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Posted in Feature on September 6, 2011

By Staff

Note: Significant portions of this information are outdated. For the most recent Planeswalker Points FAQ, visit this page.

What is Planeswalker Points?
Planeswalker Points is a replacement for the system previously used by Wizards to rate and rank Magic players' participation in sanctioned Organized Play events. It's a point accumulation system built on a simple premise: Playing is good; winning is even better.

Whenever you participate in a sanctioned Magic tournament you earn points. The more points you earn, the higher your level. Planeswalker Points can even get you invitations to big events like the Pro Tour.

How is this different than the way tournaments are counted / rated now?
Planeswalker Points is a different kind of system. It is a ranking system, meaning it ranks players in order based on how many points they have. You earn points every time you play and you never lose points, even if you don't win any matches. Winning earns you more points, but losing doesn't take away points. Plus you get Planeswalker Points just for participating in events.

How are ratings points – sorry, Planeswalker Points – calculated?
Planeswalker Points are calculated using different formulas depending on the point type. For an explanation of the different point types and the formulas used to calculate them, see the Planeswalker Points Information Page.

At its most basic, Planeswalker Points rewards players for playing in sanctioned events (with larger and/or more competitive events awarding more points) and for winning matches (with 3 points for each win, 1 for each draw, and zero for each loss). You can't lose points for losing matches and you don't have to "spend" them to get the perks of a high rating, so your lifetime total never goes down.

Wait – I don't lose ratings points when I lose a match?
No. With Planeswalker Points you never lose points from playing Magic. Even if you lose every match in a tournament, you will still get participation points and those points may even be subject to a multiplier. Obviously, winning is better, because you get 3 points for every win, which will be subject to the same multiplier, but playing always earns you points.

Why make this change?
Planeswalker Points is a ranking system that is more in line with what Magic is all about: playing Magic. It is more friendly to newer players and there are no negative consequences to playing. Imagine a world where brand new players and top pros play side-by-side at your local Friday Night Magic, where you never have to sit on your rating in order to protect a Grand Prix bye, and everyone can have fun at big tournaments? That's the world we are creating with Planeswalker Points.

Will I need to enroll in Planeswalker Points?
If you already have a DCI number and have participated in OP events, you already have lifetime points since we have applied the Planeswalker Points system to all the matches in which you have already played. In addition, you already have a level in the advancement system!
If you don't already have a DCI number, you can get one at any Magic event.

Won't Planeswalker Points make Magic tournament play less competitive?
Planeswalker Points will not reduce the competitiveness of Magic. The only thing that has changed is the ranking system itself. Because the only way to earn points (and thus get a higher ranking) is to play more Magic, the competitive level at many events will actually increase.

The Planeswalker Points website looks pretty slick. What can I do on this website?
Thanks! The Planeswalker Points web site lets you look up your points by using your DCI number. If you enter your password, you can also view your entire play history. In addition, you can see notifications about upcoming events and Planeswalker Points news, as well as leader boards. You can also file an event appeal and combine multiple DCI numbers into one number.

I see the Global rankings tab. Where are the city, regional, state and national rankings? How do I know how many people are part of a particular ranking? Also, I used to be able to see all the people ahead and behind me for a given rankings list – where are the complete rankings lists?
National rankings can be found by selecting a country from the drop-down menu on the left side of the leaderboard. If the country has states or provinces, then those will become available. We do not currently break down the leaderboards by region or city. Expect this functionality to come later. All leaderboards show the top 500 players except "Competitive" which shows the top 20,000. You will always show up at the top of the leaderboard, above the top player, even if you are not on the leaderboard. If you are not on the leaderboard, you will not have a ranking.

Do I get anything cool for advancing levels?
You get bragging rights. That's cool, right? You also get the satisfaction of knowing that your skills are increasing at the same time as your level is advancing. If you can make it to Archmage, you will be living in the rarified air of the greatest Magic players of all time.

How far back does the Planeswalker Points system recalculate my match history?
Planeswalker Points are calculated from your first reported tournament to current, so every event that you have ever played in has already been added to your total.

What event multiplier will be given to event types not listed in the event multiplier chart (Japan Limits and Finals, WPN Premium events), or were originally run at K-values different than they are today?
Event multipliers on all event types (past and present) can be viewed in the appendix of the Magic Tournament Rules. Multipliers do not necessarily correspond to K-values. Multipliers are determined by the event type, not the K-Value.

Do I earn Planeswalker Points for playing in Magic Online events? Duels of the Planeswalkers?
You earn Planeswalker Points for in-person, paper Magic play. You currently do not earn them for Magic Online or Duels of the Planeswalkers.

I have two or three DCI numbers - can I get those combined? Will all of the events under all my numbers count for Planeswalker Points?
You can get your numbers combined, and in fact you should because all of your event history will be combined under one number, thereby increasing your points. To get your numbers combined, fill out the DCI number combine form here.

I played in an FNM event last night, but my points haven't changed. When will I get credit for that event?
Events will appear in your point totals after they have been reported by the organizer of the event. Reporting times will vary.

My password doesn't work – help!
If you have a DCI password and have forgotten it, follow the instructions in this Knowledge Base answer to retrieve your number. If you don't have one, get one at your nearest WPN location – you can find WPN locations using our Store and Event Locator. You will need the scratch-off code from your DCI card in order to get a password. If you no longer have your DCI card, follow the instructions in this Knowledge Base answer to get a password.

There's an error in my event history – how do I correct this?
You should file an appeal by filling out the form here. You will need to log into your Planeswalker Point account and make sure you fill in as much information as possible and that you fill out a separate appeal for event. Also, be sure to read the appeals policy here.

What happens if I earn more than 50,000 points?
You will continue to accrue points, but will not gain any additional levels.

Do I get points for the casual events I play at home / school / work?
No. Points can only be accrued from sanctioned events.

What do all of these different point buckets mean? Why is there a FNM bucket?
The different point buckets are used for different purposes. Lifetime Points get you Planeswalker Point levels. Competitive Points are used to invite players to the Pro Tour and National Championships, as well as earning byes at Grand Prix. Professional Points are used to invite players to the World Championships. FNM Points are used to invite players to the FNM Championship.

FNM Championship? What is that? How do I qualify?
One of the most exciting things we're introducing with Planeswalker Points is the FNM Championship. One hundred players among the players with the top Friday Night Magic totals will be invited to this championship and may also be awarded a plane ticket in addition to the invite.

Okay, for the rest of 2011: how do I qualify for:
GP Byes
Pro Tour
For the remainder of 2011, we will still use the DCI-Total rating using the ELO rating system for invitations and byes.

Same question, but for 2012?
Starting in 2012, we will issue invitations and byes using Planeswalker Points. At the end of each competitive season, we'll tally up everyone's Competitive total and award byes according to global ranking. Until the next season's end date, eligible players with byes will start each Grand Prix they play in with the corresponding number of wins. That's right—you'll be able to use your byes in each Grand Prix you play in until the next season's end date. And with more Grand Prix events than ever before, there are more opportunities than ever before to use those byes.

Invitations and plane tickets to the next Pro Tour will be awarded to eligible players based on their Competitive totals at the end of each Competitive season. Grand Prix events no longer automatically award invites to high finishers, but their high attendance and high event multipliers make them great places to rack up points for your Competitive total.

Nationals and Worlds will have Planeswalker Points invitations based on Competitive total and Professional total, respectively.

Just to be clear: starting in 2012, the top finishers in a Grand Prix will no longer be awarded Pro Tour invitations, yes?
Yes. However, Grand Prix are still relevant to Pro Tour invitations as they have a Planeswalker point multiplier of 8 (which is the highest multiplier available at an event which all players are able to play).

Ah, so also this means that people can't "sit" on their ratings for invitation events, true?
Correct. Competitive Points reset to zero after each season, so players can no longer achieve a high rating and "sit" on their high rating for invitations.

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