Pro Tour-Los Angeles 2000
Round 5 Feature Match

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Tom "Jester" Byrne

This match pairs up former Pro-Tour LA champion David Price against Pro Tour regular Pete Radonjic. Both players drafted white, with Price's deck revolving around the Rebel engine with blue for added support and Radonjic's deck mainly Red with white for some creatures and a few spells.

Game 1

This game started off badly for Pete, who didn't play anything besides land until turn 4 when he summoned a Wild Jhovall. Meanwhile, Dave started out strong, playing Charm Peddler first turn and following up with a Ramosian Sergeant on the second turn, and fetching a Ramosian Lieutenant on the 4th turn. The fifth turn saw Pete attack and summon another Wild Jhovall. At the end of the turn, Dave used his Lieutenant to fetch a Nightwind Glider. During Dave's turn, he cast Crackdown, bringing a sigh from Radonjic. The next few turns were uneventful, with Price thawing out Rebels and Radonjic casting Pious Warriors, Crossbow infantry and a Kris Mage. Pete soon ground to a halt, however and was forced to start discarding to the Kris Mage to keep Price's rebel army in check. After casting his 3rd Pious Warrior, Radonjic remarked "Who needs to fetch Rebels when you can just draw and cast them?" It seemed like Radonjic would be able to keep Price in check until Dave finally lay a Stinging Barrier. After a few turns of staring at the standoff and getting pinged, Pete conceded.

Price - 1, Radonjic - 0

Game 2

This game also saw Radonjic fighting a losing battle, with Price busting out with Ramosian Sergeant on the first turn and starting the rebel engine on turn 3. Pete tried to bring the game back to a stand off with his sideboarded Spidersilk Armor and some ground forces, but Price just kept thawing out rebels. Pete then laid a Wishmonger and Gerrard's Irregulars and tried to go on the offence, but Price turned around and started to abuse the Wishmonger and send his rebels through. Down to 5 life and facing a rebel swarm, Radonjic conceded.

Price - 2, Radonjic - 0

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