Plenty of Temples

Posted in Feature on January 31, 2014

By Gerry Thompson

Last week, I showed off Ali Aintrazi's Five-Color Axebane Guardian. Today, I have a similar deck, although King Feeble's version is a more modest four-color deck featuring cheaper spells instead of Axebane Guardians and bigger spells.

Sylvan Caryatid

This deck takes a lot of what makes Mono-Black Devotion so powerful, like Thoughtseize, Underworld Connections, and Gray Merchant of Asphodel, and adds Sylvan Caryatid for acceleration, early blocking, and mana fixing. King Feeble also has Abrupt Decay and Detention Sphere to deal with nonland permanents, which is a big step from Mono-Black, which can't remove an Underworld Connections, Thassa, God of the Sea, or Bident of Thassa once they are in play.

Obzedat, Ghost Council is the finisher of choice, instead of the sometimes unreliable Desecration Demon. The inclusion of Obzedat makes Whip of Erebos a fantastic choice

My first thought on the mana base was, "Wow! Sixteen Temples? That's going to go a long way toward fixing its draw steps." At closer inspection, I realized that Temple Garden doesn't actually scry. Still, twelve Temples is pretty impressive, and I imagine it does wonders for the consistency.

King Feeble's Four-Color Midrange

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