Pro Tour-Chicago 1999
Round 1 Feature Match

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By Wizards of the Coast

Raphael Levy vs. Jakub Slemr

Raphael Levy

Jakub Slemr

Game 1

Slemr got a quick start by playing a turn 2 Tinker for a Phyrexian Processor, paying ten life for the ability to make 10/10 creatures, while Levy played out a Bird of Paradise and a Survival of the Fittest. Slemr then made a token with City of Traitors tricks while Levy survivaled for Squee, then for an Uktabi Orangutan to kill the processor.

The 10/10 Processor Beast then ate the monkey, and Slemr followed it up with two Mana Vaults and a Phyrexian Colossus.

Levy then started to abuse Squee by going to get a Peacekeeper, eventually getting a second Squee, then a Gilded Drake. Levy Arcane Denialed Slemr's Masticore, then a turn later, stopped a crumbling sanctuary with 2 Arcane Denials to one. With Levy up 19 to 5 life due to the processor, Mana Vault and mana burn damage, with the Colussus impending, Slemr conceded.


Game 2

Slemr got a quick start with a Mana Vault, Grim Monolith, Phyrxian Furnace, and Thran Dynamo in the first 2 turns while Levy played a couple nonbasic lands and a Wall of Roots. Slemr then tossed down a turn 3 Back to Basics as Levy tries to run on Undiscovered Paradise and creature mana, playing a Quirion Ranger. Slemr brought out a Masticore until Levy had enough mana to Survival for a Gilded Drake, then let the Masticore drop. While Levy choked on his mana, Slemr pushed through a tinker through an Arcane Denial, then dropped a Phyrexian Colossus for 11, and a Masticore. Levy Conceded.


Game 3

Levy started with a Llanowar Elves and land as Slemr played a Turn 2 Mana Vault and sat. Levy Vampiric Tutored, then played a Null Rod on his third turn, with Slemr's Mana Leak being Force of Willed. When Levy played a Devout Witness on turn 4, Slemr conceded.

Levy 2-1

-Chris Warren

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