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By Trick Jarrett

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Here's a look into the different promos you can get by taking part in events at your local game store.


Stores will be running the Journey into Nyx Prerelease on April 26, 2014, through April 27, 2014. Don't forget to mark your calendars for the Seventh quest on the Hero's Path!

Here are the five promos you can play with, depending on which path you choose for this quest of the Hero's Path, as well as the base Hero card inside each Prerelease Pack. We'll explain more in the coming weeks!


Forged in Glory

Forged in Intellect

Forged in Tyranny

Forged in War

Forged in Pursuit


On May 2, 2014, the eighth quest of the Hero's Path will take place at the Launch FNM for Journey into Nyx. Here is the promo you'll get for participating in the event (on top of any normal FNM promo you might receive.

And then you'll be able to earn the eighth hero card for the Hero's Path:

Game Day

The week after Pro Tour Journey into Nyx you'll hit your store on May 24-25, 2014, for the final quest of the Hero's Path as you play in a Standard tournament for the Journey into Nyx Game Day!

If you are in the Top 8 of the event you'll earn this promo:

In addition, the 1st-place winner of Journey into Nyx Game Day will receive an exclusive Playmat.

Defeat a God

At Game Day be sure to bring the Hero Cards you've earned while traveling the Hero's Path to help you triumph over the Defeat a God Challenge Deck at Journey into Nyx Game Day. This special deck is a challenge you can take on during Game Day, between rounds, or at your convenience. It's not a part of the tournament, but you'll want to defeat Xenagos to earn the ninth and final Hero Card on the Hero's Path.

You can use up to three Hero Cards to help you Defeat a God. To learn more about the Hero's Path, visit

Buy a Box

Lastly, we have this beautiful Eidolon of Blossoms promo which stores will be able to provide to a small number of their customers. The distribution is up to them, so ask your local store if you're interested in it:

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