Pro Tour–Valencia 2007

Posted in Feature on June 1, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Updated September 20, 2007

Invitations to Pro Tour-Valencia are awarded in the following manner:

  • The 2006 World Champion.
  • The 2006 Pro Player of the Year.
  • The Top 50 players from Pro Tour-Yokohama.
  • The Top 25 Teams from Pro Tour-San Diego.
  • Players with 2007 Pro Tour Players Club level 3 or higher.
  • The Top 16 finishers of each Grand Prix tournament that feeds Pro Tour-Valencia.
  • Players who earn invitations through Pro Tour Qualifier tournaments that feed Pro Tour-Valencia.
  • The Top 100 DCI-ranked players in the Constructed format on August 29, 2007.

If you believe that your rating or finish at a Pro Tour Qualifier or Grand Prix is in error, please Visit After logging in, click the “Appeals” link and fill out the form.

FirstLastInvitation SourcePTQ/GP DatePTQ/GP CityPTQ/GP Country
MakihitoMihara2006 World Championn/an/an/a
ShoutaYasooka2006 Player of the Yearn/an/an/a
GuillaumeWafo-tapaPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
KazuyaMitamuraPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
MarkHerberholzPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
TomoharuSaitouPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
PauloCarvalhoPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
RaphaelLevyPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
MasashiOisoPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
SebastianThalerPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
José LuisEcheverría ParedesPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
FrankKarstenPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
MasahikoMoritaPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
AmielTenenbaumPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
MarijnLybaertPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
ChristianFlaatenPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
DaneYoungPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
MatthiasKünzlerPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
JohnPelcakPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
BenjaminPagePT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
AaronBrackmannPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
OlivierRuelPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
HarukiNakataniPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
BenRubinPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
ItaruIshidaPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
OsamuFujitaPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
AdamBarnettPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
PhilCapePT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
JohnAlesi-mullenPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
GabrielNassifPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
CarlosRomãoPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
LuisScott-VargasPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
ShouheiYamamotoPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
MarioTominagaPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
TsuyoshiFujitaPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
AntoninoDe RosaPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
ZackHallPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
JonathanPearlmanPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
RyuuichiAritaPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
HirotoYasutomiPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
AkiraAsaharaPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
PierreCanaliPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
MamoruYamanishiPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
JanKotrlaPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
TsubasaTomiiPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
DaisukeHirosePT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
JonathanRispalPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
HelmutSummersbergerPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
KennyObergPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
JohnMoorePT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
StewartShinkinsPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
AnttiMalinPT Yokohama - Top 50n/an/an/a
ChrisLachmannPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
JacobVan LunenPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
YuutaTakahashiPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
KentarouYamamotoPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
JohnFiorilloPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
EugeneHarveyPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
MasamiKanekoPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
GenkiTaruPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
YuutaHirosawaPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
KenjiTsumuraPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
RobertJurkovicPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
ArnostZidekPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
ShingouKuriharaPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
ChikaraNakajimaPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
DavidBruckerPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
HelmutSummersbergerPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
FlorianPilsPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
SebastianThalerPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
TomohiroKajiPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
TomoharuSaitouPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
JoeSohPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
TerrySohPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
OsypLebedowiczPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
StevenWolanskyPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
JamesHustadPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
GaudenisVidugirisPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
AdamChambersPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
BenRubinPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
TsuyoshiIkedaPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
TsubasaKaiPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
BrettAndersonPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
PhilSmithPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
SamGomersallPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
CraigKrempelsPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
BrettPiazzaPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
ShaunPiazzaPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
FranciscoBragaPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
FilipeCardosoPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
RobertDiPalmaPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
MatthewRubinPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
AndrewBennettPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
ConorHolmesPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
ShuuheiNakamuraPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
YuuyaWatanabePT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
JacobGillhamPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
JoshWludykaPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
Jan-MoritzMerkelPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
JanRuessPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
JeroenRemiePT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
Victorvan den BroekPT San Diego - Top 25n/an/an/a
EvanErwinMagic Invitationaln/an/an/a
StephenMenendianMagic Invitationaln/an/an/a
LuisScott-VargasTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
VictorMorelTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
ChristianFlaatenTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
José LuisEcheverría ParedesTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
MarcioCarvalhoTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
PaulCheonTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
MasahikoMoritaTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
OsypLebedowiczTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
Paulo Vitorda RosaTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
GuillaumeWafo-tapaTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
FrankKarstenTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
Victor ManuelMiron YelaTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
ItaruIshidaTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
BenRubinTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
PrzemekOberbekTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
Kyoung GeunNamTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
JoshPhillipsTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
MasashiOisoTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
MarkHerberholzTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
MatthiasKünzlerTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
Bo RuadChunTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
MarijnLybaertTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
OlivierRuelTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
MichaelNurseTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
KoutarouOotsukaTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
TomoharuSaitouTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
OsamuFujitaTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
GuillaumeMatignonTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
DavidWilliamsTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
CoryAguilardTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
GerryThompsonTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
BrendanBanfieldTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
MarioPascoliTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
NikolasNygaardTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
YannHamonTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
LucienLonglaisTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
D.j.MayerTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
ShouheiYamamotoTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
AlexMajlatonTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
thibaultPerthuisTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
Leidy DianaArias ReyesTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
JonathanRispalTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
Bryan DanielDominguezTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
ThomasGuevinTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
RoyWilliamsTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
BrianStrohTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
GermanMartinezTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
LucasBlohonTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
DamienMancusoTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
GabrielNassifTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
JohnPelcakTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
WilliamCavaglieriTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
DanJenkinsTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
MasahiroNishiwakiTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
JonathanStocksTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
seancolganTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
NicolaScardoneTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
ColbySorensonTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
AlessandroSelvaggiTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
TimothyHeTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
PeterLeeTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
JonathanPearlmanTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
DavidSolisTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
ShingouKuriharaTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
AlessandroBottiroliTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
BertrandFagnoniTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
KyleGoodmanTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
NicolaGrimalTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
DavidIrvineTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
BenediktKlauserTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
SylvainLauriolTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
MikeThompsonTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
FedericoTrobiaTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
GerardFabianoTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
MasayaKitayamaTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
ChrisWoltereckTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
FranckCanuTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
GerardoGodinez EstradaTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
RobertJurkovicTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
AdrianOliveraTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
BrettBlackmanTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
LucaChieraTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
EmilioLópez CamposTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
RafaelMendoncaTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
AeoPaquetteTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
Sheng-ChunWenTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
ØyvindAndersenTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
KlausJoensTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
MarioTominagaTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
MaximilianSchmidtTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
CelsoZampere JuniorTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
SergioCostaTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
GabeWallsTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
PeterJohnsonTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
SashaZorcTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
JamesHagueTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
CraigJonesTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
JamesSanguinettiTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
SebastianThalerTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
DeQuanWatsonTop 100 DCI Rankedn/an/an/a
WesimoAl-BachaPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
RyuuichiAritaPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
AkiraAsaharaPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
JoseBarberoPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
AaronBrackmannPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
DavidBruckerPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
PierreCanaliPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
MarcioCarvalhoPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
PauloCarvalhoPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
AdamChambersPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
TiagoChanPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
PaulCheonPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
AndréCoimbraPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
KamielCornelissenPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
BernardoDa Costa CabralPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
Paulo Vitorda RosaPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
AntoninoDe RosaPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
ThomasDidierjeanPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
JanDoisePlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
RobertDoughertyPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
WillyEdelPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
GerardFabianoPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
JonFinkelPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
JohnFiorilloPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
OsamuFujitaPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
TsuyoshiFujitaPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
SamGomersallPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
juliengoronPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
MarkHerberholzPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
RichardHoaenPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
TommiHoviPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
MikeHronPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
DavidHumpherysPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
ChristianHüttenbergerPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
TsuyoshiIkedaPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
ItaruIshidaPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
KlausJoensPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
CraigJonesPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
TomohiroKajiPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
MasamiKanekoPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
FrankKarstenPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
DarwinKastle MessPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
ShuuKomuroPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
CraigKrempelsPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
ShingouKuriharaPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
ChrisLachmannPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
OsypLebedowiczPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
RaphaelLevyPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
NicholasLovettPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
BenjaminLundquistPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
MarijnLybaertPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
RogierMaatenPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
RobertMaherPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
RosarioMaijPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
QuentinMartinPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
ChrisMcDanielPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
Jan-MoritzMerkelPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
FriedMeuldersPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
MakihitoMiharaPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
KazuyaMitamuraPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
WilliamMorenoPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
MasahikoMoritaPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
ChikaraNakajimaPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
ShuuheiNakamuraPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
GabrielNassifPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
JulienNuijtenPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
RyouOguraPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
MasashiOisoPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
WesselOomensPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
KoutarouOotsukaPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
TakuyaOsawaPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
JohnPelcakPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
BastienPerezPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
OlleRadePlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
JonathanRispalPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
CarlosRomãoPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
BenRubinPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
AntoineRuelPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
OlivierRuelPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
JohanSadeghpourPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
TomoharuSaitouPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
LuisScott-VargasPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
RyoumaShiozuPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
RasmusSibastPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
GeoffreySironPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
JohnSittnerPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
BramSnepvangersPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
TerrySohPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
JonathanSonnePlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
HelmutSummersbergerPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
GadielSzleiferPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
YuutaTakahashiPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
AmielTenenbaumPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
SebastianThalerPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
MikeThompsonPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
ErvinTormosPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
KenjiTsumuraPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
Roelvan HeeswijkPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
JacobVan LunenPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
GuillaumeWafo-tapaPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
RuudWarmenhovenPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
YuuyaWatanabePlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
JelgerWiegersmaPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
J GaryWisePlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
ShoutaYasookaPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
CelsoZampere JuniorPlayer Club 3+n/an/an/a
NicolayPotovinGP Stockholm Top 165/5/2007StockholmSweden
AndreMuellerGP Stockholm Top 165/5/2007StockholmSweden
KenjiTsumuraGP Stockholm Top 165/5/2007StockholmSweden
OliverOksGP Stockholm Top 165/5/2007StockholmSweden
BasPostemaGP Stockholm Top 165/5/2007StockholmSweden
ThomasRefsdalGP Stockholm Top 165/5/2007StockholmSweden
KlausJoensGP Stockholm Top 165/5/2007StockholmSweden
SamuelKorsellGP Stockholm Top 165/5/2007StockholmSweden
TommiLindgrenGP Stockholm Top 165/5/2007StockholmSweden
RichardHoaenGP Stockholm Top 165/5/2007StockholmSweden
JanRuessGP Stockholm Top 165/5/2007StockholmSweden
ThomasEnevoldsenGP Stockholm Top 165/5/2007StockholmSweden
Paulo Vitorda RosaGP Stockholm Top 165/5/2007StockholmSweden
gaetanlefebvreGP Stockholm Top 165/5/2007StockholmSweden
PeterSteinaaGP Stockholm Top 165/5/2007StockholmSweden
MartinChudobaGP Stockholm Top 165/5/2007StockholmSweden
TomoharuSaitouGP Strasbourg Top 165/19/2007StrasbourgFrance
RaulPorojanGP Strasbourg Top 165/19/2007StrasbourgFrance
ShoutaYasookaGP Strasbourg Top 165/19/2007StrasbourgFrance
FlorianPilsGP Strasbourg Top 165/19/2007StrasbourgFrance
ChristophHuberGP Strasbourg Top 165/19/2007StrasbourgFrance
KlausJoensGP Strasbourg Top 165/19/2007StrasbourgFrance
PetrMartinekGP Strasbourg Top 165/19/2007StrasbourgFrance
StefanHeigererGP Strasbourg Top 165/19/2007StrasbourgFrance
YannMassicardGP Strasbourg Top 165/19/2007StrasbourgFrance
RobertJurkovicGP Strasbourg Top 165/19/2007StrasbourgFrance
OlivierRuelGP Strasbourg Top 165/19/2007StrasbourgFrance
NicolasBertosGP Strasbourg Top 165/19/2007StrasbourgFrance
FrankKarstenGP Strasbourg Top 165/19/2007StrasbourgFrance
ArnostZidekGP Strasbourg Top 165/19/2007StrasbourgFrance
Robertvan MedevoortGP Strasbourg Top 165/19/2007StrasbourgFrance
GeorgiosKapalasGP Strasbourg Top 165/19/2007StrasbourgFrance
StevenSadinGP Columbus Top 165/19/2007ColumbusUSA
OwenTurtenwaldGP Columbus Top 165/19/2007ColumbusUSA
BillStarkGP Columbus Top 165/19/2007ColumbusUSA
MaxTietzeGP Columbus Top 165/19/2007ColumbusUSA
GadielSzleiferGP Columbus Top 165/19/2007ColumbusUSA
PaulNicoloGP Columbus Top 165/19/2007ColumbusUSA
RyanTrepanierGP Columbus Top 165/19/2007ColumbusUSA
MichaelBelfattoGP Columbus Top 165/19/2007ColumbusUSA
AdamProsakGP Columbus Top 165/19/2007ColumbusUSA
CraigKrempelsGP Columbus Top 165/19/2007ColumbusUSA
JeffreyFolinusGP Columbus Top 165/19/2007ColumbusUSA
NicholasNearyGP Columbus Top 165/19/2007ColumbusUSA
MarkusSeineGP Columbus Top 165/19/2007ColumbusUSA
PaulCheonGP Columbus Top 165/19/2007ColumbusUSA
JonathanSonneGP Columbus Top 165/19/2007ColumbusUSA
DominicLodovichettiGP Columbus Top 165/19/2007ColumbusUSA
CelsoZampere JuniorGP Montreal Top 166/23/2007MontrealCanada
PaulCheonGP Montreal Top 166/23/2007MontrealCanada
GuillaumeWafo-tapaGP Montreal Top 166/23/2007MontrealCanada
KenjiTsumuraGP Montreal Top 166/23/2007MontrealCanada
GabrielSchwartzGP Montreal Top 166/23/2007MontrealCanada
KoutarouOotsukaGP Montreal Top 166/23/2007MontrealCanada
JasonImperialeGP Montreal Top 166/23/2007MontrealCanada
ShoutaYasookaGP Montreal Top 166/23/2007MontrealCanada
AntoninoDe RosaGP Montreal Top 166/23/2007MontrealCanada
OsypLebedowiczGP Montreal Top 166/23/2007MontrealCanada
AndréCoimbraGP Montreal Top 166/23/2007MontrealCanada
OlivierRuelGP Montreal Top 166/23/2007MontrealCanada
LuisScott-VargasGP Montreal Top 166/23/2007MontrealCanada
BenjaminLundquistGP Montreal Top 166/23/2007MontrealCanada
JoshuaMurphyGP Montreal Top 166/23/2007MontrealCanada
MelissaDeToraGP Montreal Top 166/23/2007MontrealCanada
LuisScott-VargasGP San Francisco Top 168/25/2007San FranciscoUSA
JonathanStocksGP San Francisco Top 168/25/2007San FranciscoUSA
Paulo Vitorda RosaGP San Francisco Top 168/25/2007San FranciscoUSA
BrettBlackmanGP San Francisco Top 168/25/2007San FranciscoUSA
DavidIrvineGP San Francisco Top 168/25/2007San FranciscoUSA
AndrewWaldenGP San Francisco Top 168/25/2007San FranciscoUSA
ZackSmithGP San Francisco Top 168/25/2007San FranciscoUSA
PaulCheonGP San Francisco Top 168/25/2007San FranciscoUSA
jameszornesGP San Francisco Top 168/25/2007San FranciscoUSA
KyleGoodmanGP San Francisco Top 168/25/2007San FranciscoUSA
ShingouKuriharaGP San Francisco Top 168/25/2007San FranciscoUSA
BenRubinGP San Francisco Top 168/25/2007San FranciscoUSA
JohnSittnerGP San Francisco Top 168/25/2007San FranciscoUSA
HunterCoaleGP San Francisco Top 168/25/2007San FranciscoUSA
AlexanderWestGP San Francisco Top 168/25/2007San FranciscoUSA
PedroMottaGP San Francisco Top 168/25/2007San FranciscoUSA
MasamiKanekoGP Firenze Top 169/8/2007FirenzeItaly
AndréCoimbraGP Firenze Top 169/8/2007FirenzeItaly
marcocammilluzziGP Firenze Top 169/8/2007FirenzeItaly
MidoKagawaGP Firenze Top 169/8/2007FirenzeItaly
ArminBirnerGP Firenze Top 169/8/2007FirenzeItaly
ManuelBucherGP Firenze Top 169/8/2007FirenzeItaly
RasmusSibastGP Firenze Top 169/8/2007FirenzeItaly
RonaldGuetlGP Firenze Top 169/8/2007FirenzeItaly
DennisAndreasenGP Firenze Top 169/8/2007FirenzeItaly
FriedMeuldersGP Firenze Top 169/8/2007FirenzeItaly
AntoninoDe RosaGP Firenze Top 169/8/2007FirenzeItaly
DavidGarcia CopeteGP Firenze Top 169/8/2007FirenzeItaly
ShingouKuriharaGP Firenze Top 169/8/2007FirenzeItaly
KimStröhGP Firenze Top 169/8/2007FirenzeItaly
JulienNuijtenGP Firenze Top 169/8/2007FirenzeItaly
MartinScheininGP Firenze Top 169/8/2007FirenzeItaly
MaxSjoblomPTQ - 1st Place6/16/2007TallinnEstonia
DarioParazzoliPTQ - 1st Place6/17/2007ParmaItaly
AdrianSullivanPTQ - 1st Place6/23/2007ChicagoUnited States
AndresSuarezPTQ - 1st Place6/23/2007HoustonUnited States
ChristianKeethPTQ - 1st Place6/23/2007Las VegasUnited States
DavyLoebPTQ - 1st Place6/23/2007LodzPoland
ZacHillPTQ - 1st Place6/23/2007MobileUnited States
TiagoFonsecaPTQ - 1st Place6/23/2007OdivelasPortugal
SeanConnorPTQ - 1st Place6/23/2007OrlandoUnited States
JayStringerPTQ - 1st Place6/23/2007RoanokeUnited States
TimBlakelyPTQ - 1st Place6/23/2007Salt Lake CityUnited States
JamesDykesPTQ - 1st Place6/23/2007SeattleUnited States
IvanFlochPTQ - 1st Place6/24/2007BrnoCzech Republic
YauMun YipPTQ - 1st Place6/24/2007Kuala LumpurMalaysia
MarcoOrsini JonesPTQ - 1st Place6/24/2007ManchesterGreat Britain
EdoardoSantoniPTQ - 1st Place6/24/2007MilanoItaly
YakovShapiroPTQ - 1st Place6/24/2007MontrealCanada
GiulioBarraPTQ - 1st Place6/24/2007NapoliItaly
DavideGrimaldiPTQ - 2nd Place6/24/2007NapoliItaly
RicardoDiazPTQ - 1st Place6/24/2007San SebastianSpain
ErnestLimPTQ - 1st Place6/24/2007SingaporeSingapore
DanielRodiPTQ - 1st Place6/24/2007StrasbourgFrance
AugustinKuentzPTQ - 2nd Place6/24/2007StrasbourgFrance
MartinScheininPTQ - 1st Place6/24/2007ValenciaSpain
EduardoEchagüePTQ - 2nd Place6/24/2007ValenciaSpain
GerryThompsonPTQ - 1st Place6/30/2007IndianapolisUnited States
ChrisRipplePTQ - 1st Place6/30/2007PittsburghUnited States
CarlosSánchez BritoPTQ - 1st Place6/30/2007PortoPortugal
DavidWayPTQ - 1st Place6/30/2007RichmondUnited States
BrettAllenPTQ - 1st Place6/30/2007San DiegoUnited States
GinesValera SansanoPTQ - 1st Place7/1/2007AlicanteSpain
MarioPascoliPTQ - 1st Place7/1/2007BolognaItaly
AlessandroLoiPTQ - 1st Place7/1/2007CagliariItaly
JacobArias GarciaPTQ - 1st Place7/1/2007LeonSpain
UsonPerry WinstonPTQ - 1st Place7/1/2007ManilaPhilippines
MohamadNazimPTQ - 1st Place7/1/2007PenangMalaysia
LiangChenPTQ - 1st Place7/1/2007TainanTaiwan
MoritzFischer-GundlachPTQ - 1st Place7/1/2007UtrechtNetherlands
BenjaminKriechelPTQ - 2nd Place7/1/2007UtrechtNetherlands
WilliamLjungbergPTQ - 1st Place7/2/2007MalmSweden
MarceloSantos De CarvalhoPTQ - 1st Place7/6/2007Rio de JaneiroBrazil
JoseCabezas MunozPTQ - 1st Place7/7/2007Alcal de H.Spain
Adrian EliasNegro CortésPTQ - 2nd Place7/7/2007Alcal de H.Spain
LyndonWalkerPTQ - 1st Place7/7/2007AucklandNew Zealand
RobertBeverleyPTQ - 1st Place7/7/2007BostonUnited States
CraigStevensonPTQ - 1st Place7/7/2007BradfordGreat Britain
IanGossettPTQ - 1st Place7/7/2007ColumbusUnited States
GabrielStoffaPTQ - 1st Place7/7/2007MinneapolisUnited States
DaveMontreuilPTQ - 1st Place7/7/2007MurtenSwitzerland
PhillipNapoliPTQ - 1st Place7/7/2007New YorkUnited States
ØysteinHasnesPTQ - 1st Place7/7/2007OsloNorway
JoshJonesPTQ - 1st Place7/7/2007PortlandUnited States
SamSteinPTQ - 1st Place7/7/2007San DiegoUnited States
JanPruserPTQ - 1st Place7/7/2007ZwolleNetherlands
TheodorosRomanosPTQ - 1st Place7/8/2007AthensGreece
GeorgiosKapalasPTQ - 2nd Place7/8/2007AthensGreece
BenjaminValayPTQ - 1st Place7/8/2007BordeauxFrance
BastienLoddoPTQ - 2nd Place7/8/2007BordeauxFrance
LeviHinzPTQ - 1st Place7/8/2007BrisbaneAustralia
TaiScharfePTQ - 1st Place7/8/2007EindhovenNetherlands
MichalGorskiPTQ - 1st Place7/8/2007Gda?skPoland
Chi HangHungPTQ - 1st Place7/8/2007Hong KongHong Kong
GiuseppeMessinaPTQ - 1st Place7/8/2007LatinaItaly
BenoitVerwaerdePTQ - 1st Place7/8/2007LilleFrance
julienammeuxPTQ - 2nd Place7/8/2007LilleFrance
DavidLarssonPTQ - 1st Place7/8/2007OsloNorway
MatteoMorraPTQ - 1st Place7/8/2007PordenoneItaly
raphaelThebaultPTQ - 1st Place7/8/2007Saint EtienneFrance
tonymartinsPTQ - 2nd Place7/8/2007Saint EtienneFrance
ReiSatouPTQ - 1st Place7/8/2007Sapporo-shiJapan
Chih-HsiangChangPTQ - 1st Place7/8/2007TaichungTaiwan
SaimonKorzunovPTQ - 1st Place7/8/2007TyumenRussian Federation
WernerCloetePTQ - 1st Place7/12/2007JohannesburgSouth Africa
PieterViljoenPTQ - 1st Place7/14/2007JohannesburgSouth Africa
CristianFabregaPTQ - 1st Place7/14/2007LridaSpain
MartinLaznovskyPTQ - 1st Place7/14/2007PardubiceCzech Republic
RICARDOFERNANDEZPTQ - 1st Place7/15/2007BadajozSpain
JoseGutierrezPTQ - 1st Place7/15/2007Buenos AiresArgentina
NickKonstantinovPTQ - 1st Place7/15/2007EspooFinland
GonçaloPintoPTQ - 1st Place7/21/2007AlmadaPortugal
SimonGörtzenPTQ - 1st Place7/21/2007DortmundGermany
ChristopherFoxPTQ - 1st Place7/21/2007EdmontonCanada
DerekLeJeunePTQ - 1st Place7/21/2007LafayatteUnited States
BrandonScheelPTQ - 1st Place7/21/2007LincolnUnited States
KelvinYoungPTQ - 1st Place7/21/2007Los AngelesUnited States
MichaelBarnesPTQ - 1st Place7/21/2007LubbockUnited States
NathanielKellyPTQ - 1st Place7/21/2007MonctonCanada
JimDavisPTQ - 1st Place7/21/2007PhiladelphiaUnited States
FelipeBustamantePTQ - 1st Place7/21/2007SantiagoChile
MatthewSilerPTQ - 1st Place7/21/2007StandishUnited States
EllisClayPTQ - 1st Place7/21/2007VancouverCanada
MichaelZhangPTQ - 1st Place7/21/2007WellingtonNew Zealand
JulianMercadoPTQ - 1st Place7/22/2007BogotaColombia
ShawnRaysonPTQ - 1st Place7/22/2007CanberraAustralia
DanielGardnerPTQ - 1st Place7/22/2007ColchesterGreat Britain
JonSwearingenPTQ - 1st Place7/22/2007Garden CityUnited States
StefanFischerPTQ - 1st Place7/22/2007GrazAustria
BrandonNixonPTQ - 1st Place7/22/2007LouisvilleUnited States
EnricMartiPTQ - 1st Place7/22/2007MadridSpain
SergioGarciaPTQ - 2nd Place7/22/2007MadridSpain
ArmenKhatchikyanPTQ - 1st Place7/22/2007MoscowRussian Federation
TakayukiKoikePTQ - 1st Place7/22/2007Nagoya-shiJapan
SimoneCarboniPTQ - 1st Place7/22/2007RiminiItaly
AlesandroPortaroPTQ - 2nd Place7/22/2007RiminiItaly
PhaedonTassopoulosPTQ - 1st Place7/22/2007ThessalonikiGreece
MichailDimakosPTQ - 1st Place7/27/2007BirminghamGreat Britain
BrendanO'DonnellPTQ - 1st Place7/28/2007BaltimoreUnited States
DavidGutesaPTQ - 1st Place7/28/2007BelgradeSerbia and Montenegro
ClaudioSalemiPTQ - 1st Place7/28/2007BirminghamGreat Britain
LucasBlohonPTQ - 1st Place7/28/2007BratislavaSlovak Republic
AndrejRiznerPTQ - 1st Place7/28/2007KoperSlovenia
TuanNguyenPTQ - 1st Place7/28/2007Little RockUnited States
YiChengPTQ - 1st Place7/28/2007MontrealCanada
ThomasLaPillePTQ - 1st Place7/28/2007Rocky RiverUnited States
TeerachaiTeeradechsakulPTQ - 1st Place7/29/2007BangkokThailand
MarkGlenisterPTQ - 1st Place7/29/2007BirminghamGreat Britain
DanielKrutilPTQ - 1st Place7/29/2007BudapestHungary
yong hanchooPTQ - 1st Place7/29/2007IpohMalaysia
ChristoffertLarsenPTQ - 1st Place7/29/2007Kbenhavn KDenmark
DavidReitbauerPTQ - 1st Place7/29/2007LinzAustria
FedericoDel BassoPTQ - 1st Place7/29/2007LivornoItaly
MiguelGaticaPTQ - 1st Place7/29/2007San JoseCosta Rica
KimStröhPTQ - 1st Place8/4/2007AalborgDenmark
DavidDerricksonPTQ - 1st Place8/4/2007AnchorageUnited States
FernandoVelascoPTQ - 1st Place8/4/2007BurgosSpain
VictorMayor RedondoPTQ - 1st Place8/4/2007CadizSpain
JoaoMartinsPTQ - 1st Place8/4/2007CascaisPortugal
GilesReidPTQ - 1st Place8/4/2007ChristchurchNew Zealand
FriedMeuldersPTQ - 1st Place8/4/2007GentBelgium
NoahBarnettPTQ - 1st Place8/4/2007High PointUnited States
AdamMillerPTQ - 1st Place8/4/2007HonoluluUnited States
BertrandVignePTQ - 1st Place8/4/2007LausanneSwitzerland
ChesterLiPTQ - 1st Place8/4/2007MilfordUnited States
KennethCastorPTQ - 1st Place8/4/2007Oklahoma CityUnited States
HunterCoalePTQ - 1st Place8/4/2007PhoenixUnited States
RyousukeAokiPTQ - 1st Place8/4/2007Sendai-shiJapan
ZacharyMoorePTQ - 1st Place8/4/2007St. LouisUnited States
NivShmuelyPTQ - 1st Place8/4/2007Tel-AvivIsrael
NicolasDe NicolaPTQ - 1st Place8/5/2007CordobaArgentina
ChristianJaegerPTQ - 1st Place8/5/2007DarmstadtGermany
DennisGrudowskiPTQ - 2nd Place8/5/2007DarmstadtGermany
Milton Jian XiongLinPTQ - 1st Place8/5/2007Kuala LumpurMalaysia
MasashiroKurodaPTQ - 1st Place8/5/2007Marugame-shiJapan
RemiFortierPTQ - 1st Place8/5/2007NantesFrance
ErwanMaisonneuvePTQ - 2nd Place8/5/2007NantesFrance
EmanueleGalatiotoPTQ - 1st Place8/5/2007PescaraItaly
PerNyströmPTQ - 1st Place8/5/2007rebroSweden
GrgurPetric MareticPTQ - 1st Place8/5/2007VinkovciCroatia (Hrvatska)
LeszekDutkiewiczPTQ - 1st Place8/11/2007BerlinGermany
DallinAtkinsonPTQ - 1st Place8/11/2007BoiseUnited States
VietTranPTQ - 1st Place8/11/2007DenverUnited States
EskoPakkaPTQ - 1st Place8/11/2007EspooFinland
AntonioNieto GutierrezPTQ - 1st Place8/11/2007MoanaSpain
AlexKimPTQ - 1st Place8/11/2007NashvilleUnited States
JoshuaRavitzPTQ - 1st Place8/11/2007New YorkUnited States
PauPonsPTQ - 1st Place8/11/2007Palma de MallorcaSpain
EdmundLimPTQ - 1st Place8/11/2007PerthAustralia
AryCapristraniPTQ - 1st Place8/11/2007Porto alegreBrazil
JiafengSunPTQ - 1st Place8/11/2007ShanghaiChina
GustavoNegrinPTQ - 1st Place8/11/2007TenerifeSpain
JasonOlynykPTQ - 1st Place8/11/2007WinnipegCanada
TineRusPTQ - 1st Place8/11/2007ZagrebCroatia (Hrvatska)
EliotGrahamPTQ - 1st Place8/12/2007AucklandNew Zealand
SukhumKiwanontPTQ - 1st Place8/12/2007BangkokThailand
Francisco JavierÁvalos LópezPTQ - 1st Place8/12/2007BarcelonaSpain
RalfHolzweissPTQ - 2nd Place8/12/2007BarcelonaSpain
LAMBACHNicolasPTQ - 1st Place8/12/2007BaselSwitzerland
MatteoOrsini JonesPTQ - 1st Place8/12/2007BristolGreat Britain
AdamYurchickPTQ - 1st Place8/12/2007DetroitUnited States
jose luisnolacea lopezPTQ - 1st Place8/12/2007DFMexico
StuartWrightPTQ - 1st Place8/12/2007GravesendGreat Britain
JakeHartPTQ - 1st Place8/12/2007GuangzhouChina
JimHeroldPTQ - 1st Place8/12/2007MagdeburgGermany
HiromasaImagawaPTQ - 1st Place8/12/2007Osaka-shiJapan
RondyKrishPTQ - 1st Place8/12/2007SingaporeSingapore
HiroakiYamakawaPTQ - 1st Place8/12/2007Yokohama-shiJapan
MattHansenPTQ - 1st Place8/17/2007IndianapolisUnited States
FredericoBastosPTQ - 1st Place8/18/2007AlgarvePortugal
JoseNasiffPTQ - 1st Place8/18/2007CaracasVenezuela
KarlRoederPTQ - 1st Place8/18/2007DallasUnited States
MiguelSorianoPTQ - 1st Place8/18/2007GuadalajaraMexico
basilemarsalPTQ - 1st Place8/18/2007HasseltBelgium
KyleBoggemesPTQ - 1st Place8/18/2007IndianapolisUnited States
JamesPirkeyPTQ - 1st Place8/18/2007JohnstonUnited States
PavloKaliukPTQ - 1st Place8/18/2007KievUkraine
HirokiTakedaPTQ - 1st Place8/18/2007Nagano-shiJapan
TomasAravenaPTQ - 1st Place8/18/2007RancaguaChile
DavidBlazquezPTQ - 1st Place8/18/2007SalamancaSpain
PhilipYamPTQ - 1st Place8/18/2007San JoseUnited States
LaszloLekaPTQ - 1st Place8/18/2007StaffordGreat Britain
SaulAguadoPTQ - 1st Place8/18/2007ZaragozaSpain
Shu NuZangPTQ - 1st Place8/19/2007BeijingChina
KuanTianPTQ - 1st Place8/19/2007CanberraAustralia
TaisukeIshiiPTQ - 1st Place8/19/2007Chiba-shiJapan
AdamAlexanderPTQ - 1st Place8/19/2007DublinIreland
YuutarouHirashimaPTQ - 1st Place8/19/2007Fukuoka-shiJapan
HiroyaShimadaPTQ - 1st Place8/19/2007Fukuyama-shiJapan
marcocammilluzziPTQ - 1st Place8/19/2007GenovaItaly
GuySouthcottPTQ - 1st Place8/19/2007GlasgowGreat Britain
Soo HanYoonPTQ - 1st Place8/19/2007Itabashi-kuJapan
NaokiSakaguchiPTQ - 1st Place8/19/2007Kanazawa-shiJapan
RafalArendtPTQ - 1st Place8/19/2007KatowicePoland
romaincormierPTQ - 1st Place8/19/2007LimogesFrance
WadimReimchePTQ - 1st Place8/19/2007NürnbergGermany
StephanNieblerPTQ - 2nd Place8/19/2007NürnbergGermany
CynicKimPTQ - 1st Place8/19/2007SeoulKorea (South)
RenatoWohlersPTQ - 1st Place8/19/2007So PauloBrazil
ChristopherClemedtsonPTQ - 1st Place8/19/2007StockholmSweden
ZhongqiTuPTQ - 1st Place8/19/2007TaipeiTaiwan
EugeneBazhenovPTQ - 1st Place8/24/2007MoscowRussian Federation
KevinGarciaPTQ - 1st Place8/25/2007AlbuquerqueUnited States
mikewardPTQ - 1st Place8/25/2007AtlantaUnited States
ChristopheGregoirPTQ - 1st Place8/25/2007AuvelaisBelgium
ChrisWoltereckPTQ - 1st Place8/25/2007BaltimoreUnited States
SimonWechslerPTQ - 1st Place8/25/2007BostonUnited States
Pierre-ChristopheMondonPTQ - 1st Place8/25/2007ColumbusUnited States
RobertSederPTQ - 1st Place8/25/2007EdisonUnited States
TobiasKollerPTQ - 1st Place8/25/2007HamburgGermany
KaiFiedlerPTQ - 2nd Place8/25/2007HamburgGermany
NicRolfPTQ - 1st Place8/25/2007HobartAustralia
JohnPenickPTQ - 1st Place8/25/2007Kansas CityUnited States
PaulWillisPTQ - 1st Place8/25/2007LondonGreat Britain
AnthonyGianpetroPTQ - 1st Place8/25/2007MadisonUnited States
JarronPuszetPTQ - 1st Place8/25/2007MelbourneAustralia
MartinJuzaPTQ - 1st Place8/25/2007PrahaCzech Republic
JeremyJacksonPTQ - 1st Place8/25/2007San AntonioUnited States
ChristianKrastinPTQ - 1st Place8/25/2007SofiaBulgaria
JasonTerryPTQ - 1st Place8/25/2007TorontoCanada
PaulHeynenPTQ - 1st Place8/25/2007UtrechtNetherlands
MichelChevallierPTQ - 2nd Place8/25/2007UtrechtNetherlands
PavelRizhikovPTQ - 1st Place8/25/2007VilniusLithuania
LukeGoodwinPTQ - 1st Place8/25/2007WichitaUnited States
StevenAplinPTQ - 1st Place8/26/2007AdelaideAustralia
GuillaumePerbetPTQ - 1st Place8/26/2007DestelbergenBelgium
Ricardo Davidde Luna SolaresPTQ - 1st Place8/26/2007DFMexico
JesseKarppinenPTQ - 1st Place8/26/2007HelsinkiFinland
M. GokhanHabibogluPTQ - 1st Place8/26/2007IstanbulTurkey
Roberto JordanEyzaguirre GonzalesPTQ - 1st Place8/26/2007LimaPeru
JamesPorterPTQ - 1st Place8/26/2007ManilaPhilippines
MassimoSabbadiniPTQ - 1st Place8/26/2007RiminiItaly
ChrisTrembleyPTQ - 1st Place8/26/2007RochesterUnited States
WilliamBlennowPTQ - 1st Place8/26/2007RoskildeDenmark
CamilleFenetPTQ - 1st Place8/26/2007Saint RaphaelFrance
DavidBessoPTQ - 2nd Place8/26/2007Saint RaphaelFrance
MarkSchmitPTQ - 1st Place8/26/2007SF Bay areaUnited States
MarkRichardPTQ - 1st Place8/26/2007StuttgartGermany
GarryWongPTQ - 1st Place8/26/2007SydneyAustralia
DavidFartacekPTQ - 1st Place8/26/2007WienAustria
ThomasKannegiesserPTQ - 1st Place8/31/2007AschaffenburgGermany
GianlucaBeverePTQ - 1st Place8/31/2007ReadingGreat Britain
YasuhiroKuniyoshiPTQ - 1st Place9/1/2007Oota-kuJapan
FabioSavioriPTQ - 1st Place9/1/2007ReadingGreat Britain
YvesLenainPTQ - 1st Place9/2/2007ParisFrance
MaloWillefertPTQ - 2nd Place9/2/2007ParisFrance
EmanueleCanavesiPTQ - 1st Place9/2/2007ReadingGreat Britain

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