Prize Money Redistribution

Posted in Feature on September 3, 2015

By Jeff Donais

2001 Magic: The Gathering Tournament Structure Developments

As 2000 comes to an end, we look to finalize plans for the 2001 calendar year.

Concern has been expressed over the overwhelming number of high-level Magic® tournament events. We believe that players will have too much difficulty attending all of the high-level events that we have planned for 2001.

To alleviate the deluge of events next summer, Wizards has decided to eliminate one Pro TourTM event and redistribute the prize money among other tournaments around the world.

As we announced earlier this year, we plan to invest more heavily in tournaments starting in 2001. We plan to take the $200,000 in prize money we're saving by eliminating the sixth Pro Tour event and invest it in other tournaments.

The 2001 Magic World Championships will be the most-affected event. A total of $400,000 in prize money will be awarded between the individual and team portions of the World Championships. This amount represents a $100,000 increase over the previous Worlds competition. Most of the additional money will go to the national team portion of Worlds. Each member of the national teams who competes at Worlds will receive a minimum of $1,000. With pro points now awarded for the national team portion of Worlds and the large increase in prize money, the competition for national team spots should be more intense than ever.

In addition to the existing support of National Championship events worldwide, the remainder of the saved prize money will supplement some Nationals events with additional prize money. Detailed payout structures for Nationals events will become available in the coming months.

Other improvements to the 2000-2001 Magic tournament season include:

  • Adding Grand Prix events all over the world, each with a $25,000 total prize award
  • Raising the prize money for the Junior Super Series Championship to $100,000
  • Adding approximately one hundred Junior Super Series Challenges
  • Increasing the total prize payout of all Pro Tours to $200,000, including team-format Pro Tour events
  • The continued evolution of the Masters Series
  • The introduction of Friday Night Magic and ArenaTM League competition into more countries around the world

We anticipate some tournament schedule changes based on the elimination of the sixth Pro Tour event, which was originally scheduled for July. Generally, Grand Prix events scheduled for March will feed into Pro Tour-Barcelona, and Grand Prix events scheduled for April will feed into Pro Tour-New York. Steps will be taken to modify the 2001-2002 tournament season to ensure that the formats are supported as effectively as possible.

As always, we will continue to develop our tournament structure in the best possible way and will continue to pay close attention to the impact our decisions have on the millions of Magic players worldwide.

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