Pro Tour-Chicago 1999
Round 6 Feature Match

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By Wizards of the Coast

Jakub Slemr vs. Kyle Rose

Kyle Rose and Jakub Slemr were both 3-2 when this match began. As veterans and former Pro Tour champions, they knew that it would take a 5-2 record to make day 2 and thus the loser of this match was done for the weekend. Kyle, to the surprise of absolutely no one, was running lots of forests and lots of small green creatures in his deck. Slemr, one of the fixtures of Mogg Squad, was running the Suicide Brown deck with Tinker, artifact mana, and Phyrexian Processor (among other threatening artifacts).

Kyle complained aloud after losing his sixth consecutive die roll. This is definitely a matchup where he wanted to go first as he has to get a blistering fast beatdown going before Jakub can set up his own defenses. Jakub played a turn 1 Mana Vault and Kyle played an Elf. Jakub tapped the Mana Vault for a Thran Dynamo on his second turn, and tapped that for a Processor (paying 5 life). Kyle's second turn was Elf, Gaea's Cradle, and Winter Orb. Isn't that supposed to be good?! Jakub Tinkered his Vault into a Dynamo in case anyone was wondering how bad Winter Orb is against him. A turn later he played Masticore and started picking off Elves to clear a path for his 5/5 Minion tokens. Kyle scooped.

Kyle had to conceal his dismay when he looked through his sideboard and couldn't find anything better than Hurricane. As he explained after the match, Kyle didn't expect any decks like Jakub's and so Rose chose not to run any artifact removal in his main deck or sideboard. They shuffled up, drew their hands, and Jakub made the decision to keep a one land hand including Grim Monolith and Voltaic Key. Neither his turn 1 nor his turn 2 draw phases brought hm a land. Kyle, on the other hand, had everything. By turn 3 Kyle had Gaea's Cradle, Llanowar Elf, Elvish Lyrist, another Elvish Lyrist, an Albino Troll, and a Rancor. Who mizes beats like that? Jakub drew his card on turn 4, still didn't have a land, and scooped. Total game length: 45 seconds.

Jakub was happy with his game 3 openingdraw, but Kyle felt he needed something really aggressive so he cashed his in. Jakub started out Island-Voltaic Key while Kyle dropped a turn 1 Wild Dog. Jakub's second turn was land, done so Kyle thought he had a chance. However, Kyle didn't draw land #2 and got his Rancor mana leaked. All Jakub had in play at this point was two Islands, but his third turn was frightening: City of Traitors, Thran Dynamo, Cursed Scroll, and use it. With two cards left in his hand Jakub named Masticore. He missed, showing Kyle a Tinker. Kyle did then top deck a land, but as he said "Nastycore and a Tinker? Jesus Christ!" Jakub promptly drew Phyrexian Colossus off the top. Kyle responded with "Nice" and then attempted to send Wild Dogs off to their death. Jakub preferred to take 2 and crack back with the Colossus so the Dogs would change sides. Oh yeah, and Jakub played a Masticore too. Kyle spent a turn shrugging and shaking his head, and then picked up his cards saying "It's hard to win when you can't kill an artifact."

Kyle Rose - 1
Jakub Slemr - 2

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