Pro Tour-Los Angeles 2000
Round 4 Pictures

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By Wizards of the Coast

Judges watch matches in progress, alert to any sign of wrongdoing

In the corner, the judges confer on a possible situation

1998 US Champion Matt Linde was able to defeat Pro Tour Chicago 1999 Champion Bob Maher, Jr. in two straight games in a feature match.

Mike Long kept Raphael Levy off-balance by insisting that Levy join him for a spirited round of "Alouette", and won 2-0 in a feature match.

Chris Pikula's new hair color outshines Satoshi Nakamura's entertaining hat.

David Humpherys defeated Gab Tsang, 2-0, in their round four feature match.

Pro Tour Chicago Brian Davis faces Randy Wright in round four.

Zvi Mowshowitz remains in good spirits despite losing 2-1 to Mike Turian (not shown) in a round four feature match.

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