Pro Tour-New York 2000 Round 14 Feature Match

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Randy Buehler

John Hunka and Ben Rubin debated long and hard about whether they should intentionally draw. Hunka sat on 31 points where a draw would clinch top 8, but he needed some help to get in if he played and lost. Rubin had 30 points so a draw would get him into a tie for the Top 8, but his tiebreakers were mediocre so he'd have to cross his fingers and hope. He decided he'd rather play for it himself than trust to his tiebreakers. The crucial match going on elsewhere was between Trevor Blackwell and Mike Hron. Blackwell could get to 32 points (and be definitely in) with a win, but Hron had no chance to make top 8 and was just trying to play spoiler. If Blackwell won, he had a chance to win 2 consecutive Pro Tours, a feat that has never been accomplished.

Hunka played a turn 4 Lin Sivvi after top-decking a land in game 1. Rubin answered with Parallax Wave and removed both Hunka's creatures from the game. All Hunka had left was a Ramosian Sergeant while Rubin played out Blastoderm and then Ramosian Sky Marshal. Hunka did draw a Defiant vanguard which he could trade for Blastoderm, but Rubin proceeded to play two Voices of Truth. When Rubin's Wave faded away and Hunka got all his creatures back, he was too far behind and couldn't recover.

Hunka once again played the first Lin Sivvi in game 2, but Rubin once again had parallax Wave ready. Despite putting 4 Disenchants and 4 Seals of Cleansing in his deck (after sideboarding), Hunka didn't have any in his hand. Rubin once again played out a Blastoderm and a Voice of Truth. Rubin also played a Saproling Burst, but Hunka managed to draw a Disenchant before that killed him. Hunka got his creatures back just in time to chump block with them -- he was once again too far behind to recover and Ben Rubin won the match.

Rubin now advances to his 4th Final Day while Hunka has to hope he can back in. Shortly after their match ended, Mike Hron finished off Trevor Blackwell, thus greatly increasing Hunka's chances of getting in.

Rubin - 2
Hunka - 0

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