Pro Tour-Chicago 1999
Round 8 Feature Match

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By Wizards of the Coast

Matt Vienneau vs. David Williams

Matt Vienneau and David Williams matched up at 5-2 to start the second day.

Vienneau won the roll and chose to play as both players mulliganed once. Vienneau's first turn island, Voltaic Key play showed his deck as the Tinker or "Suicide Brown" deck and he played out land and artifact mana as Williams played a couple Tundra and a Powder Keg. Vienneau dropped a third turn Phyrexian Colossus, usually big trouble if it lands, but Williams had a Swords to Plowshares in hand and sent it farming the next turn after tithing for more land.

Vienneau then showed his touch to the deck by dropping and using a Jester's Cap, choosing 2 Morphlings and a Forbid in what turned out to be a Blue/ White/Red version of Forbidian that Williams was playing. After choosing the three, Vienneau was apparently taken in by the allure of shiny objects and tried to choose Williams' foil Disenchant instead of the Forbid, but judge Dan Gray ruled Vienneau had already chosen by removing his hand from the three cards, leading us to wonder what THIS Vienneau tournament report will include.

As Williams built his Powder Keg up to 4 counters, Vienneau had a Phyrexian Processor counterspelled, but managed to get a Cursed Scroll out, and scrolled Williams occasionally, showing a Crumbling Sanctuary and an Arcane Denial. Matt then got a Tinker out of his Thran Dynamo to bring in a Phyrexian Processor for eight and use it, but Williams had a plow in hand for the token as well as popping the keg to take out the processor itself. Williams then Force of Willed Vienneau's Arcane Denial of his attempt to use that foily Disenchant on the Cursed Scroll, then dropped his Ophidian and started drawing extra cards.

Vienneau was only able to play out some Grim Monoliths, which got Powder Kegged away, and when Williams got a second Ophidian down with at least one Forbid in a full hand, Vienneau conceded without being dealt a point of damage.

1-0 Williams

Williams showed his sideboard Miser's Cage, saying he killed 2 people with it yesterday, and pointing out its effectiveness against Necro, also saying "I'm doing this all for James Stroud." Vienneau played first again starting with a Voltaic Key, and tinkering it turn two away to bring in a Thran Dynamo, then playing another Key and Dynamo on turn three, allowing him to also Jester's Cap Williams, this time for two Nevinyrral's Disks (sideboarded in) and a Morphling. Williams' only response was that it was "dynamic," neglecting to mention it was crippling. Williams then got down an Ophidian, but Vienneau answered with a Disrupting Scepter, which thanks to his mana and Voltaic Key, he could use twice per turn to eventually whittle Williams' hand to nothing, as he played out some land and another Jester's Cap that was disenchanted by Williams before it could be used. Vienneau then got a Cursed Scroll down, and used the same strategy as with the Scepter, using it twice per turn, on Williams' Ophidian, and then him, whittling him down to nothing with only 5 minutes left in the round.


Williams started and got a gair mana draw, with a Powder Keg on turn 2, as Vienneau took 6 damage over the first few turns from his Ancient Tombs to build to a large mana base, with a Disrupting Scepter and Null Brooch. However Williams kept enough cards for the Scepter, and after pulling Vienneau's only counter in hand, an Arcane Denial with his Ophidian, followed it with Morphlings on consecutive turns. Vienneau never saw a threat or a Tinker and died quickly thereafter with parrot markings on his back.

2-1 Williams

-Chris Warren

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