Pretty Little Angel Eyes

Posted in Feature on January 12, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

The current issue of InQuest Gamer shows off Angel of Despair, a splashy new Orzhov creature you'll see in booster packs of Guildpact. We recommend you check out the magazine for the full text and art of Angel of Despair!

But today we take a look behind the scenes at some of the graphical tweaking the Magic art team did for Angel of Despair. First off, here's the initial sketch artist Todd Lockwood submitted for the Angel:

Angel of Despair sketch
Angel of Despair sketch by Todd Lockwood

After the final art came in, the art team decided that the Angel's eyes needed tweaking. Below is a high-resolution detail image of part of her art; click the links on the right to see the various options the art team considered.

Angel of Despair (detail) - Art by Todd Lockwood
Angel of Despair (detail) - Art by Todd Lockwood

The darker the eyes got, the more the art team liked them. "Option 6" above is what you'll see in the final art of the card. How can you get your hands on one? Head to a Guildpact prerelease to trade for one or rip one from your packs!

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