Pro Tour-Chicago 1999
Seminfinal Feature Match

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By Wizards of the Coast

Brian Davis vs. Raphael Levy

This semifinal match saw France's Raphael Levy take on young American Brian Davis. Levy was playing a 5-color deck based on green mana creatures and blue countermagic, while Davis played Control Necro. Davis won the toss, and played Swamps while Levy dropped a second-turn Merfolk Looter, and Force of Willed Davis' attempt to cast a Necropotence on turn three. Levy followed up with a Winter Orb to slow the game to a snail's pace. Davis played methodically, occasionally Duressing and Unmasking Levy, while playing swamps under the Winter Orb, as Levy played a Wall of Roots, but was unable to get a mana base, especially after a Davis Wasteland. After relieving Levy of his Uktabi Orangutan and Survival of the Fittest, Davis Dark Ritualed out a Nevinnyral's Disk which put the game in a virtual stasis. For several turns, Davis would do nothing as Levy would discard Squees, then other cards as well. Finally Levy found a third land and played a Wall of Roots and a Llanowar Elves, both quickly dispatched by black removal. Davis, for his part, refused to Disk away the Winter Orb that was stifling him until Levy played a threat, and Levy did not do so.

Finally, Davis got a Duress to clear Levy's lone counter in hand for a Necropotence. This gave Davis enough advantage to force Levy to do something. He used a Monk Realist to remove Davis' Necropotence, but the damage was done. Davis contagioned Levy's Quirion Ranger and the Realist, then wasted Levy's only dual, a Tropical Island. This left Levy with only two land left, both Undiscovered Paradises. When he tapped them both the next turn for a Wall of Roots, Davis figured leaving Levy with no permanents on his next upkeep was enough of an advantage, popping the Disk. He then proceded to Corrupt Levy twice and put an end to the match.

1-0 Davis

Games two and three had the same quick and hideous story. While Levy had trouble drawing land, Davis got an early Necropotence in both games and used it to find Wastelands for Levy's few lands that he did draw, and Contagions and Unmasks for Levy's green mana creatures. Levy conceded each game quickly once Davis had gotten into Corrupt range with an active Necro in play.

3-0 Davis

-Chris Warren

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