Pro Tour - Washington D.C.
Day 1 Round 1 Results

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By Wizards of the Coast

Player Opponent Result
770 Operation Mise Lost, 0-2
Amsterdam Rocket Draw, 1-1-1
Antarctica The Spanish Inquisition Won, 2-1
ATM Hellfire Hannover Won, 2-1
Babes of the Dingo Urban Housing Won, 2-0-1
Big Dogs Mallrats Won, 2-0
Billy Goats Gruff CMU Lost, 1-2
Brown Bomber Fig Jam Draw, 1-1-1
CCC TCG Won, 2-1
Champions Rounders, Lost, 1-2
CMU Billy Goats Gruff Won, 2-1
Comrades The Austin Powers Won, 2-1
Deadguy Die Mausologen Won, 2-0
Die Mausologen Deadguy Lost, 0-2
Dirana Griffin Team Won, 2-1
DKLA Marc's Brothers Draw, 1-1-1
ECA One-Ders Won, 2-1
Ethan Allen Kakao Won, 2-1
Fifth Again Goblin Gate Won, 2-1
Fig Jam Brown Bomber Draw, 1-1-1
Frayman 2; Electric Boogaloo Pat Chapin and Dinosaurs, Lost, 1-2
Fu-Ku-Ra-Mi Your Move Games Lost, 1-2
G'nootz, The Alliance Draw, 1-1-1
Game Empire, Ty-Kwan-Loh Won, 2-1
Goblin Gate Fifth Again Lost, 1-2
Griffin Team Dirana Lost, 1-2
Grumpy Old Men *** BYE ***  
Hellfire Hannover ATM Lost, 1-2
Kakao Ethan Allen Lost, 1-2
Lava Axe Matrix Lost, 0-2
Legion NY Three Blind Mice Lost, 1-2
Les Lapins Bleus Utrecht Lost, 0-2
Lost in Spain Shop Adept Lost, 0-2
Luscious SLB Won, 2-0
Mallrats Big Dogs Lost, 0-2
Mana-Hattan TLC Lost, 1-2
Marc's Brothers DKLA Draw, 1-1-1
Matrix Lava Axe Won, 2-0
Mighty Scrubs Super Bus Lost, 1-2
Name Denied Vesuvian Dopplegangers Won, 2-0
Neutrral Ground SF Tingrays Won, 2-1
New Wave Think Tank Draw, 1-1-1
One-Ders ECA Lost, 1-2
Operation Mise 770 Won, 2-0
Papa Smurf Two Champs and a Chump Won, 2-0
Pat Chapin and Dinosaurs, Frayman 2; Electric Boogaloo Won, 2-1
Phenomene J Skillz UK Won, 2-0
Portal Tongo Nation Lost, 0-2
Random Technology Teriyaki Toshiki Lost, 1-2
Rocket Amsterdam Draw, 1-1-1
Ross Shpadoinkle Lost, 1-2
Rounders, Champions Won, 2-1
Shop Adept Lost in Spain Won, 2-0
Shpadoinkle Ross Won, 2-1
Skillz UK Phenomene J Lost, 0-2
SLB Luscious Lost, 0-2
Smoove THL, Won, 2-1
Southpark The Tank Lost, 1-2
Special Bus Taz Won, 2-0
Sped, Tucson Won, 2-1
Super Bus Mighty Scrubs Won, 2-1
Taz Special Bus Lost, 0-2
TCG CCC Lost, 1-2
Teriyaki Toshiki Random Technology Won, 2-1
The Alliance G'nootz, Draw, 1-1-1
The Austin Powers Comrades Lost, 1-2
The Spanish Inquisition Antarctica Lost, 1-2
The Tank Southpark Won, 2-1
Think Tank New Wave Draw, 1-1-1
THL, Smoove Lost, 1-2
Three Blind Mice Legion NY Won, 2-1
Tingrays Neutrral Ground SF Lost, 1-2
TLC Mana-Hattan Won, 2-1
Tongo Nation Portal Won, 2-0
Tucson Sped, Lost, 1-2
Two Champs and a Chump Papa Smurf Lost, 0-2
Ty-Kwan-Loh Game Empire, Lost, 1-2
Urban Housing Babes of the Dingo Lost, 0-2-1
Utrecht Les Lapins Bleus Won, 2-0
Vesuvian Dopplegangers Name Denied Lost, 0-2
Your Move Games Fu-Ku-Ra-Mi Won, 2-1

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