Pro Tour-Chicago 1999
Round 14 Feature Match

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By Wizards of the Coast

Pat Chapin vs. Brian Davis (10-3)

Round 14 is crunch time, and this time, either Brian Davis or Pat Chapin would be getting crunched. Both sat at 10-3 with the winner going into the top eight, and the loser watching it tomorrow. Both were playing control Necro decks, Chapin with Masticores, Davis with Skittering Skirge. Davis won the toss and played first, consulting for a Dark Ritual at the end of Chapin's first turn, and dropping a Necropotence on his turn following. He necroed agressively, pulling five cards on turn two, and four more on turn three. Chapin managed to Unmask Davis' Skittering Skirge, but couldn't find a Necropotence or Demonic Consultation of his own. On turn six, the life force started to be drained into Davis as he Corrupted for six, and followed with a Dark Ritual - Drain Life for seven. Chapin finally drew a useful card-Duress-useful inasmuch as he could see the unspeakable horrors coming the following turn and conceded.

1-0 Davis

Chapin began the game with swamp, Duress, and seeing as David had no Necro, but did have a Demonic Consultation, Chapin took the consult. Both players just played lands for a couple turns until Davis played a Persecute naming black, leaving Chapin with only 2 Masticores in hand. Three turns later, Davis drew into a Necropotence as Chapin just drew lands and Contagions. Davis necroed for nine cards over those two turns, Corrupting Chapin consecutively for six, seven, and eight. Even Chapin pounding the daylights out of his deck failed to get him more than one Corrupt for six, as Chapin was likewise pounded down by an impending Drain Life to finish the game, and place Davis into the Top 8.

2-0 Davis

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