Pro Tour Born of the Gods 2014 Invitations

Posted in Feature on October 24, 2013

By Wizards of the Coast

Invitations to Pro Tour Born of the Gods are awarded in the following manner:

  • The winner of each Pro Tour Born of the Gods Qualifier (including Magic Online Pro Tour Qualifiers).
  • The winner of each Magic Online Championship Series (MOCS) tournament that awards invitations to Pro Tour Born of the Gods.
  • The Top 4 finishing players from each individual-format Grand Prix with player attendance of less than 1,200 that awards invitations to Pro Tour Born of the Gods.
  • The Top 8 finishing players from each individual-format Grand Prix with player attendance of 1,200 or more that awards invitations to Pro Tour Born of the Gods.
  • Any player that finishes with 39 or more match points and is not a Top 8 finishing player from each individual-format Grand Prix with player attendance of 1,200 or more that awards invitations to Pro Tour Born of the Gods. Players meeting this criterion do not receive their invitations until the Thursday prior to Pro Tour Born of the Gods.
  • The Top 2 finishing teams from each team-format Grand Prix with player attendance of less than 1,200 that awards invitations to Pro Tour Born of the Gods.
  • The Top 4 finishing teams from each team-format Grand Prix with player attendance of 1,200 or more that awards invitations to Pro Tour Born of the Gods.
  • Any team that finishes with 36 or more match points and is not a Top 4 finishing team from each team-format Grand Prix with player attendance of 1,200 or more that awards invitations to Pro Tour Born of the Gods. Players meeting this criterion do not receive their invitations until the Thursday prior to Pro Tour Born of the Gods.
  • The Top 25 finishing players from Pro Tour Theros 2013.
  • Players that advanced to Pro Tour Players Club Silver level during the Born of the Gods PTQ round. In the event that a player already has an invitation to Pro Tour Born of the Gods, the invitation will be deferred to the next Pro Tour of that Professional Season, and so on. Invitations will not be deferred beyond the end of the Professional Season in which the player earned the invitation.
  • Players with a Pro Tour Players Club Gold or Platinum level as of the start date of Pro Tour Born of the Gods. Gold level members do not receive their invitations until the Thursday prior to Pro Tour Born of the Gods.
  • Players that are members of the Pro Tour Hall of Fame. Hall of Fame members do not receive their invitations until the Thursday prior to Pro Tour Born of the Gods.

Note: the Pro Tour invitation criteria listed above do not generate a pass down of invitations to other players.

If you believe that your finish at a Pro Tour Qualifier or Grand Prix is in error, please visit After logging in, click the "Appeals Form" link at the bottom of the page and fill out the form.

The following players are invited to Pro Tour Born of the Gods:

* - indicates player has been awarded airfare to Pro Tour Born of the Gods

FirstLastInvitation SourcePTQ/GP DatePTQ/GP CityPTQ/GP Country
JeremyDezaniPT Theros - Top 25*n/an/an/a
PierreDagenPT Theros - Top 25*n/an/an/a
SamuelBlackPT Theros - Top 25*n/an/an/a
MakihitoMiharaPT Theros - Top 25*n/an/an/a
GuillaumeWAFO-TAPAPT Theros - Top 25*n/an/an/a
PaulRietzlPT Theros - Top 25*n/an/an/a
KentaroYamamotoPT Theros - Top 25*n/an/an/a
KamielCornelissenPT Theros - Top 25*n/an/an/a
PatrickChapinPT Theros - Top 25*n/an/an/a
DavidSharfmanPT Theros - Top 25*n/an/an/a
RaymondPerez Jr.PT Theros - Top 25*n/an/an/a
LukasJaklovskyPT Theros - Top 25*n/an/an/a
ChristianCalcanoPT Theros - Top 25*n/an/an/a
MichaelMajorsPT Theros - Top 25*n/an/an/a
MatejZatlkajPT Theros - Top 25*n/an/an/a
NicoBohnyPT Theros - Top 25*n/an/an/a
KaiBuddePT Theros - Top 25*n/an/an/a
JonathanHickersonPT Theros - Top 25*n/an/an/a
AlexeyShashovPT Theros - Top 25*n/an/an/a
YannGuthmannPT Theros - Top 25*n/an/an/a
CarstenLindenPT Theros - Top 25*n/an/an/a
SamuelTharmaratnamPT Theros - Top 25*n/an/an/a
DavidOchoaPT Theros - Top 25*n/an/an/a
ShaunMcLarenPT Theros - Top 25*n/an/an/a
LukasTajakPT Theros - Top 25*n/an/an/a
StanislavCifka2013-2014 Pro Club Platinum Level*n/an/an/a
JeremyDezani2013-2014 Pro Club Platinum Level*n/an/an/a
ReidDuke2013-2014 Pro Club Platinum Level*n/an/an/a
WillyEdel2013-2014 Pro Club Platinum Level*n/an/an/a
EricFroehlich2013-2014 Pro Club Platinum Level*n/an/an/a
MartinJuza2013-2014 Pro Club Platinum Level*n/an/an/a
BrianKibler2013-2014 Pro Club Platinum Level*n/an/an/a
TomMartell2013-2014 Pro Club Platinum Level*n/an/an/a
Makihito Mihara2013-2014 Pro Club Platinum Level*n/an/an/a
ShuuheiNakamura2013-2014 Pro Club Platinum Level*n/an/an/a
DavidOchoa2013-2014 Pro Club Platinum Level*n/an/an/a
LuisScott-Vargas2013-2014 Pro Club Platinum Level*n/an/an/a
ShaharShenhar2013-2014 Pro Club Platinum Level*n/an/an/a
BenStark2013-2014 Pro Club Platinum Level*n/an/an/a
OwenTurtenwald2013-2014 Pro Club Platinum Level*n/an/an/a
JoshUtter-Leyton2013-2014 Pro Club Platinum Level*n/an/an/a
YuyaWatanabe2013-2014 Pro Club Platinum Level*n/an/an/a
CraigWescoe2013-2014 Pro Club Platinum Level*n/an/an/a
SamuelBlack2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
ChristianCalcano2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
KelvinChew2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
MatthewCosta2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
PatrickCox2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
MelissaDeTora2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
samueleEstratti2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
ChrisFennell2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
IvanFloch2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
AlexanderHayne2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
LukasJaklovsky2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
DanJordan2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
Tzu-ChingKuo2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
JoelLarsson2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
AriLax2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
Shi TianLee2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
RaphaelLevy2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
StephenMann2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
GabrielNassif2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
AndrejsProst2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
DennizRachid2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
PaulRietzl2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
DavidSharfman2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
DaveShiels2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
JonStern2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
GerryThompson2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
GaudenisVidugiris2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
JacobWilson2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
ConleyWoods2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
ShotaYasooka2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
KenYukuhiro2013-2014 Pro Club Level Goldn/an/an/a
AliAintrazi2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silver n/an/an/a
AndrewCantillana2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silvern/an/an/a
RobCastellon2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silver n/an/an/a
HarryCorvese2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silver n/an/an/a
NicolasCuenca2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silver n/an/an/a
JoeDemestrio2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silver n/an/an/a
ThomasEnevoldsen2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silver n/an/an/a
GerardFabiano2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silver n/an/an/a
RobertoGonzales2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silver n/an/an/a
MaksymGryn2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silvern/an/an/a
JesseHampton2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silvern/an/an/a
ThomasHolzinger2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silver n/an/an/a
MatthiasHunt2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silver n/an/an/a
RobertJurkovic2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silver n/an/an/a
MikeKrasnitski2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silver n/an/an/a
WenzelKrautmann2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silver n/an/an/a
MarcLalague2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silver n/an/an/a
BoLi2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silver n/an/an/a
TamasNagy2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silver n/an/an/a
BradNelson2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silver n/an/an/a
BrockParker2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silver n/an/an/a
AndrewShrout2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silver n/an/an/a
TimothéeSimonot2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silver n/an/an/a
LucasSiow2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silver n/an/an/a
RichmondTan2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silver n/an/an/a
FelipeTapia Becerra2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silver n/an/an/a
EliasWatsfeldt2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silver n/an/an/a
SatoshiYamaguchi2013-2014 Pro Club Level Silver n/an/an/a
DirkBaberowskiPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
KaiBuddePro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
PatrickChapinPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
AlanComerPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
KamielCornelissenPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
Paulo VitorDamo da RosaPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
RobertDoughertyPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
JonFinkelPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
TsuyoshiFujitaPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
NicolaiHerzogPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
TommiHoviPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
William JensenPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
AntonJonssonPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
FrankKarstenPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
DarwinKastle MessPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
BrianKiblerPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
RaphaelLevyPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
RobertMaherPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
ZviMowshowitzPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
ShuuheiNakamuraPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
GabrielNassifPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
MasashiOisoPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
StevenO'Mahoney-SchwartzPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
OlleRadePro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
BenRubinPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
AntoineRuelPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
OlivierRuelPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
LuisScott-VargasPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
BenStarkPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
BramSnepvangersPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
KenjiTsumuraPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
JelgerWiegersmaPro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
J GaryWisePro Tour Hall of Famen/an/an/a
FranciscoCedenoInvitation Transfern/an/an/a
LeonardoJesusInvitation Transfern/an/an/a
EvgeneiKrytikovInvitation Transfern/an/an/a
MatthewMcCulloughInvitation Transfern/an/an/a
JustinNguyenInvitation Transfern/an/an/a
MartinPelerinInvitation Transfern/an/an/a
KelvinYoungInvitation Transfern/an/an/a
RaymondTanGP Kitakyushu - Top 4*8/25/2013北九州市Japan
KouichiKudouGP Kitakyushu - Top 4*8/25/2013北九州市Japan
Tzu-ChingKuoGP Kitakyushu - Top 4*8/25/2013北九州市Japan
RyosukeNomuraGP Kitakyushu - Top 4*8/25/2013北九州市Japan
WilliamJensenGP Oakland - Top 8*8/25/2013OaklandUnited States
NealOliverGP Oakland - Top 8*8/25/2013OaklandUnited States
BenjaminLundquistGP Oakland - Top 8*8/25/2013OaklandUnited States
JoshGoldmanGP Oakland - Top 8*8/25/2013OaklandUnited States
carlosaleGP Oakland - Top 8*8/25/2013OaklandUnited States
TravisWooGP Oakland - Top 8*8/25/2013OaklandUnited States
ElliottWooGP Oakland - Top 8*8/25/2013OaklandUnited States
PatrickGriffinGP Oakland - Top 8*8/25/2013OaklandUnited States
MikeSchullerGP Oakland - Match Points8/25/2013OaklandUnited States
AnatolyChukhvichevGP Prague - Top 8*9/1/2013PragueCzech Republic
MarcoCammilluzziGP Prague - Top 8*9/1/2013PragueCzech Republic
BalazsVaradyGP Prague - Top 8*9/1/2013PragueCzech Republic
KaiMokruschGP Prague - Top 8*9/1/2013PragueCzech Republic
MartinJuzaGP Prague - Top 8*9/1/2013PragueCzech Republic
AmitCohenGP Prague - Top 8*9/1/2013PragueCzech Republic
EliottBoussaudGP Prague - Top 8*9/1/2013PragueCzech Republic
RaphaelLevyGP Prague - Top 8*9/1/2013PragueCzech Republic
JanBrozekGP Prague - Match Points9/1/2013PragueCzech Republic
JoshMcClainGP Detriot - Top 8*9/15/2013DetroitUnited States
ReidDukeGP Detriot - Top 8*9/15/2013DetroitUnited States
BenStarkGP Detriot - Top 8*9/15/2013DetroitUnited States
BenMoirGP Detriot - Top 8*9/15/2013DetroitUnited States
AdamJansenGP Detriot - Top 8*9/15/2013DetroitUnited States
AlexMajlatonGP Detriot - Top 8*9/15/2013DetroitUnited States
MarcelinoFreemanGP Detriot - Top 8*9/15/2013DetroitUnited States
WillyEdelGP Detriot - Top 8*9/15/2013DetroitUnited States
TristanWoodsmithGP Detriot - Match Points9/15/2013DetroitUnited States
JustinRobbGP Brisbane - Top 4*10/6/2013BrisbaneAustralia
DanielUnwinGP Brisbane - Top 4*10/6/2013BrisbaneAustralia
JustinCheungGP Brisbane - Top 4*10/6/2013BrisbaneAustralia
BenTudmanGP Brisbane - Top 4*10/6/2013BrisbaneAustralia
PierreMondonGP Oklahoma City - Top 4*10/6/2013Oklahoma CityUnited States
t'sPenickGP Oklahoma City - Top 4*10/6/2013Oklahoma CityUnited States
TimothyThomasonGP Oklahoma City - Top 4*10/6/2013Oklahoma CityUnited States
TylerBrandstetterGP Oklahoma City - Top 4*10/6/2013Oklahoma CityUnited States
ShuheiNakamuraGP Hong Kong - Top 4*10/20/2013Kowloon BayHong Kong
MartinJuzaGP Hong Kong - Top 4*10/20/2013Kowloon BayHong Kong
KenYukuhiroGP Hong Kong - Top 4*10/20/2013Kowloon BayHong Kong
YutaTakahashiGP Hong Kong - Top 4*10/20/2013Kowloon BayHong Kong
BrianBraun-DuinGP Louisville - Top 4*10/20/2013LouisvilleUnited States
JonSternGP Louisville - Top 4*10/20/2013LouisvilleUnited States
AndrewBaeckstromGP Louisville - Top 4*10/20/2013LouisvilleUnited States
JohnSittnerGP Louisville - Top 4*10/20/2013LouisvilleUnited States
PatrickDickmannGP Antwerp - Top 8*10/27/2013AntwerpenBelgium
FabrizioAnteriGP Antwerp - Top 8*10/27/2013AntwerpenBelgium
NazarSotiriadiGP Antwerp - Top 8*10/27/2013AntwerpenBelgium
RasmusBjörklundGP Antwerp - Top 8*10/27/2013AntwerpenBelgium
DanielFiorGP Antwerp - Top 8*10/27/2013AntwerpenBelgium
ThomasHendriksGP Antwerp - Top 8*10/27/2013AntwerpenBelgium
HermannRunarssonGP Antwerp - Top 8*10/27/2013AntwerpenBelgium
alexandrebonneauGP Antwerp - Top 8*10/27/2013AntwerpenBelgium
LuisNavasGP Santiago - Top 4*11/3/2013Santiago Chile
MatiasSolerGP Santiago - Top 4*11/3/2013Santiago Chile
CristianValdiviaGP Santiago - Top 4*11/3/2013Santiago Chile
NicolasDe NicolaGP Santiago - Top 4*11/3/2013Santiago Chile
SamuelMartiGP Valencia - Top 4*11/10/2013ValenciaSpain
AndriiGusievGP Valencia - Top 4*11/10/2013ValenciaSpain
EddieChalecki CuencaGP Valencia - Top 4*11/10/2013ValenciaSpain
ValentinMacklGP Valencia - Top 4*11/10/2013ValenciaSpain
OwenTurtenwaldGP Washington DC - Top 8*11/17/2013ChantillyUnited States
JaredBoettcherGP Washington DC - Top 8*11/17/2013ChantillyUnited States
DrewTunisonGP Washington DC - Top 8*11/17/2013ChantillyUnited States
SamuelBlackGP Washington DC - Top 8*11/17/2013ChantillyUnited States
CraigWescoeGP Washington DC - Top 8*11/17/2013ChantillyUnited States
AndrewCuneoGP Washington DC - Top 8*11/17/2013ChantillyUnited States
TedMcCluskieGP Washington DC - Top 8*11/17/2013ChantillyUnited States
DeshaunBaylockGP Washington DC - Top 8*11/17/2013ChantillyUnited States
DanielSignoriniGP Washington DC - Match Points11/17/2013ChantillyUnited States
DarylAyersGP Washington DC - Match Points11/17/2013ChantillyUnited States
GlennMcIelwainGP Washington DC - Match Points11/17/2013ChantillyUnited States
OwenTurtenwaldGP Albuquerque - Top 4*11/24/2013AlbuquerqueUnited States
SamuelPardeeGP Albuquerque - Top 4*11/24/2013AlbuquerqueUnited States
ToddAndersonGP Albuquerque - Top 4*11/24/2013AlbuquerqueUnited States
ValentinMacklGP Albuquerque - Top 4*11/24/2013AlbuquerqueUnited States
AlexanderHayneGP Kyoto - Top 4 Teams*11/24/2013京都市Japan
RichHoaenGP Kyoto - Top 4 Teams*11/24/2013京都市Japan
MikeHronGP Kyoto - Top 4 Teams*11/24/2013京都市Japan
Jun'ichirouBandouGP Kyoto - Top 4 Teams*11/24/2013京都市Japan
MakihitoMiharaGP Kyoto - Top 4 Teams*11/24/2013京都市Japan
KentaroYamamotoGP Kyoto - Top 4 Teams*11/24/2013京都市Japan
HirokiFurukawaGP Kyoto - Top 4 Teams*11/24/2013京都市Japan
TakayukiKadonoGP Kyoto - Top 4 Teams*11/24/2013京都市Japan
ToshinoriShigeharaGP Kyoto - Top 4 Teams*11/24/2013京都市Japan
KatsuhiroMoriGP Kyoto - Top 4 Teams*11/24/2013京都市Japan
TomoharuSaitoGP Kyoto - Top 4 Teams*11/24/2013京都市Japan
ShotaYasookaGP Kyoto - Top 4 Teams*11/24/2013京都市Japan
AriLaxGP Toronto - Top 8*12/1/2013MississaugaCanada
GregOgreencGP Toronto - Top 8*12/1/2013MississaugaCanada
WilliamJensenGP Toronto - Top 8*12/1/2013MississaugaCanada
RichardKraupaGP Toronto - Top 8*12/1/2013MississaugaCanada
SethManfieldGP Toronto - Top 8*12/1/2013MississaugaCanada
BenMoirGP Toronto - Top 8*12/1/2013MississaugaCanada
RobertSmithGP Toronto - Top 8*12/1/2013MississaugaCanada
EdgarMagalhaesGP Toronto - Top 8*12/1/2013MississaugaCanada
ADAMKENDALGP Toronto - Match Points12/1/2013MississaugaCanada
MarcinStaciwaGP Vienna - Top 8*12/1/2013WienAustria
RobinDolarGP Vienna - Top 8*12/1/2013WienAustria
NiklasKaltenböckGP Vienna - Top 8*12/1/2013WienAustria
JeremyDezaniGP Vienna - Top 8*12/1/2013WienAustria
StanislavCifkaGP Vienna - Top 8*12/1/2013WienAustria
ManuelCeciliaGP Vienna - Top 8*12/1/2013WienAustria
JohanPrinzellGP Vienna - Top 8*12/1/2013WienAustria
OliverPolak-RottmannGP Vienna - Top 8*12/1/2013WienAustria
PetrSochurekGP Vienna - Match Points12/1/2013WienAustria
SaschaWeilguniGP Vienna - Match Points12/1/2013WienAustria
BingLuke2013 MOCS Participant8/17/2013n/an/a
DavidKaufmann2013 MOCS Participant9/14/2013n/an/a
FarandLee2013 MOCS Participant10/12/2013n/an/a
AnssiAlkio2013 MOCS Participant11/9/2013n/an/a
MartinRylcoMTGO PTQ - 1st Place8/25/2013n/an/a
BenYu MTGO PTQ - 1st Place8/31/2013n/an/a
MikeSonierMTGO PTQ - 1st Place9/1/2013n/an/a
BerndBrendemühlMTGO PTQ - 1st Place9/8/2013n/an/a
JesseThompsonMTGO PTQ - 1st Place9/28/2013n/an/a
LouisAndersonMTGO PTQ - 1st Place10/13/2013n/an/a
PedroCarvalhoMTGO PTQ - 1st Place10/19/2013n/an/a
ChristianSeiboldMTGO PTQ - 1st Place10/20/2013n/an/a
LeeHawkinsMTGO PTQ - 1st Place10/27/2013n/an/a
ZhangMeng QiuMTGO PTQ - 1st Place11/3/2013n/an/a
YoannPfersichMTGO PTQ - 1st Place11/17/2013n/an/a
MichaelParkerMTGO PTQ - 1st Place11/23/2013n/an/a
JussiTuurinkoskiMTGO PTQ - 1st Place11/24/2013n/an/a
SimonGörtzenPTQ - 1st Place*8/17/2013KölnGermany
Qiu ShiZhangPTQ - 1st Place*8/17/2013adelaideAustralia
GianlucaBonacchiPTQ - 1st Place*8/18/2013GenovaItaly
QuentinMartinPTQ - 1st Place*8/18/2013Milton KeynesGreat Britain
Jose AntonioOrozco CorreaPTQ - 1st Place*8/18/2013BogotáColombia
NingZhuangPTQ - 1st Place*8/18/2013深圳China
DimitarErininPTQ - 1st Place*8/24/2013SofiaBulgaria
RickardKarlssonPTQ - 1st Place*8/24/2013OsloNorway
JosephKeavenyPTQ - 1st Place*8/24/2013DuluthUnited States
GeorgeNewbouldPTQ - 1st Place*8/24/2013CardiffGreat Britain
GregOgreencPTQ - 1st Place*8/24/2013MadisonUnited States
DonniePeckPTQ - 1st Place*8/24/2013LincolnUnited States
DanielSondikePTQ - 1st Place*8/24/2013AllentownUnited States
WuTongPTQ - 1st Place*8/24/2013北京China
LucaRavagliPTQ - 1st Place*8/25/2013BariItaly
TreyVan CleavePTQ - 1st Place*8/25/2013IndianapolisUnited States
TylerManteyPTQ - 1st Place*8/31/2013FlintUnited States
JASONSOUTHWORTHPTQ - 1st Place*8/31/2013North MiamiUnited States
JoshuaTaylorPTQ - 1st Place*8/31/2013Bound BrookUnited States
MasatakaMatsumotoPTQ - 1st Place*9/1/2013那覇市Japan
Jun YoungParkPTQ - 1st Place*9/1/2013SeoulKorea (South)
KevinChichePTQ - 1st Place*9/8/2013MetzFrance
RichardParkerPTQ - 1st Place*9/8/2013Little ChalfontGreat Britain
BrandonGadePTQ - 1st Place*9/14/2013New YorkUnited States
SpencerGarnierPTQ - 1st Place*9/14/2013RichmondUnited States
B. ScottGerhardtPTQ - 1st Place*9/14/2013Costa MesaUnited States
TobiasHeinrichPTQ - 1st Place*9/14/2013MünchenGermany
JonSharpPTQ - 1st Place*9/14/2013DenverUnited States
HannuVallinPTQ - 1st Place*9/14/2013TalinnEstonia
KenichiroAraiPTQ - 1st Place*9/15/2013土浦市Japan
AlejandroDupuyPTQ - 1st Place*9/15/2013ValenciaSpain
AlexandruEnePTQ - 1st Place*9/15/2013Targu MuresRomania
OgieJaroPTQ - 1st Place*9/15/2013Quezon CityPhilippines
shotatakaoPTQ - 1st Place*9/16/2013名古屋市Japan
SaulArreolaPTQ - 1st Place*10/5/2013México CityMexico
AnzeAvsecPTQ - 1st Place*10/5/2013LjubljanaSlovenia
KaiBurnettPTQ - 1st Place*10/5/2013TorontoCanada
AaronCooneyPTQ - 1st Place*10/5/2013LouisvilleUnited States
BryanGottliebPTQ - 1st Place*10/5/2013HartfordUnited States
JesseHamptonPTQ - 1st Place*10/5/2013SeattleUnited States
MichaelHetrickPTQ - 1st Place*10/5/2013BerkeleyUnited States
LudvigLondosPTQ - 1st Place*10/5/2013StockholmSweden
StephenNealPTQ - 1st Place*10/5/2013AmesUnited States
TimRiveraPTQ - 1st Place*10/5/2013Las VegasUnited States
yunyatunokakePTQ - 1st Place*10/5/2013仙台市Japan
MarshUsaryPTQ - 1st Place*10/5/2013RoswellUnited States
AlanVillamayorPTQ - 1st Place*10/5/2013OlivosArgentina
LuweikaiPTQ - 1st Place*10/5/2013武汉China
RaoulZimmermannPTQ - 1st Place*10/5/2013SheffieldGreat Britain
KevinAnctilPTQ - 1st Place*10/6/2013MontréalCanada
AlfonsoBarcelona CabezaPTQ - 1st Place*10/6/2013MadridSpain
ChrisBottPTQ - 1st Place*10/6/2013FargoUnited States
MattiaFornaciniPTQ - 1st Place*10/6/2013RomaItaly
MicheleFornasariPTQ - 1st Place*10/6/2013PIACENZAItaly
TamásGliedPTQ - 1st Place*10/6/2013BrnoCzech Republic
IgorGorbunovPTQ - 1st Place*10/6/2013MoscowRussian Federation
EvgeniKaymashkiPTQ - 1st Place*10/6/2013ThessalonikiGreece
DamienMolePTQ - 1st Place*10/6/2013AmiensFrance
Ken'ichirouOmoriPTQ - 1st Place*10/6/2013松山市Japan
PedroPappaterraPTQ - 1st Place*10/6/2013Santo DomingoDominican Republic
GuillaumePerbetPTQ - 1st Place*10/6/2013BernSwitzerland
LarsPreußePTQ - 1st Place*10/6/2013HamburgGermany
JoeRittnerPTQ - 1st Place*10/6/2013RoanokeUnited States
ChapmanSimPTQ - 1st Place*10/6/2013BangkokThailand
Arjanvan LeeuwenPTQ - 1st Place*10/6/2013DelftNetherlands
Wei QuanWongPTQ - 1st Place*10/6/2013Petaling Jaya SelangorMalaysia
TaisukeIshiiPTQ - 1st Place*10/14/2013渋谷区Japan
NickBakerPTQ - 1st Place*10/19/2013MeridianUnited States
VictorBitterPTQ - 1st Place*10/19/2013AlbuquerqueUnited States
TannonGracePTQ - 1st Place*10/19/2013Baton RougeUnited States
HaibingHuPTQ - 1st Place*10/19/2013San AntonioUnited States
PeterIngramPTQ - 1st Place*10/19/2013SeldenUnited States
MaciejJanikPTQ - 1st Place*10/19/2013WroclawPoland
IanJashewayPTQ - 1st Place*10/19/2013Midwest CityUnited States
DonnyJonesPTQ - 1st Place*10/19/2013WinnipegCanada
StanKomskyPTQ - 1st Place*10/19/2013MaitlandUnited States
JorgeMartinez ToralesPTQ - 1st Place*10/19/2013Buenos AiresArgentina
DiegoMayo GavelaPTQ - 1st Place*10/19/2013OurenseSpain
WilsonMokPTQ - 1st Place*10/19/2013KelownaCanada
AndrejsProstPTQ - 1st Place*10/19/2013FairbanksUnited States
ALVAROSÁNCHEZ LÓPEZPTQ - 1st Place*10/19/2013CórdobaSpain
SamShermanPTQ - 1st Place*10/19/2013CupertinoUnited States
MarcTobiaschPTQ - 1st Place*10/19/2013DortmundGermany
VidiantoWijayaPTQ - 1st Place*10/19/2013San DiegoUnited States
EduardoBorgesPTQ - 1st Place*10/20/2013Porto AlegreBrazil
GuidoCitinoPTQ - 1st Place*10/20/2013PadovaItaly
FabioAncelmoPTQ - 1st Place*10/26/2013BrasíliaBrazil
KyleDembinskiPTQ - 1st Place*10/26/2013SpringfieldUnited States
JasperJohnson-EpsteinPTQ - 1st Place*10/26/2013Coon RapidsUnited States
jeremykevisPTQ - 1st Place*10/26/2013EdmontonCanada
KeahiKonishiPTQ - 1st Place*10/26/2013HonoluluUnited States
RafaelLe SauxPTQ - 1st Place*10/26/2013SantiagoChile
DustyOchoaPTQ - 1st Place*10/26/2013GlendaleUnited States
BradleyRobinsonPTQ - 1st Place*10/26/2013WilmingtonUnited States
DaveShielsPTQ - 1st Place*10/26/2013So BurlingtonUnited States
Hua ChaoSongPTQ - 1st Place*10/26/2013沈阳China
KaleThompsonPTQ - 1st Place*10/26/2013NepeanCanada
JeffZandiPTQ - 1st Place*10/26/2013HoustonUnited States
PaselliAndreaPTQ - 1st Place*10/27/2013BolognaItaly
MaxBrownPTQ - 1st Place*10/27/2013RochesterUnited States
AlexisGallaisPTQ - 1st Place*10/27/2013GardanneFrance
GentaHagiwaraPTQ - 1st Place*10/27/2013福山市Japan
BenHaleyPTQ - 1st Place*10/27/2013AnnerleyAustralia
ChanJeffreyPTQ - 1st Place*10/27/2013singaporeSingapore
Yann MassicardPTQ - 1st Place*10/27/2013Sainte gemmes sur loireFrance
AlexanderMatveevPTQ - 1st Place*10/27/2013PenzaRussian Federation
QuentinLeroyPTQ - 1st Place*11/1/2013NanterreFrance
AlexAndrupPTQ - 1st Place*11/2/2013Fort WorthUnited States
TimBjorndahlPTQ - 1st Place*11/2/2013CalgaryCanada
LuChnPTQ - 1st Place*11/2/2013New Taipei/ 新北市Taiwan
StephenCullyPTQ - 1st Place*11/2/2013DublinIreland
StevenCurlPTQ - 1st Place*11/2/2013EugeneUnited States
PatrickGoodyearPTQ - 1st Place*11/2/2013St JohnsCanada
WilliamHaasPTQ - 1st Place*11/2/2013Glen BurnieUnited States
MarkJacobsonPTQ - 1st Place*11/2/2013SacramentoUnited States
JeremyKleinPTQ - 1st Place*11/2/2013WichitaUnited States
IssuiMatsudaPTQ - 1st Place*11/2/2013京都市Japan
ScottMurrayPTQ - 1st Place*11/2/2013GreenvilleUnited States
clintrennerPTQ - 1st Place*11/2/2013WayneUnited States
ConnerRussellPTQ - 1st Place*11/2/2013MemphisUnited States
MaxSjoblomPTQ - 1st Place*11/2/2013HelsinkiFinland
Donvan RavenzwaaijPTQ - 1st Place*11/2/2013MELBOURNEAustralia
MathiasWosnerPTQ - 1st Place*11/2/2013WienAustria
JaredWrightPTQ - 1st Place*11/2/2013MissoulaUnited States
NicholasCliftPTQ - 1st Place*11/3/2013PhiladelphiaUnited States
StefanoGattolinPTQ - 1st Place*11/3/2013RozzanoItaly
TomoyaMotomuraPTQ - 1st Place*11/3/2013福岡市Japan
AtsushiNakamuraPTQ - 1st Place*11/3/2013金沢市Japan
AsierPérezPTQ - 1st Place*11/3/2013BarcelonaSpain
RyanPoplinPTQ - 1st Place*11/3/2013MontréalCanada
AchimReiterPTQ - 1st Place*11/3/2013LudwigshafenGermany
AzizRiphatPTQ - 1st Place*11/3/2013BandungIndonesia
walterscuderiPTQ - 1st Place*11/3/2013cataniaItaly
MikeSigristPTQ - 1st Place*11/3/2013AugustaUnited States
JustinBransfieldPTQ - 1st Place*11/9/2013PoughkeepsieUnited States
PhilCapePTQ - 1st Place*11/9/2013Jurupa ValleyUnited States
BenjaminGarconPTQ - 1st Place*11/9/2013PoitiersFrance
BobHavlovicPTQ - 1st Place*11/9/2013LindenhurstUnited States
RugerHebertPTQ - 1st Place*11/9/2013Salt Lake CityUnited States
AtsushiItoPTQ - 1st Place*11/9/2013千葉市Japan
MatthiasKopietzPTQ - 1st Place*11/9/2013LeipzigGermany
KoreyMcDuffiePTQ - 1st Place*11/9/2013MadisonUnited States
JasonOpalkaPTQ - 1st Place*11/9/2013MonroevilleUnited States
RichardOsowskiPTQ - 1st Place*11/9/2013DurhamUnited States
PatrickPichettePTQ - 1st Place*11/9/2013Ste-FoyCanada
ETHANTEGETHOFFPTQ - 1st Place*11/9/2013LenexaUnited States
NicolasVanderhallenPTQ - 1st Place*11/9/2013GentBelgium
StevenWolfmanPTQ - 1st Place*11/9/2013TorontoCanada
liyanyangPTQ - 1st Place*11/9/2013上海China
TomBearePTQ - 1st Place*11/10/2013SpokaneUnited States
AlexBrownPTQ - 1st Place*11/10/2013ProvidenceUnited States
AdrianCapitalitanPTQ - 1st Place*11/10/2013PenrithAustralia
Amilcar GCardonaPTQ - 1st Place*11/10/2013BayamonPuerto Rico
LucaCasadeiPTQ - 1st Place*11/10/2013SpelloItaly
KazuakiFujimuraPTQ - 1st Place*11/10/2013大阪市Japan
MatthewMcgrawPTQ - 1st Place*11/10/2013BiloxiUnited States
JohnRolfPTQ - 1st Place*11/10/2013OmahaUnited States
ChrisBascoPTQ - 1st Place*11/16/2013TucsonUnited States
StephenBerriosPTQ - 1st Place*11/16/2013Fond du LacUnited States
BrianEasonPTQ - 1st Place*11/16/2013DothanUnited States
TimEdwardsonPTQ - 1st Place*11/16/2013Sioux FallsUnited States
MartinGoldman-KirstPTQ - 1st Place*11/16/2013PortlandUnited States
CharlesNormanPTQ - 1st Place*11/16/2013LondonGreat Britain
DevonO'DonnellPTQ - 1st Place*11/16/2013BostonUnited States
PetePicardPTQ - 1st Place*11/16/2013ConwayUnited States
AlexeyProkaevPTQ - 1st Place*11/16/2013VoronezhRussian Federation
DougProsakPTQ - 1st Place*11/16/2013ColumbusUnited States
DominikProsekPTQ - 1st Place*11/16/2013Praha 11 ChodovCzech Republic
MichaelServisPTQ - 1st Place*11/16/2013LittletonUnited States
AndyTruongPTQ - 1st Place*11/16/2013LubbockUnited States
omriTubianaPTQ - 1st Place*11/16/2013HaifaIsrael
BorisVukovicPTQ - 1st Place*11/16/2013Novi SadSerbia
JingweiZhengPTQ - 1st Place*11/16/2013TakapunaNew Zealand
DavidBessoPTQ - 1st Place*11/17/2013GrossetoItaly
RigobertoCastellanPTQ - 1st Place*11/17/2013Guatemala CityGuatemala
AntonioDel Moral LeonPTQ - 1st Place*11/17/2013GranadaSpain
Elmer vanEeghenPTQ - 1st Place*11/17/2013AmsterdamNetherlands
Jean-PhilippeGUILLETPTQ - 1st Place*11/17/2013Saint Martin d'HèresFrance
OlivierLevyPTQ - 1st Place*11/17/2013AngoulemeFrance
RodrigoPadillaPTQ - 1st Place*11/17/2013MonterreyMexico
IrisSchwarzPTQ - 1st Place*11/17/2013HannoverGermany
JoaoAndradePTQ - 1st Place*11/23/2013OdivelasPortugal
AlecArmand-ugonPTQ - 1st Place*11/23/2013MontevideoUruguay
AlexandreAurejacPTQ - 1st Place*11/23/2013AntwerpenBelgium
JordanCairnsPTQ - 1st Place*11/23/2013SeattleUnited States
CarlosMartinez MoralesPTQ - 1st Place*11/23/2013ZapopanMexico
martinmullerPTQ - 1st Place*11/23/2013RoskileDenmark
DavidParghPTQ - 1st Place*11/23/2013AlbanyUnited States
FlorianPilsPTQ - 1st Place*11/23/2013LiverpoolGreat Britain
JulianoSouzaPTQ - 1st Place*11/23/2013Rio De JaneiroBrazil
TymoteuszStaniuchaPTQ - 1st Place*11/23/2013WarszawaPoland
SaulAguadoPTQ - 1st Place*11/24/2013S/C De TenerifeSpain
FrancescoHugonyPTQ - 1st Place*11/24/2013ForlìItaly
GabrielNguyenPTQ - 1st Place*11/24/2013HeuquevilleFrance
BahadirSirkeciogluPTQ - 1st Place*11/24/2013IstanbulTurkey
SergiySushalskyyPTQ - 1st Place*11/24/2013MinskBelarus
RobertVictoryPTQ - 1st Place*11/24/2013PhiladelphiaUnited States
BenChapmanPTQ - 1st Place*11/30/2013WorcesterUnited States
JIMCOLLIERPTQ - 1st Place*11/30/2013SurreyCanada
BrennanDeCandioPTQ - 1st Place*11/30/2013SarasotaUnited States
JackDobbinPTQ - 1st Place*11/30/2013RosemontUnited States
DavidFulkPTQ - 1st Place*11/30/2013Virginia BeachUnited States
JustinGardnerPTQ - 1st Place*11/30/2013St LouisUnited States
YuukiHirosePTQ - 1st Place*11/30/2013川崎市Japan
ChrisMabryPTQ - 1st Place*11/30/2013AustinUnited States
EvanNelsonPTQ - 1st Place*11/30/2013VancouverUnited States
Thomasvan HeerdenPTQ - 1st Place*11/30/2013Cape TownSouth Africa
JoelCalafellPTQ - 1st Place*12/1/2013BurgosSpain
martindavantPTQ - 1st Place*12/1/2013PauFrance
Federicodel BassoPTQ - 1st Place*12/1/2013NapoliItaly
SeamusKelahanPTQ - 1st Place*12/1/2013NashuaUnited States
DaniloModestoPTQ - 1st Place*12/1/2013São PauloBrazil
danielepiovanoPTQ - 1st Place*12/1/2013TorinoItaly

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