Pro Tour - Washington D.C.
Antartica vs. Your Move Games Draft

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By Wizards of the Coast

"I don't think many people would argue if you said that Jon Finkel was the best player in the world. He's beaten me a lot lately, but there have been times when I've had the upper hand. I can only hope that this is one of those times"

It been a long time since Darwin Kastle has made the third day of a Pro Tour event. After two Top 8 appearances in the tour's first season, Darwin has suffered a number of near misses, culminating in his 9th place finish in Chicago. Now, alongside longtime teammates Dave Humpherys and Rob Dougherty,Kastle is facing the powerful Magic talent of Jon Finkel.

Having drafted what Jon described as the best deck drafted by Your Move Games, Darwin's B/W control deck will have to fight to take Jon's Red-Green deck, which not only contains plenty of burn, but a number of large creatures including the 6/5 regenerating Ancient Silverback.

In the B match, two more titans, Dave Humpherys and Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz lock horns with Steve O's Black/-White pestilence deck looking superior if not for the anti-black Absolute Grace, ROP: Black and Voice of Grace which Humpherys is running main deck.

In what looks to be the best deck match up for Antarctica, Steve's brother, Dan, playing in his first day three, will bring his UW Archetype to the table against Rob Dougherty's RG deck. While the match-up is traditionally a good one for the control deck, Dougherty's burn and his Rancor give him more than a fighting chance.

"I think Dan is going to beat Rob, and Humpherys has a pretty good chance of beating Steve, so in the end it'll probably come down to Darwin and I" said Finkel, who wants to start this season in first place for the PT Player of the Year race, a title he lost with Kai Budde's victory at World Championships. "I know that Darwin's not going to make any misplays, so, it's going to be tough.

There are a lot of advantages to being the best player in the world. intimidation, reputation, prestige, but here, for the first time, Jon realizes there is no 'I' in 'team'. There is, however, an 'I' in 'Finkel'.

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