Pro Tour–Austin Champions Challenge

Posted in Feature on August 25, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

The following Pro Tour Hall of Famers and members of Wizards of the Coast R&D will be at Pro Tour–Austin in the Champions Challenge area. Bring a deck and face off against them across multiple formats to win cool prizes!

Mark Rosewater, Game Designer

Mark Rosewater is the Head Designer for Magic: The Gathering. Mark spends all his waking hours making things be it cards, mechanics, themes, sets, blocks, children, you name it. In his spare time he writes the Monday “Making Magic” column on Anything you like about the game is his doing. Anything you don’t, that’s Matt Place’s fault. Matt has made it his life’s goal to frustrate you when you play Magic. Mark feels this is wrong but he can’t seem to sway Matt. Perhaps you can.

Matt Place, Magic R&D Designer and Developer

My Role:

In addition to coming up with new designs I am one of the R&D members responsible for keeping the game balanced. I started working for Wizards of the Coast in September of 2003 as an intern. Since then I have worked on most sets and have been the lead developer for Dissension, Eventide, and Alara Reborn. Additionally, I did the early design for Duels of the Planeswalkers, Magic’s XBOX Live® Arcade game.

About Me:

I was first introduced to Magic way back in 1994 by my little brother. He described the game to me on the phone and I was hooked even before I had ever seen a single card. I started playing competitively soon after learning the game and from 1994 to 1998 won about $60,000 playing Magic. My wins included a first-place finish at Pro Tour–Mainz, Germany.

I am very lucky to have this job. Making Magic and video games is a dream come true!

Mark Globus, R&D Producer

My Role

I manage the design and development process within R&D, ensuring that things run smoothly and that everyone is working as effectively as possible. As part of this, I participate on various teams, including Zendikar development and Worldwake design (to be released February 2010).

About Me

I joined Wizards of the Coast in 2007 following my fourth-place finish in “The Great Designer Search.” After initially working on digital projects at Wizards (such as Dungeons & Dragons Insider), I joined Magic R&D in August 2008. I greatly enjoy getting to help make Magic; a couple of my favorite cards I have designed are Worm Harvest and Mycoloth.

Darwin Kastle, Magic Pro Tour Hall of Famer

A member of the inaugural Hall of Fame class in 2005, Darwin Kastle played in nearly every Pro Tour over a nine-year span. During that time, he amassed more than 300 Pro Points, eight Top 8 appearances, and a victory at Pro Tour–Washington D.C. 1999 as a member of Your Move Games (his two teammates, Dave Humphreys and Rob Dougherty, would be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2006). Seen as a Limited specialist early in his career, he expanded his reputation to include mastery over Constructed formats with multiple Top 8s at those events. He is immortalized on Avalanche Riders, his creation after winning the second Duelist Invitational.

Nicolai Herzog, Magic Pro Tour Hall of Famer

Nicolai Herzog may be the most accomplished Limited player on the planet. His 2004 season was the stuff of legends, winning back-to-back Limited Pro Tours (one Booster Draft, one Rochester Draft). He joined Kai Budde as the only player ever to win two Pro Tours in the same season. After being inducted in the star-studded Class of 2007 after being semi-retired from the game, Herzog reminded everyone of his drafting skills by making the Top 8 in Pro Tour–Kuala Lumpur 2008. Alongside his Pro Tour trophies, Herzog has two European Championship titles and is a two-time Norwegian National Champion.

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