Pro Tour-Chicago 1999
Top 96 Deck Breakdown

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By Wizards of the Coast

Dobson, Tony Cocoa Pebbles (Necro plus Pebbles)
Benedict, Brian Cocoa Pebbles (Necro plus Pebbles)
Jacobson, Ben Cocoa Pebbles (Necro plus Pebbles)
Marsh, Warren Cocoa Pebbles (Necro plus Pebbles)
Ormerod, John Cocoa Pebbles (Necro plus Pebbles)
Romero, Ellis Cocoa Pebbles (Necro plus Pebbles)
Lefranc, Florent Countersliver
Luhrs, Christian Countersliver
Senhouse, Chris Countersliver
Carpenter, Ryan Forbidian
Finkel, Jon Forbidian
Fuentes, Hector Forbidian
Llopis, Paco Forbidian
OMS, Steven Forbidian
Parke, Jamie Forbidian
Simard, Jason Forbidian
Williams, David Forbidian
Ligtvoet, Mark Forbidian (Magpie)
Wiegersma, Jelger Forbidian (Magpie)
Budde, Kai Fruity Pebbles
Jensen, Niels Green
Karthauser, Zach Green (Plow Under)
McConnell, Alex Green (Secret Force)
Delucis, Mario Green (Stompy)
Gallitz, Donald Green (Stompy)
Roderer, Dave Green (Stompy)
Yamada, Tsutomu Green (Stompy)
Chapin, Patrick Necro
Davis, Brian Necro
Fuller, Ryan Necro
Pustilnik, Michael Necro
Rubin, Ben Necro
Baberowski, Dirk Oath
Baker, Justin Oath
Dobrigna, Loic Oath
Fiore, Stefano Oath
Lau, Terry Oath
Maher Jr., Bob Oath
Menard, Antoine Oath
Radonjic, Pete Oath
Ranks, Matthew Oath
Schneiders, Felix Oath
Keady, Sean Palinchron/Stroke
Quelle, Blake Palinchron/Stroke
Johnson, Vincent Ponza
Flores, Michael Pro Tour Junk
Cook, Cy RecSur
Cunningham, Jeff RecSur
Herms Pont, Roc RecSur
Hron, Mike RecSur
Johnson, Tom RecSur
Levy, Raphael RecSur
MacDonald, Andrew RecSur
Mori, Masaya RecSur
Rissanen, Toni RecSur
Snepvangers, Abraham RecSur
Elarar, Jay Replenish
Marks, John Rogue (R/G Thirty-Something)
Van Cleave, Trey Rogue (R/G Thirty-Something)
Heilfron, Kenneth Rogue: Masticlysm
Benezech, Lionel Rogue: Monobrown
Shaw, Thomas Rogue: Monobrown
Shuler, John Rogue: NecroTinker
Bernat, Michael Sligh
Burn, Seth Sligh
Herin, Chip Sligh
Lanzillotta, Jason Sligh
Leventhal, Dennis Sligh
Nishiwaki, Masahiro Sligh
Stammerjohan, William Sligh
Valkyser, Stephan Sligh
Burgner, Kurt Squirrel Prison
Jensen, Cory Squirrel Prison
Osterberg, Rickard Squirrel Prison
Bingen, Sturla Stasis
Nitter, Eivind Stasis
Refsdal, Thomas Stasis
Girodroux, Pierre Suicide Black
Krzywicki, Mike Suicide Black
OMS, Daniel Suicide Black
Price, David Suicide Black
Urban, Matt Suicide Black
Wollpert, Worth Suicide Black
Ho, Lan Tinker (Iron Giant)
Maier, Gero Tinker (Iron Giant)
Vienneau, Matthew Tinker (Suicide Brown)
Comer, Alan Tinker (Suicide Brown)
Krakower, Gary Tinker (Suicide Brown)
Slemr, Jakub Tinker (Suicide Brown)
Wise, Gary Tinker (Suicide Brown)
Bush, Michelle Trix (RecSur plus Pebbles)
Gary, Justin Trix (RecSur plus Pebbles)
Guevin, Peter Trix (RecSur plus Pebbles)
Kastle, Darwin Trix (RecSur plus Pebbles)
White, Mark Trix (RecSur plus Pebbles)
Stark, Ben WW

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