Pro Tour–San Juan 2010 Invitation List

Posted in Feature on January 4, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Invitations to Pro Tour-San Juan are awarded in the following manner:

  • The 2009 World Champion.
  • The 2009 Pro Tour Player of the Year.
  • The Top 50 players from Pro Tour-San Diego.
  • Players with 2010 Pro Tour Players Club level 6 or higher.
  • Players with 2010 Pro Tour Players Club level 4* & 5* (invitation for level 4 & 5 players are not awarded until May 28, 2010).
  • Players with 2010 Pro Tour Players Club level 3* are invited to 1 Pro Tour or World Championship of their choice in the 2010 season (invitation for level 3 players are not awarded until May 28, 2010).
  • The Top 16 finishers of each Grand Prix tournament that feeds Pro Tour-San Juan.
  • Players who earn invitations through Pro Tour-San Juan Qualifier tournaments (including Magic Online Qualifier Tournaments).
  • The Top 100 DCI-ranked players in the DCI Total format on April 14, 2010.

* Players with Pro Tour Players Club levels 3, 4 and 5 are allowed to play in Pro Tour qualifiers if their only invitation to the Pro Tour is due to their level in the Players Club (see below)

If you believe that your rating or finish at a Pro Tour Qualifier or Grand Prix is in error, please Visit After logging in, click the "Appeals" link and fill out the form.

The following players are invited to Pro Tour-San Juan and may not play in Pro Tour Qualifiers (including Magic Online Qualifier Tournaments) that feed Pro Tour - San Juan:

FirstLastInvitation SourcePTQ/GP DatePTQ/GP CityPTQ/GP Country
AndréCoimbra2009 World Championn/an/an/a
YuuyaWatanabe2009 POYn/an/an/a
SimonGörtzenTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
KyleBoggemesTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
LuisScott-VargasTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
CraigWescoeTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
DanielGräfensteinerTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
NielsViaeneTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
YoshihikoIkawaTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
JeroenKanisTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
TomRossTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
BertilElfgrenTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
RafaelCoqueiroTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
ArasSenyuzTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
HajimeNakamuraTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
PatrickChapinTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
LukeMulcahyTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
DennisJohannsenTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
JustinCorbettTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
FrancisCormierTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
DanielGardnerTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
MasayaKitayamaTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
GabrielNassifTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
BenjaminPeebles-MundyTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
PaulRietzlTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
SamuelBlackTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
PascalVierenTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
JeffreyChenTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
OwenTurtenwaldTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
GaudenisVidugirisTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
NoahLongTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
MartinJuzaTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
AnttiMalinTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
StephenKingTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
TomomiShiraishiTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
RinSatouTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
PeterVierenTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
LucasFlorentTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
EricFroehlichTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
BernhardSternbauerTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
NielsNoorlanderTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
SammyBatarsehTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
ShuuheiNakamuraTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
Robertvan MedevoortTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
BrettPiazzaTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
ShuuKomuroTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
RussellHeitzmannTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
JasonFordTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
ThomasShackettTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
DennisStoneTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
KatsuhiroMoriTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
JonasWallendorfTop 50 PT San Diegon/an/an/a
YuuyaWatanabePro Club Level 6+n/an/an/a
TomoharuSaitouPro Club Level 6+n/an/an/a
MartinJuzaPro Club Level 6+n/an/an/a
GabrielNassifPro Club Level 6+n/an/an/a
Paulo Vitorda RosaPro Club Level 6+n/an/an/a
ShuuheiNakamuraPro Club Level 6+n/an/an/a
LuisScott-VargasPro Club Level 6+n/an/an/a
KazuyaMitamuraPro Club Level 6+n/an/an/a
GaudenisVidugirisPro Club Level 6+n/an/an/a
BrianKiblerPro Club Level 6+n/an/an/a
TsuyoshiIkedaPro Club Level 6+n/an/an/a
KoutarouOotsukaPro Club Level 6+n/an/an/a
ConleyWoodsPro Club Level 6+n/an/an/a
ShingouKuriharaPro Club Level 6+n/an/an/a
MichalHebkyPro Club Level 6+n/an/an/a
RaphaelLevyPro Club Level 6+n/an/an/a
PaulRietzlPro Club Level 6+n/an/an/a
OlivierRuelPro Club Level 6+n/an/an/a
LinoBurgoldPro Club Level 6+n/an/an/a
MichaelJacobPro Club Level 6+n/an/an/a
SamuelBlackPro Club Level 6+n/an/an/a
Jun'yaIyanagaPro Club Level 6+n/an/an/a
YannMassicardPro Club Level 6+n/an/an/a
SebastianThalerPro Club Level 6+n/an/an/a
AkimasaYamamotoPro Club Level 6+n/an/an/a
DavidReitbauerPro Club Level 6+n/an/an/a
KyleBoggemesPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
NicoBohnyPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
hunterBurtonPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
JoelCalafellPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
MarcelloCalvettoPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
PatrickChapinPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
MarkDictusPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
JanDoisePro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
BertilElfgrenPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
SamueleEstrattiPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
TobiasGräfensteinerPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
ChristopheGregoirPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
ZacHillPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
ReinholdKohlPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
MateuszKopecPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
MatthiasKünzlerPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
AriLaxPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
AnttiMalinPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
MatMarrPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
GuillaumeMatignonPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
ChikaraNakajimaPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
HajimeNakamuraPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
RiccardoNeriPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
PerNyströmPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
BrettPiazzaPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
FlorianPilsPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
CarlosRomãoPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
JanRuessPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
AjSacherPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
BenStarkPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
HelmutSummersbergerPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
Arjanvan LeeuwenPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
CraigWescoePro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
KenYukuhiroPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
AdamYurchickPro Club Level 4n/an/an/a
DirkBaberowskiPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
LucasBlohonPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
ManuelBucherPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
KaiBuddePro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
RandyBuehlerPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
AndréCoimbraPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
AlanComerPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
KamielCornelissenPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
RobertDoughertyPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
JonFinkelPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
TsuyoshiFujitaPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
SimonGörtzenPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
KevinGrovePro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
NicolaiHerzogPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
TommiHoviPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
DavidHumpherysPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
FrankKarstenPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
DarwinKastle MessPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
MasayaKitayamaPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
Tzu ChingKuoPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
Shi TianLeePro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
TommiLindgrenPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
BenjaminLundquistPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
MarijnLybaertPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
RobertMaherPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
MakihitoMiharaPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
ZviMowshowitzPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
BradNelsonPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
NielsNoorlanderPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
DavidOchoaPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
MatteoOrsini JonesPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
CedricPhillipsPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
OlleRadePro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
BrianRobinsonPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
TomRossPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
BenRubinPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
AntoineRuelPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
NaokiShimizuPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
BramSnepvangersPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
YuutaTakahashiPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
MichaelTurianPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
Robertvan MedevoortPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
JelgerWiegersmaPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
J GaryWisePro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
ShoutaYasookaPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
MatejZatlkajPro Club Level 5n/an/an/a
JonathanMelamedTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
KatsuhiroMoriTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
SimonGörtzenTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AndreasMüllerTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AdamYurchickTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AeoPaquetteTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
GiustiEmanueleTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
FlorianPilsTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JosephCrosbyTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
PatrickChapinTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
DanielRodiTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
RafaelCoqueiroTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
DingLeongTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
DavidOchoaTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JavierLunaTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
FrancisCormierTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
BertilElfgrenTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
SammyBatarsehTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
DennisJohannsenTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
LaoKeng FongTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MasashiOisoTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
TomRossTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JesseInmanTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
HoiChickTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
ChristopherBennettTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
NoahLongTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
TamasNagyTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
BenediktKlauserTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MarioPascoliTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MattPetrovTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
CharlesGendron DupontTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
PatrizioGoliaTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
TravisWooTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JelgerWiegersmaTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
RobertJurkovicTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
Paulo Vitorda RosaTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
davidForcadellTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
HectorAlonsoTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
BenjaminPeebles-MundyTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AndréCoimbraTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
ZoltanSzokeTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
RichardHoaenTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MarcoBlumeTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JamesBushTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
ManuelGodineauTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
SerajHarounTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
StephenKingTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
BrendanO'DonnellTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
Nedim CemAytekinTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
PrzemyslawNagadowskiTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
HumbertoRivera MoralesTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AlexandreRiviereTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
OskarSköldTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
SergioGarciaTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
PetePicardTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
ShaneDallistonTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JakeHartTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
GabeWallsTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JEREMYDEZANITop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
DavidThomasTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
KyleBoggemesTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
BrianDemarsTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
CraigWescoeTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AllisonAbeTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JohnPriceTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
GabrielNassifTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
DanielO'Mahoney-SchwartzTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JobyParrishTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
EduardoSellaTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
VagnerCasattiTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
LukaszMusialTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JamieParkeTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MatejZatlkajTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
ZoharBhagatTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MingXuTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
ToddAndersonTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
OgnjenCividiniTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
marcocammilluzziTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
pongsirihiranyasiriTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
PedroPappaterraTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
PatrickCoxTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
ScottMcCordTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
TomRaneyTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
WilliamNicholsTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
ConleyWoodsTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JeremyDombekTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MarioFloresTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
OrrinBeasleyTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
ManuelBucherTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
OlivierMonbaillyTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
DmitryNikitinTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
LucasBlohonTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
PaulCheonTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
BaptisteHOULBERTTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JanKotrlaTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JonasWallendorfTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MarcDufourTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
LucasFlorentTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
ConradJacksonTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MasashiroKurodaTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
FedericoMarcucciTop 100 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MatthewNassGP Okaland Top 162/13/2010OaklandUSA
AdamYurchickGP Okaland Top 162/13/2010OaklandUSA
ConleyWoodsGP Okaland Top 162/13/2010OaklandUSA
TravisWooGP Okaland Top 162/13/2010OaklandUSA
PatrickCoxGP Okaland Top 162/13/2010OaklandUSA
JobyParrishGP Okaland Top 162/13/2010OaklandUSA
PetrBrozekGP Okaland Top 162/13/2010OaklandUSA
TomoharuSaitouGP Okaland Top 162/13/2010OaklandUSA
CedricPhillipsGP Okaland Top 162/13/2010OaklandUSA
MarijnLybaertGP Okaland Top 162/13/2010OaklandUSA
AlexanderWestGP Okaland Top 162/13/2010OaklandUSA
MatejZatlkajGP Okaland Top 162/13/2010OaklandUSA
BrianKowalGP Okaland Top 162/13/2010OaklandUSA
BertilElfgrenGP Okaland Top 162/13/2010OaklandUSA
GuillaumeWafo-tapaGP Okaland Top 162/13/2010OaklandUSA
AnthonyTranGP Okaland Top 162/13/2010OaklandUSA
AndreasMüllerGP Madrid Top 162/27/2010MadridSpain
DavidDo AnhGP Madrid Top 162/27/2010MadridSpain
RichardBlandGP Madrid Top 162/27/2010MadridSpain
TomoharuSaitoGP Madrid Top 162/27/2010MadridSpain
RubénGonzálezGP Madrid Top 162/27/2010MadridSpain
LluísRestoyGP Madrid Top 162/27/2010MadridSpain
ALEJANDRODELGADOGP Madrid Top 162/27/2010MadridSpain
SvenDijtGP Madrid Top 162/27/2010MadridSpain
RAfaeldel RiegoGP Madrid Top 162/27/2010MadridSpain
SergioGarciaGP Madrid Top 162/27/2010MadridSpain
pablodiazGP Madrid Top 162/27/2010MadridSpain
AndreasGanzGP Madrid Top 162/27/2010MadridSpain
KristofferNielsenGP Madrid Top 162/27/2010MadridSpain
EvangelosPapatsarouchasGP Madrid Top 162/27/2010MadridSpain
FedericoBonadeGP Madrid Top 162/27/2010MadridSpain
JasonNoguez AignasseGP Madrid Top 162/27/2010MadridSpain
DingLeongGP Kuala Lumpur Top 163/13/2010Kuala LumpurMalaysia
xue tongduGP Kuala Lumpur Top 163/13/2010Kuala LumpurMalaysia
JakguySubcharoenGP Kuala Lumpur Top 163/13/2010Kuala LumpurMalaysia
ShingoFukutaGP Kuala Lumpur Top 163/13/2010Kuala LumpurMalaysia
ShoutaYasookaGP Kuala Lumpur Top 163/13/2010Kuala LumpurMalaysia
ChinWei HanGP Kuala Lumpur Top 163/13/2010Kuala LumpurMalaysia
raffysartoGP Kuala Lumpur Top 163/13/2010Kuala LumpurMalaysia
ZhiyangZhangGP Kuala Lumpur Top 163/13/2010Kuala LumpurMalaysia
SukhumKiwanontGP Kuala Lumpur Top 163/13/2010Kuala LumpurMalaysia
Kok FaiPhangGP Kuala Lumpur Top 163/13/2010Kuala LumpurMalaysia
Ryan MarkBeleyGP Kuala Lumpur Top 163/13/2010Kuala LumpurMalaysia
MakihitoMiharaGP Kuala Lumpur Top 163/13/2010Kuala LumpurMalaysia
TomoharuSaitoGP Kuala Lumpur Top 163/13/2010Kuala LumpurMalaysia
SamuelBlackGP Kuala Lumpur Top 163/13/2010Kuala LumpurMalaysia
SherwinAquinoGP Kuala Lumpur Top 163/13/2010Kuala LumpurMalaysia
Qin JinWongGP Kuala Lumpur Top 163/13/2010Kuala LumpurMalaysia
KatsuhiroMoriGP Yokohama Top 163/20/2010YokohamaJapan
MasashiroKurodaGP Yokohama Top 163/20/2010YokohamaJapan
Min-su (Japan)KimGP Yokohama Top 163/20/2010YokohamaJapan
TakashiIshiharaGP Yokohama Top 163/20/2010YokohamaJapan
Tzu ChingKuoGP Yokohama Top 163/20/2010YokohamaJapan
YasunoriBabaGP Yokohama Top 163/20/2010YokohamaJapan
AtsuoSeGP Yokohama Top 163/20/2010YokohamaJapan
TomoyukiHonnamiGP Yokohama Top 163/20/2010YokohamaJapan
AlexanderWestGP Yokohama Top 163/20/2010YokohamaJapan
KazuakiKimuraGP Yokohama Top 163/20/2010YokohamaJapan
YuuyaWatanabeGP Yokohama Top 163/20/2010YokohamaJapan
RyuuichiAritaGP Yokohama Top 163/20/2010YokohamaJapan
MotokiAbeGP Yokohama Top 163/20/2010YokohamaJapan
ToshiyukiKadookaGP Yokohama Top 163/20/2010YokohamaJapan
YuuseiGotouGP Yokohama Top 163/20/2010YokohamaJapan
ShougoSunadaGP Yokohama Top 163/20/2010YokohamaJapan
GiustiEmanueleGP Brussels Top 163/27/2010BrusselsBelgium
ZoltanSzokeGP Brussels Top 163/27/2010BrusselsBelgium
TamasNagyGP Brussels Top 163/27/2010BrusselsBelgium
SteveBernsteinGP Brussels Top 163/27/2010BrusselsBelgium
LAMBACHNicolasGP Brussels Top 163/27/2010BrusselsBelgium
ChristopheGregoirGP Brussels Top 163/27/2010BrusselsBelgium
FrancescoCipolleschiGP Brussels Top 163/27/2010BrusselsBelgium
LudvigLondosGP Brussels Top 163/27/2010BrusselsBelgium
AndrejRutarGP Brussels Top 163/27/2010BrusselsBelgium
ManuelGodineauGP Brussels Top 163/27/2010BrusselsBelgium
OndrejHatalaGP Brussels Top 163/27/2010BrusselsBelgium
FranckFilatriauGP Brussels Top 163/27/2010BrusselsBelgium
SebastianThalerGP Brussels Top 163/27/2010BrusselsBelgium
MatejZatlkajGP Brussels Top 163/27/2010BrusselsBelgium
AlexandreRiviereGP Brussels Top 163/27/2010BrusselsBelgium
RobertJurkovicGP Brussels Top 163/27/2010BrusselsBelgium
AdamYurchickGP Houston Top 164/3/2010HoustonUSA
ShaunRodriguezGP Houston Top 164/3/2010HoustonUSA
KennethEllisGP Houston Top 164/3/2010HoustonUSA
ToddAndersonGP Houston Top 164/3/2010HoustonUSA
ShuuheiNakamuraGP Houston Top 164/3/2010HoustonUSA
Paulo Vitorda RosaGP Houston Top 164/3/2010HoustonUSA
CharlesLancasterGP Houston Top 164/3/2010HoustonUSA
PetePicardGP Houston Top 164/3/2010HoustonUSA
MatthewCostaGP Houston Top 164/3/2010HoustonUSA
PatrickChapinGP Houston Top 164/3/2010HoustonUSA
SamuelBlackGP Houston Top 164/3/2010HoustonUSA
DavidSharfmanGP Houston Top 164/3/2010HoustonUSA
GabeWallsGP Houston Top 164/3/2010HoustonUSA
DavidOchoaGP Houston Top 164/3/2010HoustonUSA
CraigWescoeGP Houston Top 164/3/2010HoustonUSA
ChrisFennellGP Houston Top 164/3/2010HoustonUSA
DavidWilliamsSpecial Invitationn/an/an/a
ChristianCalcanoMOL PTQ - 1st Place1/2/2010n/an/a
DavidFallgrenMOL PTQ - 1st Place1/3/2010n/an/a
BenjaminHayesMOL PTQ - 1st Place1/10/2010n/an/a
YoniSkolnikMOL PTQ - 1st Place1/12/2010n/an/a
GuilhermeMedeiros MerjanMOL PTQ - 1st Place1/14/2010n/an/a
GerryThompsonMOL PTQ - 1st Place1/17/2010n/an/a
DanteSaporitoMOL PTQ - 1st Place1/26/2010n/an/a
ChristopherStefaniwMOL PTQ - 1st Place1/31/2010n/an/a
DavidOchoaMOL PTQ - 1st Place2/11/2010n/an/a
MalteHolmMOL PTQ - 1st Place2/14/2010n/an/a
MatthewFerrandoMOL PTQ - 1st Place3/18/2010n/an/a
JamesPirkeyMOL PTQ - 1st Place3/21/2010n/an/a
ThomasAshtonMOL PTQ - 1st Place3/23/2010n/an/a
JoshUtter-LeytonMOL PTQ - 1st Place3/25/2010n/an/a
JohnKolosMOL PTQ - 1st Place3/28/2010n/an/a
NathanWaxerMOL PTQ - 1st Place4/6/2010n/an/a
CarlosMoralPTQ - 1st Place10/17/2009AustinUnited States
AndreaGiarolaPTQ - 1st Place11/20/2009RomeItaly
StephanHinkPTQ - 1st Place1/2/2010BurnsvilleUnited States
VinceTingeyPTQ - 1st Place1/2/2010SeattleUnited States
Yong HanChooPTQ - 1st Place1/3/2010SingaporeSingapore
PaulHeynenPTQ - 1st Place1/3/2010UtrechtNetherlands
J.T.HenricksPTQ - 1st Place1/9/2010AtlantaUnited States
StephenGuillermPTQ - 1st Place1/9/2010CharlestownUnited States
JamieArchdekinPTQ - 1st Place1/9/2010MontréalCanada
MikeNybergPTQ - 1st Place1/10/2010IndianapolisUnited States
RadoslawGromkoPTQ - 1st Place1/10/2010LodzPoland
DavideBrambillaPTQ - 1st Place1/10/2010MilanoItaly
SamueleEstrattiPTQ - 1st Place1/10/2010RomaItaly
MarkMc GovernPTQ - 1st Place1/16/2010BelfastNorthern Ireland
JasonScheinPTQ - 1st Place1/16/2010Costa MesaUnited States
AurelienDubuissonPTQ - 1st Place1/16/2010GentBelgium
JacobVan LunenPTQ - 1st Place1/16/2010HartfordUnited States
KyleStollPTQ - 1st Place1/16/2010Hoffman EstatesUnited States
AlexanderSemkinPTQ - 1st Place1/16/2010MoscowRussian Federation
RobWagnerPTQ - 1st Place1/16/2010NottinghamGreat Britain
TravisTurningPTQ - 1st Place1/16/2010OrlandoUnited States
BenFriedmanPTQ - 1st Place1/16/2010RockvilleUnited States
AndresSuarezPTQ - 1st Place1/16/2010San AntonioUnited States
JohnWassonPTQ - 1st Place1/16/2010TorontoCanada
JacopoBartolliniPTQ - 1st Place1/17/2010BolognaItaly
LorenzoBarniniPTQ - 2nd Place1/17/2010BolognaItaly
SimonFogertyPTQ - 1st Place1/17/2010WooloongabbaAustralia
YuuyaHosokawaPTQ - 1st Place1/17/2010千葉市Japan
MichaeleTeppaPTQ - 1st Place1/23/2010BrusselBelgium
DenisSinnerPTQ - 1st Place1/23/2010DortmundGermany
JordanRileyPTQ - 1st Place1/23/2010Fort WorthUnited States
JasonTerryPTQ - 1st Place1/23/2010Garden CityUnited States
KenAdamsPTQ - 1st Place1/23/2010LexingtonUnited States
JayPangasinanPTQ - 1st Place1/23/2010ManilaPhilippines
ShaneDowneyPTQ - 1st Place1/23/2010MesaUnited States
BrettAllenPTQ - 1st Place1/23/2010Santa ClaraUnited States
alfredojimenez palmeroPTQ - 1st Place1/24/2010arezzoItaly
TimBonnevillePTQ - 1st Place1/24/2010AtlantaUnited States
YohannesSiagianPTQ - 1st Place1/24/2010BandungIndonesia
TaisukeIshiiPTQ - 1st Place1/24/2010金沢市Japan
JeremyNeemanPTQ - 1st Place1/25/2010CanberraAustralia
AndyBagenovPTQ - 1st Place1/31/2010EkaterinburgRussian Federation
Elmer vanEeghenPTQ - 1st Place2/6/2010UtrechtNetherlands
RubenSnijdewindPTQ - 1st Place2/13/2010AmsterdamNetherlands
KyleBoggemesPTQ - 1st Place2/13/2010ColumbusUnited States
LucasSiowPTQ - 1st Place2/13/2010IselinUnited States
BentonPerretPTQ - 1st Place2/13/2010LafayetteUnited States
IñakiCuestaPTQ - 1st Place2/13/2010MadridSpain
FelixSchulmerichPTQ - 1st Place2/13/2010NürnbergGermany
IvanLendvajPTQ - 1st Place2/13/2010OsijekCroatia (Hrvatska)
DanielMouraPTQ - 1st Place2/13/2010PortoPortugal
MichaelBennettPTQ - 1st Place2/13/2010RoanokeUnited States
MaloWillefertPTQ - 1st Place2/14/2010BuxerollesFrance
CliffVan DammePTQ - 1st Place2/14/2010HasseltBelgium
TommiTikkanenPTQ - 1st Place2/14/2010JyväskyläFinland
DavidGuzmánPTQ - 1st Place2/14/2010MadridSpain
MatMercierPTQ - 1st Place2/14/2010OaklandUnited States
JonasKöstlerPTQ - 1st Place2/14/2010SalzburgAustria
NicolasChabriacPTQ - 1st Place2/14/2010ToulouseFrance
TomasBilekPTQ - 1st Place2/14/2010VykovCzech Republic
YoshitakaNakanoPTQ - 1st Place2/14/2010福山市Japan
LiangXuPTQ - 1st Place2/18/2010BeijingChina
MikihitoNakajimaPTQ - 1st Place2/18/2010GuangzhouChina
ChrisFennellPTQ - 1st Place2/19/2010San DiegoUnited States
DavinMitchellPTQ - 1st Place2/20/2010AnchorageUnited States
CodyDammPTQ - 1st Place2/20/2010GoodlettsvilleUnited States
AlexanderWinstonPTQ - 1st Place2/20/2010LincolnUnited States
GuidoRoccoliPTQ - 1st Place2/20/2010LuganoSwitzerland
DillinMosiorPTQ - 1st Place2/20/2010MadisonUnited States
DonSpinelliPTQ - 1st Place2/20/2010MilfordUnited States
Francisco JoséGonzález HidalgoPTQ - 1st Place2/20/2010PalmaSpain
RichardBlandPTQ - 1st Place2/20/2010ReadingGreat Britain
KennyMayerPTQ - 1st Place2/20/2010RockvilleUnited States
BenSeckPTQ - 1st Place2/20/2010San DiegoUnited States
OliverHamidPTQ - 1st Place2/20/2010TrnavaSlovak Republic
DaisukeMuramatsuPTQ - 1st Place2/20/2010横浜市Japan
guillaumebarbierPTQ - 1st Place2/21/2010AmiensFrance
YvesHoydonckxPTQ - 1st Place2/21/2010AntwerpenBelgium
AdrianSaredoPTQ - 1st Place2/21/2010CórdobaArgentina
MarcoMonettoPTQ - 1st Place2/21/2010GenovaItaly
MattiaRizziPTQ - 1st Place2/21/2010MacerataItaly
EmanuelSutorPTQ - 1st Place2/21/2010MannheimGermany
FilipTurkovicPTQ - 1st Place2/21/2010ZagrebCroatia (Hrvatska)
MarkJacobsonPTQ - 1st Place2/27/2010CharlestownUnited States
NateSiftarPTQ - 1st Place2/27/2010FargoUnited States
AdamFoxPTQ - 1st Place2/27/2010Ft. LauderdaleUnited States
MarinoDonato SandovalPTQ - 1st Place2/27/2010Guatemala CityGuatemala
AndrewSteckleyPTQ - 1st Place2/27/2010IndianapolisUnited States
MatthiasLudewigPTQ - 1st Place2/27/2010LeipzigGermany
JasonGolliherPTQ - 1st Place2/27/2010LenexaUnited States
CraigHodgsonPTQ - 1st Place2/27/2010LondonCanada
FernandoDominguez RoldanPTQ - 1st Place2/27/2010Mexico CityMexico
BenjaminCostrellPTQ - 1st Place2/27/2010Oklahoma CityUnited States
StuartBensonPTQ - 1st Place2/27/2010PortlandUnited States
MattiasBerggrenPTQ - 1st Place2/27/2010StockholmSweden
AlexKeechPTQ - 1st Place2/27/2010TasmaniaAustralia
JaniLindroosPTQ - 1st Place2/27/2010VilniusLithuania
AlexSmithPTQ - 1st Place2/27/2010Wheat RidgeUnited States
NoriyukiHagiwaraPTQ - 1st Place2/27/2010仙台市Japan
ChristianReinschmidtPTQ - 1st Place2/28/2010DülmenGermany
StephenMurrayPTQ - 1st Place2/28/2010GlasgowGreat Britain
SeanPottengerPTQ - 1st Place2/28/2010HonoluluUnited States
TarýkBayarPTQ - 1st Place2/28/2010IstanbulTurkey
DanielFernadez-pradaPTQ - 1st Place2/28/2010LimaPeru
AlessandroLippiPTQ - 1st Place2/28/2010MadridSpain
EugenioNesiPTQ - 1st Place2/28/2010MantovaItaly
NikitaSekretarevPTQ - 1st Place2/28/2010MoscowRussian Federation
AlexDitchfieldPTQ - 1st Place2/28/2010ShanghaiChina
KazuakiKimuraPTQ - 1st Place2/28/2010西宮市Japan
ShoutaYasookaPTQ - 1st Place2/28/2010長野市Japan
LukeWilliamsPTQ - 1st Place3/6/2010Bassendean,Australia
MartínQuirogaPTQ - 1st Place3/6/2010Buenos AiresArgentina
PeterBeckfieldPTQ - 1st Place3/6/2010BurnabyCanada
MarshallArthursPTQ - 1st Place3/6/2010ButlerUnited States
CapeillereLaurentPTQ - 1st Place3/6/2010CannesFrance
GonçaloSequeiraPTQ - 1st Place3/6/2010Costa de CaparicaPortugal
ChristianSeiboldPTQ - 1st Place3/6/2010Frankfurt am MainGermany
AndrewWeinbergerPTQ - 1st Place3/6/2010IselinUnited States
MercedSalinasPTQ - 1st Place3/6/2010KatyUnited States
ArasAzizPTQ - 1st Place3/6/2010MobileUnited States
MarcoOrsini JonesPTQ - 1st Place3/6/2010ParisFrance
PaulMassilotPTQ - 2nd Place3/6/2010ParisFrance
ZivTzoranPTQ - 1st Place3/6/2010Ramat HasharonIsrael
VictorRosario LamourtPTQ - 1st Place3/6/2010San JuanPuerto Rico
AlessandroPortaroPTQ - 1st Place3/7/2010BariItaly
Nai JaiLeePTQ - 1st Place3/7/2010EnschedeNetherlands
SamiTuomiPTQ - 1st Place3/7/2010HelsinkiFinland
Hao-ShanHuangPTQ - 1st Place3/7/2010KaohsiungTaiwan
Jonathan HerveyMarroquinPTQ - 1st Place3/7/2010MonterreyMexico
TobiasStrömPTQ - 1st Place3/7/2010OsloNorway
AurelianoBabbiPTQ - 1st Place3/7/2010PADOVAItaly
JohnnyLiu XuPTQ - 1st Place3/7/2010PaternaSpain
StefanVeselyPTQ - 1st Place3/7/2010RandburgSouth Africa
KlausJoensPTQ - 1st Place3/7/2010ZürichSwitzerland
NathanBertelsenPTQ - 1st Place3/13/2010AlbuquerqueUnited States
KaiFiedlerPTQ - 1st Place3/13/2010BerlinGermany
GeraldLeitzingerPTQ - 1st Place3/13/2010BratislavaSlovak Republic
RolandBigfordPTQ - 1st Place3/13/2010GreensboroUnited States
AlejandroVan MourikPTQ - 1st Place3/13/2010La PazBolivia
Juliende GraatPTQ - 1st Place3/13/2010LudwigsburgGermany
MANVEERSAMRAPTQ - 1st Place3/13/2010ManchesterGreat Britain
MichaelHetrickPTQ - 1st Place3/13/2010SacramentoUnited States
HerzbergFelipePTQ - 1st Place3/13/2010SantiagoChile
JorgeRodriguezPTQ - 1st Place3/13/2010VitoriaSpain
AndrewPlinstonPTQ - 1st Place3/13/2010WellingtonNew Zealand
AdamBoydPTQ - 1st Place3/13/2010WichitaUnited States
MarkBradshawPTQ - 1st Place3/14/2010AdelaideAustralia
StuartWrightPTQ - 1st Place3/14/2010BristolGreat Britain
BenjaminRozhonPTQ - 1st Place3/14/2010GrazAustria
Francisco JavierCamachoPTQ - 1st Place3/14/2010JaenSpain
ChapmanSimPTQ - 1st Place3/14/2010Kuala LumpurMalaysia
EgorKhodasevichPTQ - 1st Place3/14/2010MoscowRussian Federation
JoãoSousaPTQ - 1st Place3/20/2010AlmadaPortugal
XaviCurtoPTQ - 1st Place3/20/2010BadalonaSpain
ArnaudGuyonPTQ - 1st Place3/20/2010BesanonFrance
MattLightPTQ - 1st Place3/20/2010BirminghamGreat Britain
BruceDanielPTQ - 1st Place3/20/2010BoiseUnited States
alfredotorresPTQ - 1st Place3/20/2010CaracasVenezuela
SeanRevellPTQ - 1st Place3/20/2010ColumbusUnited States
JoaoAndradePTQ - 1st Place3/20/2010LeónSpain
VidiantoWijayaPTQ - 1st Place3/20/2010Los AngelesUnited States
Carlos GuillermoMartinez SilhyPTQ - 1st Place3/20/2010Mexico CityMexico
FlorianSurkampPTQ - 1st Place3/20/2010MünchenGermany
HarrisonGreenbergPTQ - 1st Place3/20/2010OrlandoUnited States
JEREMYDEZANIPTQ - 1st Place3/20/2010RennesFrance
ChrisJordanPTQ - 1st Place3/20/2010RichmondUnited States
KennyObergPTQ - 1st Place3/20/2010RoskileDenmark
JoshuaSperanzaPTQ - 1st Place3/20/2010Wheat RidgeUnited States
KuanTianPTQ - 1st Place3/21/2010AshfieldAustralia
KyriakosMitsopoulosPTQ - 1st Place3/21/2010AthensGreece
AdrianMoreno OrtizaPTQ - 1st Place3/21/2010BadalonaSpain
MichalGorskiPTQ - 1st Place3/21/2010Bielsko-BialaPoland
LucasMoreno CortesPTQ - 1st Place3/21/2010BogotáColombia
MartinDangPTQ - 1st Place3/21/2010CopenhagenDenmark
JelleGyselinckPTQ - 1st Place3/21/2010EindhovenNetherlands
FilippoKratterPTQ - 1st Place3/21/2010FirenzeItaly
Tsz YeungLamPTQ - 1st Place3/21/2010Kowloon, Hong KongHong Kong
KevinAmblerPTQ - 1st Place3/21/2010Little RockUnited States
ThiagoSaporitoPTQ - 1st Place3/21/2010Porto Alegre - RSBrazil
JustinLaRosePTQ - 1st Place3/21/2010RichmondUnited States
Weng HengSohPTQ - 1st Place3/21/2010SingaporeSingapore
Chao-hsiaChinPTQ - 1st Place3/21/2010TaipeiTaiwan
JunKobayashiPTQ - 1st Place3/21/2010横浜市Japan
AtsushiNakamuraPTQ - 1st Place3/22/2010板橋区Japan
AaronNewsonPTQ - 1st Place3/27/2010AucklandNew Zealand
AndrewLipkinPTQ - 1st Place3/27/2010BurnsvilleUnited States
TedSlonePTQ - 1st Place3/27/2010CalgaryCanada
RicardoVicente FerrerPTQ - 1st Place3/27/2010CórdobaSpain
IgorSkrypovPTQ - 1st Place3/27/2010KievUkraine
ChristianBatemanPTQ - 1st Place3/27/2010LondonGreat Britain
SharbelChalhoubPTQ - 1st Place3/27/2010PhiladelphiaUnited States
FilipHajdukPTQ - 1st Place3/27/2010PoznanPoland
Joselito AlbertoJamirPTQ - 1st Place3/27/2010Quezon CityPhilippines
RaineLouriePTQ - 1st Place3/27/2010Salt Lake CityUnited States
JamesGatesPTQ - 1st Place3/27/2010San DiegoUnited States
CaioBatista G. SilvaPTQ - 1st Place3/27/2010São PauloBrazil
ChristofferAndersenPTQ - 1st Place3/27/2010St. LouisUnited States
BenjaminWinterhalterPTQ - 1st Place3/27/2010StandishUnited States
ThirawatChaovarindrPTQ - 1st Place3/28/2010BangkokThailand
MaximeClaudelPTQ - 1st Place3/28/2010BrusselsBelgium
KjetilJacobsenPTQ - 1st Place3/28/2010MarseilleFrance
DanielParra HeronPTQ - 1st Place3/28/2010Medellin AntioquiColombia
kwok keongchoiPTQ - 1st Place3/28/2010Petaling Jaya SelangorMalaysia
HojaeHanPTQ - 1st Place3/28/2010SeoulKorea (South)
Jun'ichirouBandouPTQ - 1st Place3/28/2010名古屋市Japan
TooruInouePTQ - 1st Place3/28/2010福岡市Japan
GustavGustavssonPTQ - 1st Place4/2/2010BaselSwitzerland
stefansteinerPTQ - 1st Place4/3/2010Ceské BudejoviceCzech Republic
MatthewRogersPTQ - 1st Place4/3/2010ChristchurchNew Zealand
PedroPiaggioPTQ - 1st Place4/3/2010Fortaleza - CEBrazil
NoahSwartzPTQ - 1st Place4/3/2010Garden CityUnited States
EricGaudreaultPTQ - 1st Place4/3/2010MontréalCanada
FelipeRamirez PelayPTQ - 1st Place4/3/2010Viña del MarChile
OliverPolak-RottmannPTQ - 1st Place4/3/2010WienAustria
KeiichiChijimiPTQ - 1st Place4/3/2010千葉市Japan
YouAkaikePTQ - 1st Place4/3/2010大阪市Japan
MatthewBoccioPTQ - 1st Place4/4/2010HoustonUnited States
ThomasEnevoldsenPTQ - 1st Place4/4/2010Odense CDenmark
ArifKamaruddinPTQ - 1st Place4/4/2010Petaling Jaya SelangorMalaysia
MichalHrebejkPTQ - 1st Place4/4/2010PrahaCzech Republic
VincentJissangPTQ - 1st Place4/4/2010St EtienneFrance
TaichiFujimotoPTQ - 1st Place4/4/2010板橋区Japan
ZsoltTokoliPTQ - 1st Place4/10/2010BudapestHungary
MarcosQuaresmaPTQ - 1st Place4/10/2010CascaisPortugal
ManuelFaberPTQ - 1st Place4/10/2010DüsseldorfGermany
ChristianKeethPTQ - 1st Place4/10/2010HendersonUnited States
ChristianValentiPTQ - 1st Place4/10/2010LouisvilleUnited States
OsypLebedowiczPTQ - 1st Place4/10/2010PhiladelphiaUnited States
YannRosenbaumPTQ - 1st Place4/10/2010ReimsFrance
GavinVerheyPTQ - 1st Place4/10/2010SeattleUnited States
DominikKoniecznyPTQ - 1st Place4/10/2010SzczecinPoland
JodyKeithPTQ - 1st Place4/10/2010TuscaloosaUnited States
YuutaSasakiPTQ - 1st Place4/10/2010横浜市Japan
BernardoDa Costa CabralPTQ - 1st Place4/11/2010AnderlechtBelgium
MaximeChambonneauPTQ - 1st Place4/11/2010BordeauxFrance
Pier PaoloRascatoPTQ - 1st Place4/11/2010FrosinoneItaly
JulienHammannPTQ - 1st Place4/11/2010IllkirchFrance
WilliamLjungbergPTQ - 1st Place4/11/2010MalmöSweden
WilliamCarrigPTQ - 1st Place4/11/2010RochesterUnited States
StephenNealPTQ - 1st Place4/11/2010RosemontUnited States
AaronNicollPTQ - 1st Place4/11/2010South YarraAustralia
KostasSkounakisPTQ - 1st Place4/11/2010ThessalonikiGreece
MarcoFrantumaPTQ - 1st Place4/11/2010TorinoItaly
DaichiYamamotoPTQ - 1st Place4/11/2010丸亀市Japan

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