Photo Coverage of US Nationals 2000

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By Wizards of the Coast

[view] Jon Finkel with his giant check and trophy

[view] US Nationals Champion Jon Finkel with his check

[view] Finalist Chris Benafel

[view] Third-place finisher Frank Hernandez did well in his first big event

[view] Standing in for Aaron Forsythe, Mike Flores holds the Pittsburgher's US Nationals Seminfinalist trophy.

[view] Nationals Head Judge Collin Jackson waits for the Awards Ceremony

[view] Jaime West and Tournament Manager Jeff Donais prepare for the Awards Ceremony

[view] 1999 US National Champion Kyle Rose waits his turn to hand off the trophy to Jon Finkel, the 2000 US Champ

[view] The Top 4

[view] Jon Finkel in the finals

[view] Chris Benafel in the finals

[view] Profile of Jon Finkel

[view] Profile of Chris Benafel

[view] Wide view of finals stage

[view] Jon Finkel, seemingly pleased

[view] Jon Finkel

[view] Jon Finkel vs. Chris Benafel in the finals, with Collin Jackson looking on

[view] Mike Flores, the designer of Jon Finkel's deck, watches the Finals proudly

[view] Early in Game One of the Finals of US Nationals, Jon Finkel used Dark Ritual to cast a Persecute that took all five red cards out of Chris Benafel's hand

[view] Brian Hacker and Randy Buehler enjoy themselves while doing commentary for the Finals.

[view] Jaime West from Wizards of the Coast Event Marketing holds a couple of the trophies

[view] Semifinal match: Aaron Forsythe vs. Mike Long

[view] Michael Turian in the semifinals

[view] Elliott Fung in the semifinals

[view] Jon Finkel in the semifinals

[view] Chris Benafel in the semifinals

[view] Quarterfinal match: Frank Hernandez vs. Mike Long

[view] Quarterfinal match: Elliott Fung vs. Michael Turian

[view] Quarterfinal match: Jon Finkel vs. Aaron Forsythe

[view] Quarterfinal match: Chris Benafel vs. Kyle Rose

[view] Wide World of Games "Wall of Opportunity"

[view] Mike Turian

[view] Trophy case with Super Series and US Nationals trophies

[view] Nationals in bright lights on the Disney Wide World of Sports Fieldhouse Scoreboard

[view] Lighting array above the US Nationals stage

[view] Darwin Kastle

[view] Information wall with Pro Tour and Grand Prix schedules and champions

[view] Collin Jackson in the background with an uncomfortably close Jeff Donais in the foreground

[view] Head Judge Collin Jackson

[view] Tony DiTerlizzi signing for the fans

[view] The Nationals are run from the stage where the ESPN2 cameras will record the finals

[view] Mike Turian plays Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz in a round seven feature match

[view] Alan Comer plays Your Move Games' Rob Dougherty in a round seven feature match

[view] Bob Maher, Jr. attempts to stop Mike long from making his fourth US National Team in a round seven feature match

[view] Darwin Kastle faces Casey McCarrel in a round seven feature match

[view] Level 3 Judge Collin Jackson oversees the draft for US Nationals. Collin is the head judge for this tournament.

[view] The Disney Wide World of Sports Fieldhouse, home of the US Nationals 2000 and the Junior Super Series

[view] David Humpherys drafts

[view] William Jensen III and Mike Long draft

[view] Michael Turian and Justin Gary draft.

[view] The first draft for US Nationals 2000

[view] The first draft for US Nationals 2000

[view] Gordon Culp, scorekeeper for the 1:00 Standard US Open

[view] Elaine Ferrao, Head Judge for the 1:00 Standard US Open

[view] Tony Sutphin, scorekeeper for the 11:00 Sealed Deck US Open.

[view] James Lee, Head Judge for the 11:00 Sealed Deck US Open. This is the first Limited meatgrinder ever held.

[view] Yancey Hale

[view] Michael Mindes

[view] Jason Moungey

[view] The first US Open "Meatgrinder" for 2000

[view] Wade McNutt, scorekeeper for the first meatgrinder

[view] John Carter, head judge for the first open

[view] Scott Larabee, tournament manager for the first open.

[view] RE Dalrymple stands by, ready to correct player information in the DCI database

[view] People who come to RE get DCI lanyards - the artists represented will be signing at the event.

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