Pro Tour-Los Angeles 2000
Round 8 Feature Match

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Tom "Jester" Byrne

Game 1

In the beginning of this match, Rubin tried to go on the offensive early but only managed to do a few points of damage before missing his critical third land drop. Fuller began to stabilize on turn 3 with a Thermal Glider and Ramosian Lieutenant on turn 4, and slowly massed his forces with Cho-Manno Revolutionary, a Nightwind Glider and a Wild Jhovall. Rubin tried to hold off the slowly amassing force with a Balloon Peddler and later a Giant Caterpillar, but to no avail. Down to 5 life on his tenth turn and facing certain death, he conceded.

Fuller - 1 Rubin - 0

Game 2

This match was all Rubin, from start to finish. Rubin came out strong with a Rushwood Dryad, and played out 4th and 5th turn Stinging Barriers. Fuller drew few useful cards and was forced to watch his life totals dwindle rapidly. On his 6th turn, Fuller tried to Shock Troops - Thunderclap one of the Barriers, but when Rubin responded with an Invigorate, and then played out a Saprazzan Outrigger on the next turn, Fuller scooped.

Fuller - 1 Rubin - 2

Game 3

Time was running out for both competitors, who, at 4-2-1 records needed a win to even have a chance for Top 8. Rubin started the match with a Soothsaying, but didn't play a creature until turn 3 when he laid a Balloon Peddler. Fuller began playing creatures on turn two however and never let up. Nightwind Glider, then Ogre Taskmaster began their assault on Rubin. Rubin tried to halt the beatings with a Giant Caterpillar and a Silverglade elemental, but was thwarted by Fuller playing Cho-Manno, Revolutionary and a Ramosian Lieutenant - the start of the Rebel Engine. Rubin played out a Stinging Barrier, but was only trying to gain more time to recover. Fuller played out Noble Purpose on his next turn. Time was then called, and the extra turns began. Fuller was able to whittle away Rubin's life until he was at 4, but was unable to serve for the last few points of damage before the extra turns ran out. The match ended in a draw.

Fuller - 1, Rubin - 1 Draw - 1

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