Pro Tour-Chicago 1999
Round 10 Feature Match

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By Wizards of the Coast

Alan Comer vs. Tony Dobson

Tony Dobson came into today as one of only 2 undefeated players and promptly reeled off two wins to put him at 9-0. Alan Comer was the "lucky" 8-1 player who got rounded up to face him. Comer won the roll before game 1 and both players had amazing draws. Tony had 2 Dark Rituals and a Demonic Consultation so his plan was to cast a turn 2 Necro and then hopefully win the game on turn 3 or maybe 4. Unfortuneately for him Comer's draw was better. Comer Tinkered for Null Brooch on turn 2 and was able to leave up enough mana to activate it. Null Brooch is pretty good against combo, I hear.

Tony is now forced to save up and cast multiple threats on one turn so that Alan could only counter one of them. But Alan drew a Dust Bowl and started blowing up all of Tony's land. Comer didn't have any offense, but if he could keep Tony at no land, he knew he would eventually draw something. Alan also kept building up artifacts, including Voltaic Key which allowed him to use Null Brooch more than once per turn. With no land in play, Tony knew it was only a matter fof time. Once Comer drew and played Phyrexian Processor, Tony gave up one turn later. Null Brooch was good, but Dust Bowl was actually the MVP of the game.

In game 2 Comer decided to do himself one better - instead of turn 2 Null Brooch he played it on turn 1! (He used City of Traitors and Mana Vault.) Tony played a Bombardment while Comer was still tapped out. The problem with Comer's hand was that it included no blue mana. Tony Duressed him and Alan let that resolve. Forced to choose between Back to Basics, a second Null Brooch, Tinker, and Mana Leak Tony took away Alan's Tinker. Alan then drew an Island and put Back to Basics in play. With three land in play, Shield Sphere in his hand, Academy Rector in his hand, and Goblin Bombardment in play all Tony needed to do was draw a land. Alan did have Null Brooch available, but it can't counter creatures so Academy Rector gets around it. But Tony didn't draw a land. He visibly winced because now he knew he'd have to play around Comer's Mana Leak while Back to Basics was on the table (Tony's deck includes a total of zero basic land). Tony settled down quickly and figured out his plan. Comer was once again content to play his deck controllishly and wait for some offense. That gave Tony time to try to draw 2 more land and a Duress. Comer drew and played a Processor, but Tony drew land #5 just when he needed it. He cast Duress, which would either force Comer to use his mana Leak or Tony could just take it. Alan cast it and bluffed that he might have another one. Tony then played his Rector and won the game! Facing down Back to Basics and Null Brooch, Tony played it perfectly and forced game 3.

Comer played yet another first turn Null Brooch to start game 3 and also had Phyrexian Furnace to prevent any Academy Rector madness. Tony did play an Academy Rector, but the Furnace prevented him from doing anything too tricky so he just started attacking. He then cast Demonic Consultation in an effort to get a 2nd Rector and double his beatdown! Between the Brooch and the Furnace, Comer had him pretty locked up, but mana Vault damage had lowered Comer's life total to 12 by this point so Tony's play seemed quite correct. But then he flipped over 2 rectors in his top 6 cards and the last one was the bottom card of Tony's library. With 3 rectors left in his deck it didn't seem like a risky Consult, but sometimes Consulting just doesn't work out. We looked at the top of Comer's library to find out if Tony's makeshift Rector-beatdown plan would have worked and it actually would have! There were no relevant cards in the top 12 cards of Alan's library.

Dobson - 1
Comer 2

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