Posted in Feature on February 5, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

All this week at Daily Decks, we're featuring fresh deck lists played by Wizards of the Coast R&D members at various Worldwake Regional Prereleases. Here's what Matt Place played at the Los Angeles, California event:

Matt Place's Plants!

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From Magic developer Matt Place:

For anyone who knows Worldwake's lead designer, Ken Nagle, it is no surprise that the set has some very powerful, very huge creatures. This deck combines Knight of the Reliquary with a couple of the new big creatures that have landfall. Avenger of Zendikar with seven lands on the battlefield and an untapped Knight of the Reliquary often means you are attacking for 33 damage the following turn (that is with no more lands in your hand). After you cast the Avenger and get your Plant tokens, you can sacrifice a Plains or Forest with the Knight, search for a Terramorphic Expanse, and use it. This makes all the plants 2/3s. Repeat this process next turn and you are attacking with a 5/5 Avenger and seven 4/5 plant tokens!

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