Pro Tour-New York 2000 Round 13 Feature Match

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Randy Buehler

It was yet another Rebel on Rebel mirror matchup in round 13, but neither player was complaining. Mattias Kettil was in his first Pro Tour while Mark Globus was in his 3rd. Despite their inexperience on Tour, both players had earned 27 points already and needed only a win and a draw to get to the Magic 31 point total, which is believed to be enough to make the Top 8. Kettil credits Mattias Jorstedt with helping him build his deck while Mark Globus was quick to give props to Mike Turian, saying, "There's no way this deck would be nearly as good without Mike's help." Both players were running the aggressive, Reverent Mantra-based Rebel decks that have done so well this weekend. (The average Distorting Lens deck that made day 2 has dropped 12 spots so far today while the average non-Lens Rebel deck has gone up 3 spots in the standings.)

Kettil lost the coin flip but he got the early Lin Sivvi advantage in game 1 thanks to a timely Rishadan Port. Kettil played out not one, not two, but 3 Parallax Waves over the course of the next four turns. Globus Disenchanted the first two of them and was all set up to use his own Parallax Wave to capture Lin Sivvi advantage, but the third Wave that came out of Kettil's hand was devastating. "Three of those is just obscene." Once his own Lin Sivvi came back, Kettil used it to go get Jhovall Queen. Globus didn't have an answer for that or the Sky Marshall that Kettil cast from his hand. Globus tried to recruit enough 2/2's that he could win with reverent mantra, but Kettil had a mantra of his own that ended the game before Globus could execute that plan.

All the important decisions in game 2 were made before turn 1. Globus decided to keep a one-land hand even though he was playing first because he had two Sergeants and a Last Breath to go with a Voice of Truth. Kettil decided to keep a draw without any white mana at all because it had 2 Ports, 2 Voices of Truth, a Wave of reckoning, and a Lin Sivvi. Globus did draw his second land on turn 2, but he didn't draw land number 3 until turn 5. Kettil, on the other hand, didn't miss a land drop until turn 8 and he had no trouble casting his white spells. The game itself just involved Kettil playing out Voice of Truth, Lin Sivvi, Voice of Truth, and Parallax Wave. Globus did manage to effectively counter Kettil's Wave of Reckoning with a reverent mantra, but he had no way to deal with the pro-White Angels.

Kettil - 2
Globus - 0

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