Pro Tour-Los Angeles 2000
Round 2 Feature Match

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Tom "Jester" Byrne

This match featured two people who have both made top 8 at previous PTLA's, and both in Limited events. Yoo had placed in the top 8 at PTLA 2 and Worth finished 4th last year here on the boat. Yoo had drafted a U/B deck with mainly creatures and a potentially devastating Balloon Peddler/Coastal Piracy deck, and Worth had managed to draft an aggressive R/B deck.

Game 1 - This game saw Worth come out strong, starting with first and second turn Kris Mages, but Yoo stopped them cold with a second turn Drake Hatchling, thanks to a Saprazzan Skerry. Worth ground to a halt at 2 lands and did not play a single card during the 3 following turns. Meanwhile, Yoo had summoned a Deathgazer and 2 Balloon Peddlers. On his next turn, Worth, using a Kris Mage and Cave-In cleared the board in the hopes of re-setting the game, but John played out a Misshapen Fiend and Balloon Ship on his next turn, and after drawing a card, Worth conceded.

Wollpert - 0 Yoo - 1

Game 2 - This game started out slow with only land in the first turns. On his second turn, Yoo summoned an Airship, and Worth followed him up with an Arms Dealer. On the next turn, Yoo played out a Stinging Barrier which Worth promptly killedwith his Dealer. Yoo summoned a Deepwood Ghoul while trying to keep the pressure on, but the next few turns saw Worth play out a Wild Jhovall and a Cave in to sweep the board, including the Balloon Peddler Yoo had summoned. From this point on, it was merely academic, with Wollpert playing out Deepwood Legate, Kris Mage, and Kyren Sniper and finally swarming for the win.

Wollpert - 1 Yoo - 1

Game 3 - The final game between these two top players starts out with only land being played for the first two turns on both sides. Yoo summoned a Stinging Barrier on his 3rd turn and an Undertaker on his 4th, only to see the undertaker fall to Worth's Maggot Therapy, before summoning a Lightning Hounds. John summoned an Alley Grifters on the next turn, and Worth cast an Arms Dealer which immediately got rid of the Barrier. Worth went into defensive mode and summoned only a Battle Rampart during the next turn. Things went slowly for a few turns, until Yoo simply exploded, casting Balloon Peddler and then on the following turn Coastal Piracy, Gush and Misshapen Fiend. Worth sat staring at the land in his hand, and conceded 2 turns later, after watching a Rishadan Brigand and Cateran Brute hit the table.

Wollpert - 1 Yoo - 2

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