Pro Tour - Washington D.C.
Day 1 Scenes

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By Wizards of the Coast

Teriyaki Toshiki deckbuilding

The Austin Powers were quite pleased with their blue and white cards during the second deck construction period. Left to Right: Zephid's Embrace; Morphling; Barrin, Master Wizard; Catastrophe; Radiant, Archangel; Serra's Embrace; and another Serra's Embrace

DKLA building their decks

Frayman 2; Electric Boogaloo building their decks

Close-up of Frayman 2's selection of green

Hey some judges!

Pat Chapin and the Dinosaurs deckbuilding

Marc's Brothers building their decks

Tongo Nation deckbuilding

Earlier today, Eric Taylor was wearing this shirt. Mark Justice bought it from him for $50.

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