, the current European Champion.

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