Pro Tour San Diego 2010 - Qualifiers

Posted in Feature on October 26, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Latin America
October-December 2009

CountryCityEvent DateInvitationsLocationAddressURL
ArgentinaBuenos Aires11/7/20091Salon BasalkuaBelgrano 1144Website
ArgentinaBuenos Aires12/5/20091Salon BasalkuaBelgrano 1144Website
BoliviaLa Paz10/31/20091TM Games - ObrajesAv. H. Ormachea 5236Email
BrasilSao Paulo12/6/20091Devir LivrariaCambuci Rua Teodureto SoutoWebsite
BrasilRio de Janeiro12/13/20091Point HQR. Visconde de Piraja 207 lj 317Website
BrasilPorto Alegre11/29/20091Jambo R. Sarmento Leite 631, Cidade BaixaWebsite
ChileSantiago10/10/20091Campus San Juaquin UCMetro San Joaquin Linea 5Website
ChileSantiago11/14/20091Campus San Juaquin UCMetro San Joaquin Linea 5Website
ColombiaBogotá11/16/20091Valhalla Hobby CenterCedritos Local 274-275 - diagonal 151 #32-19Website
ColombiaMedellin11/15/20091Centro Comercial Vizcayalocal 335, Calle 10# 32-115Email
MexicoMéxico City10/24/20091Hotel El DiplomaticoInsurgentee Sur 1105Website
MexicoMéxico City11/14/20091Hotel El DiplomaticoInsurgentee Sur 1105Website
MexicoMonterrey12/6/20091Hotel Antari Suite CintermexAvenida Fundidora 500Website
PeruLima11/8/20091Game ZoneCaminos de Inca 257 tda 223 Santiago de SurcoEmail
Puerto RicoSan Juan11/15/20091Dream Wizards359 San Claudio Suite 113Website
VenezuelaCaracas11/22/20091Corpovirtual C.A.Av. Los Leones, Torre MileniunWebsite

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