Player Profile: Geoffrey Siron

Posted in Feature on March 21, 2006

By Olivier Ruel

Mr Olivier RuelEvery Tuesday, I am going to introduce you to one of the players to follow in Pro Tour Prague. Meet the Limited Geniuses, Player of the Year, Local Heroes and more Discover how they prepare for such an event, but also who they are, as Pro players and as ordinary men as well.

Geoffrey Siron I am starting this week with Geoffrey Siron. Having reached the 12th position in the Pro Player Race last season , and as a Level 5 pro, Geoffrey has had a fantastic year including a first PT win in London in last July. I met him in Brussels, his hometown, and he took the time to answer my questions, being very kind and available, as always.

Could you introduce yourself to the readers?
Sure. My name is Geoffrey Siron, I'm 22 years old and I live in Brussels, Belgium, where I am a student in sociology.
How does it feel to be a PT champ ? Do you feel like people expect more from you now ?
It's quite the opposite actually, pressure is lower and I feel less nervous as if I had less to prove now.
But you must feel a difference in the way your opponents look at you...
I still meet opponents asking me if it's my first PT :-). Some people feel so happy to play against you, because they think you are very strong, this is the coolest part.
Let's move to Prague and the Ravnica-Guildpact format, what do you think about it?
It was so hard at the beginning. I would usually draft better than I play, but here I was so bad at drafting.
And now?
It took me a while to figure out what to draft, this format is really tough but it is quite fun.
So, you already know what to draft?
In this format, if you don't make any plan, it will be almost impossible to build a good deck, experience helps you to find out all the different archetypes available. Who could say five colours drake was playable not so long ago? Who does know Bramble Elemental can be the best creature of a deck? Who does know you can 1st pick Farseek?
But Farseek is not that great...
No. Of course not, but when the pack is weak, you have to know it is an option. There are more combos and synergies between cards than in the previous draft formats.
So do you feel confident for Prague overall?
Pretty much, as I know the archetypes, I know what I would like to draft and I've a good representation of the cards value.
May I ask what you would like to draft?
Blue black, with a red or a white splash
Do you think drafting millstone is still viable with only two Ravnica packs?
Well, I believe so, and anyway, if you realize you can't draft mill, you still have blue cards which are great, such as Vedalken Dismisser. Even Entrancer is not that bad in a non mill deck.
Now some fast questions, what do you think is the most underrated card in the format?
Halcyon Glaze and the bounce lands.
And what about the most overrated?
Hmm (long thinking). Vedalken Entrancer I would say.
But you...
I know, I changed my mind.
Favourite common in the format?
Galvanic Arc
Mark (of Eviction) is my favourite uncommon, but the strongest is Selesnya Guildmage
Who's the favourite to win in Prague?
Masashi (Oiso) and Kaji Tomohiro. I would like to have them on my team for a Team Pro Tour.
The players to watch?
Rogier (Maaten) and Tsumura. Kenji may pretend he is not that good in limited, but I watched him playing in GP Dortmund (where he finished 11th) and he was really impressive.
To your opinion, who is the best player having never made a PT Top 8?
Rogier, Morita or Bernardo (Da Costa Cabral). Beber plays well, but unfortunately, and he admits this problem, he drafts really stupidly. If I had any prediction for the Top 8, I would say Bernardo, Oiso, you, me, Rogier, Julien Nujiten, Billy Moreno and Pedro (Canali). Then I win drafting mono blue with Moreno and Canali on my right during the draft.
Now, let's put aside Magic questions. What is your favourite movie?
Pulp Fiction. Wait, that is so not original... Let's say one out of PF, Jumanji, American Beauty and Usual suspects.
Favourite actor or actress?
Cameron Diaz, and, hmm, what's the name of that girl in Dawson's creek?
You mean Katie Holmes?
Yes, Katie Holmes, she's so great
As an actress or?
Any favourite band or singer?
The Pixies! I also love Jack Jonhson, Grandaddy, The Strokes, Belle and Sebastian, Arctic Monkeys and Gorillaz
Favourite record?
Nevermind, by Nirvana.
Back to Magic, how does it feel to have a PT in Prague?
Great! I have so many good memories from this city. It's not only beautiful, but bars and clubs are great!
You have been travelling a lot with Magic, which of the places you have been did you enjoy the most?
Honolulu or San Francisco, two great cities!
And your best Magic memories, London I guess?
Never mind...
Moscow was the best. We went there for an invitational facing the best Local players, and I have had such a great time there, both inside and outside the event. Even though I don't quite remember the last evening we spent there.
Next question.
Talking about Invitational, Antoine Ruel won the judge ballot you were nominated for, and Gabriel Nassif took the European slot on which you came third. Do you think you still have a chance to go to the Invitational?
I really hope so, as this tournament is so important for me: it would mean a lot to me to go there. Hopefully I can get the Fan favourite despite very hard competition.
What can I wish to Geoffrey Siron for the 2006 season?
I just hope my dream to participate in the Invitational will come true.

Thanks Geoffrey

Stay tuned! Next week, Kenji Tsumura

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