Pro Tour-New York 2000 Round 9 Results

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By Wizards of the Coast

Player Opponent Result
Baker Justin Pustilnik Michael Won, 2-1
Blackwell Trevor Currence Bryce Won, 2-1
Bregoli Mike Humpherys David Won, 2-0
Brower Jeremy Dobson Tony Lost, 0-2
Budde Kai Eskeland Sigurd Lost, 0-2
Bui Lucien Vergendo Maurizio Won, 2-0
Chapin Patrick Law Albertus Won, 2-1
Comer Alan Mowshowitz Zvi Won, 2-0
Coppage Thomas Snepvangers Abraham Won, 2-0
Cornelissen Kamiel Globus Mark Lost, 1-2
Courtois Frederic Hron Mike Lost, 0-2
Currence Bryce Blackwell Trevor Lost, 1-2
Davis Kevin Gordon Mark Lost, 0-2
Devenport David Malka Sol Won, 2-1
Dobson Tony Brower Jeremy Won, 2-0
DuBois Daniel Sanders Jensen Niels Won, 2-1
Edbury Richard Osorio Joao Won, 2-0
Ekebom Erno Ziegler Eric Drew, 1-1
Eskeland Sigurd Budde Kai Won, 2-0
Finkel Jon Komiya Tadayoshi Lost, 1-2
Fiore Stefano Kellenburger Brian Won, 2-0
Fitch Britt Van de Logt Tom Won, 2-0
Fontanez Marcos Moungey Jason Lost, 1-2
Franzen Johan Ho Lan Won, 2-1
Gary Justin Valkyser Stephan J Lost, 1-2
Globus Mark Cornelissen Kamiel Won, 2-1
Gordon Mark Davis Kevin Won, 2-0
Guo Chi Jin Schick Mark Lost, 0-2
Hager Jason Linde Matt Lost, 1-2
Herzog Nicolai Marsh Warren Lost, 0-2
Hirabayashi Kazuya Turning Travis G Lost, 0-2
Ho Lan Franzen Johan Lost, 1-2
Hovi Tommi Hubble Bryan Won, 2-0
Hron Mike Courtois Frederic Won, 2-0
Hubble Bryan Hovi Tommi Lost, 0-2
Humpherys David Bregoli Mike Lost, 0-2
Hunka John Krakower Gary Won, 2-0
Hustad James Thompson Mike Lost, 0-1
Ikeda Tsuyoshi Olivieri Nicolas Drew, 1-1
Jensen William Walker Stewart Won, 2-1
Johansson Hans Severa Matt Lost, 0-2
Johns Scott Marcus Fred Won, 1-0
Johnson Josh Ross Edward Lost, 1-2
Jorstedt Mattias Thoren Jens Won, 2-1
Keffer Philip Lo Moro Raffaele Lost, 1-2
Kellenburger Brian Fiore Stefano Lost, 0-2
Kettil Mattias Larkin John Lost, 1-2
Kita Makoto Meylan Nicolas Won, 2-1
Komiya Tadayoshi Finkel Jon Won, 2-1
Krakower Gary Hunka John Lost, 0-2
Kühn Janosch Sagol Omar Won, 2-0
Larkin John Kettil Mattias Won, 2-1
Law Albertus Chapin Patrick Lost, 1-2
Levy Raphael Shvartsman Alex Drew, 1-1
Linde Matt Hager Jason Won, 2-1
Lo Moro Raffaele Keffer Philip Won, 2-1
Malka Sol Devenport David Lost, 1-2
Marcus Fred Johns Scott Lost, 0-1
Marks Jason Rumsey Michael Won, 2-0
Marsh Warren Herzog Nicolai Won, 2-0
McCord Scott Ruel Olivier Won, 2-0
Mckeon Robbie Wang Kung Chieh Won, 2-1
McNeill Dan Romero Ellis Lost, 1-2
Meinecke Holger Postema Bas Lost, 0-2
Meylan Nicolas Kita Makoto Lost, 1-2
Mitchell Andrew Slemr Jakub Won, 2-0
Moungey Jason Fontanez Marcos Won, 2-1
Mowshowitz Zvi Comer Alan Lost, 0-2
Olivieri Nicolas Ikeda Tsuyoshi Drew, 1-1
Osorio Joao Edbury Richard Lost, 0-2
Parker Brock Tsang Gabe Won, 2-0
Postema Bas Meinecke Holger Won, 2-0
Pustilnik Michael Baker Justin Lost, 1-2
Romero Ellis McNeill Dan Won, 2-1
Ross Edward Johnson Josh Won, 2-1
Rubin Ben Wise Gary Won, 2-0
Ruel Olivier McCord Scott Lost, 0-2
Rumsey Michael Marks Jason Lost, 0-2
Sagol Omar Kühn Janosch Lost, 0-2
Sanders Jensen Niels DuBois Daniel Lost, 1-2
Schick Mark Guo Chi Jin Won, 2-0
Severa Matt Johansson Hans Won, 2-0
Shvartsman Alex Levy Raphael Drew, 1-1
Slemr Jakub Mitchell Andrew Lost, 0-2
Snepvangers Abraham Coppage Thomas Lost, 0-2
Thompson Mike Hustad James Won, 1-0
Thoren Jens Jorstedt Mattias Lost, 1-2
Tsang Gabe Parker Brock Lost, 0-2
Turning Travis G Hirabayashi Kazuya Won, 2-0
Valkyser Stephan J Gary Justin Won, 2-1
Van de Logt Tom Fitch Britt Lost, 0-2
Vergendo Maurizio Bui Lucien Lost, 0-2
Walker Stewart Jensen William Lost, 1-2
Wang Kung Chieh Mckeon Robbie Lost, 1-2
Wise Gary Rubin Ben Lost, 0-2
Ziegler Eric Ekebom Erno Drew, 1-1

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