Pro Tour-Los Angeles 2000
Round 4 Feature Match

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Randy Buehler

Gab Tsang and Dave Humpherys are both highly respected players, but they found themselves struggling to stay in contention to make Day 2 with 1-2 records as they sat down to face off at the Feature Match tables. Humpherys drew two Waterfront Bouncers and a Coastal Piracy early in game 1. Those cards are pretty good. And Dave's Cloud Sprite was somewhat broken with the Piracy. Gab tried racing with 2/1 creatures, but once a drake hatchling and a Rishadan Airship joined Dave's air force, there wasn't much Gab could do. While Waterfront Bouncers (fueled by extra cards from the Piracy) kept Gab's creatures from staying on the table, Dave's fliers won the game in short order.

Gab drew his own card drawing engine in game 2 -- bargaining table. He also used Dave's Sailmonger to some effect with his own Squall, but none of this was enough. Humpherys turned the game into a race so Gab wouldn't have time to take advantage of bargaining table. It looked like Gab would win the race, but Dave cast the best Misstep I have ever seen. Suddenly all Gab's creatures stayed tapped and instead of beating Dave for 6, Gab took lethal damage.

Humpherys - 2
Tsang - 0

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