Pro Tour-Chicago 1999
Round 2 Feature Match

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By Wizards of the Coast

Nicolas Labarre vs. Masayuki Higashino

Nicolas Labarre

Masayuki Higashino

Game 1

Japanese national champion Higashino started with two mulligans, then played slowly, trying only a sapphire medallion on turn four, which Labarre Mana Leaked. Labarre was playing a blue/green/white Oath of Druids deck, playing a Sylvan Library and Trade Routes early. Though he never used the Trade Routes, he did draw four cards with the Sylvan Library. While both players played blue library manipulation, Labarre finally started the attack with a Treetop Village as Higashino played out only land. After Labarre dropped his second "Bobtown," a counterwar ensued over Higashima's Illusions of Grandeur, ending with the Illusions resolving but leaving Higashima at 6. On Labarre's turn, he untapped and disenchanted the Illusions, ending the game without ever seeing a threat.

1-0 Labarre

Game 2

Higashino chose to play first and kept his hand as Labarre mulliganed once. While Labarre played out a Treetop Village, Higashino got down a turn 2 Sapphire Medallion. After another Treetop Village hit play for Labarre, Higashino finally played his threat card: a Morphling, backed up with a Force of Will. Labarre then Enlightened Tutored for an Oath of Druids, and attempted to play it on his turn. Fortunately for Higashino, he was able to Force of Will, then Thwart the Oath, and he went on the attack after playing some of his islands back into play after returning three to hand to pay for the Thwart. Labarre attempted to attack with two Treetop Villages, but Higashino had 2 mana available to untap the morphling and kill one without losing his morphling, and continued the attack until Labarre conceded.


Game 3

Labarre went first and this time neither player mulliganed. Higashino played a turn one mana vault, while Labarre played a powder keg to take it out. Both players played land and library manipulation for several turns until Labarre Enlightened Tutored for a Arcane Laboratory, which led to a counter war with 2 Arcane Denials being played among other cards, leaving both players with cards. Higashino then played out a Sapphire Medallion then casually countered almost every card Labarre played for the rest of the game as well as playing a Morphling, then another after Thwarting Labarre's attempt to get an Oath of Druids down. After even having his Sylvan Library countered, Labarre was unable to find another answer to the Morphling rush and conceded.

2-1 Higashino

-Chris Warren

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