Quarterfinals Feature Match - Sean Tracy vs. Eric Chapman

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Geddes Cooper

In one of the more interesting matches of the 2000 Junior Super Series Quarter Finals, 16 year old Sean Tracy from Independence, Missouri (First Seed), was matched up against 15-year-old Eric Chapman from Missouri. Both players said they are not better suited to any one style of deck but just prefer to play whatever is the best deck at the right time. Both players had hopes of going on to college as they both are Sophomores in high school. Chapman a prominent high school wrestler plans of attending MIT and could well be on his way while Sean Tracy is certain of his goal but unsure of where he will or would like to go.

The matchup in most peoples minds is quite possibly in favor of Sean Tracy here seeing as he is running plenty of removal in the main as well as board including Shoch, Seal of Fire, Cave In, Hammer, and Masticore Backed up well by Stone Rains, Pillages, Techtonic Break, and Avalanche Riders. One of the best decks in the field at this point considering what is popular. Chapman is running the popular "BEARS" white wheenie deck with some added technology of Lumbering Satyr main as well as two Masticore which prooved to be good as Trinity Green was one of the most popular decks in the environment. Chapmans deck is backed by Parallax Waves, Armageddon, Chants and the usual white weenie spells.

Game one prooved to be not such a close one with Chapman winning the die roll but starting out with a paris. Tracy keeps a relatively good hand with removal, land distruction and Lightning Dragon. Chapman starts off with turn two fresh volunteers but has only one plains on the board. Tracy shocks the volunteers and realizes the situation and stone rains Chapman's only plains to take advantage of the game early. Chapman draws and says go and having no plains to cast anything and Rishadan Port and Gaea's Cradle as his only land. Tracy wastes no time and immediately casts Lightning Dragon to start applying pressure. Chapman draws and says go again still without dropping a plain. Tracy plays echo drops mountain serves for 5 with the dragon and says go. Chapman draws and says go once again still no plains to try and get himself back into the game. Tracy untaps comes over for 6 with the dragon again and dustbowls Chapman's Cradle. Chapman seeing the game is relatively over quickly concedes and begins to sideboard.

1-0 Tracy

Game two was a little closer with both players keeping their hands and this time Chapman with the good start. First turn sergeant second turn longbow archer. Tracy on the other hand casts turn one mountain and has no more in hand but top decks another red source in Ghitu Encantment. Chapmans sends for 2 with the archer and drops Gaea's Cradle. Tracy drops port and stone rains the cradle, Chapman responds by seaching for Steadfast Guard with Sergeant but Tracy has an answer for everything as he discard flasfires and casts Cave-In, clearing the board of creatures and putting him in a stable position. Chapman draws his card, drops Rishadan Port and says go, and procedes to port Tracy's port on his upkeep. Tracy comes over for 2 with Encantment and says go. Chapman untaps and casts Glorious Anthem with no creatures in play and says go. Tracy see's another window and casts Flashfires killing Chapman's plains and leaving his with a lone Rishadan Port to work with. Chapman draws plays another Rishadan Port and says go, tapping a Ghitu Encantment on Tracy's upkeep. Tracy cast Stone Rain on one of Chapman's ports and says go. Chapman draws his card and sadly says go. Tracy untaps and casts Masticore. Seeing the game is at a close end Chapman finally draws a plains and casts fresh volunteers. A few turns of serving with Masticore from Tracy's side of the board and 6 land to use for Masticore soon ends the match as Chapman can't find an answer for masticore in disenchant even when Tracy chooses to tap out to ping fresh volunteers to death and Tracy wins his quarterfinal match 2 games to 0.

2-0 Tracy.

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