Planeswalkers of Alara

Posted in Feature on October 3, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Planeswalkers of Alara

Planeswalkers, those precious few who can traverse the planes of the Multiverse, have seen the potential of Alara. Four reside there now, including two who were born right there among the shards of Alara, and whose planeswalker spark has only recently ignited.

Ajani. The Nacatl leonin called Ajani is a native of the Naya shard. He was always something of an outsider due to his albino coloration, but he was accepted into his pride because his own brother, Jazal, was its kha leader. Ajani's planeswalker spark laid dormant until he discovered the corpse of Jazal, killed for reasons unknown. The worlds of Alara are new to him, but somehow he must find among them a target for the vengeance in his heart.

Tezzeret. Before he became a planeswalker, Tezzeret was a promising artificer and mage of Esper. A native of the city of Vectis, Tezzeret learned of the sect called the Seekers of Carmot, an insular group that claimed to possess the secret to forging etherium. Tezzeret joined the Seekers to get a glimpse of the mysterious Codex Etherium for himself, but this trespass nearly cost him his life. He barely escaped Esper alive.

Sarkhan Vol. Impulse, fury, dominance... these qualities drive all life – at least according to the planeswalker Sarkhan Vol. Revering the dragon as the ultimate expression of the ferocity of life, Sarkhan uses his planeswalker gifts to seek out dragons throughout the Multiverse. He has recently discovered Jund, a world ruled by dragons, and believes that there he will be able to find the mightiest of its predators.

Elspeth Tirel. Although her peers don't know it, the knight called Elspeth is not a native of Bant. In reality she is a planeswalker who has chosen Bant as her adoptive home. Elspeth's native plane was a dark and oppressive place. When she became a planeswalker as a young teenager, she left her home to search the Multiverse for a better world. Now she wants only to protect her adopted home from the evil that she knows lurks beyond the bounds of Bant.

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