Propheting Wildly

Posted in Feature on October 29, 2013

By Luis Scott-Vargas

Luis Scott-Vargas plays, writes, and makes videos about Magic. He has played on the Pro Tour for almost a decade, and between that and producing content for ChannelFireball, often has his hands full (of cards).

After the success of mono-blue devotion in Dublin, it's natural to try and figure out how to evolve the deck, and who's better at evolution than the Simic? This deck keeps all the powerful elements of the original devotion deck, while looking to green to ramp up the power level and add some new synergies.

Prophet of Kruphix

The core of the engine is still comprised of Thassa and Master of Waves, with all the cheaper creatures used to power them up. It's kind of funny that both these cards require devotion, but play in the opposite way. Thassa is nearly impossible to kill, but needs followers to start smashing, whereas Master of Waves is fairly easy to remove and needs very little help to end the game if it isn't. Either way, when these are rolling, your opponent is probably dead. Bident of Thassa is also a key part of the deck, and again justifies playing all of the cheap blue creatures that would otherwise be underpowered.

Where green comes in is Prophet of Kruphix. While the initial investment of five mana is a lot, once you get to untap even once with Prophet you can likely recoup all the mana you've spent. Mana generation on this scale is rare and powerful enough to be worth investigating whenever it's available. Prophet also justifies the full three Bidents, as Bident's biggest weakness is that it puts you behind on tempo sometimes. If you can cast two or three creatures every turn cycle, things soon get out of control, and Bident lets you rip through your deck with ease. The Prophets also let you get more out of Thassa, play four Dissolves and still deploy threats, and even play creatures as tricks when need be.

Simic Charm is another interesting addition, although this deck does feel a little spell-heavy to me. In order for three Bidents to work, I might look at cutting some number of Dissolves and/or Simic Charms for some cheaper creatures, perhaps the one- or two-drops the deck has left out (Cloudfin Raptor, Judge's Familiar, Tidebinder Mage). I also like the idea of a Nykthos in this deck. If you are going deep with Prophet, you might as well go the whole way.

(Bonus points for Opportunity, Mystic Genesis, and Staff of the Mind Magus in the sideboard).

mybudde's UG Devotion

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