Quarterfinals: Tom Van de Logt vs. Benedikt Klauser

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This top 8 match pitted Benedikt Klauser of Austria playing classic Trinity versus Tom Van de Logt playing Replenish. Trinity was designed to beat Replenish as it became more and more dominant in the standard format. This should have been a favorable match-up with the green Trinity deck hosting a number of fearsome threats against Trinity in the form of Plow Under and Tangle Wire for mana deprival, Deranged Hermit for damage, and Llanowar Elves, Birds of Paradise, and Gaea's Cradles for acceleration giving Klauser the chance to cast a 3 turn threat whether it be Deranged Hermit or Plow Under. As a refresher for those few people who don't keep up with Magic, Replenish is one of the most potent standard decks around which really dictated the metagame here and has done so since just after the Duelist Invitational in Kuala Lumpur where Accelerated Blue became the deck to beat. Trinity had the edge but you can never count out the awesome power of Replenish with the new Nemesis additions of Parallax Wave and Parallax Tide. Let's turn to the match and see what took place.

Van de Logt won the die roll and the match was underway with a couple of islands hitting the board on Van de Logt's side of the table and Klauser had an explosive start bringing in an Llanowar Elf on his first turn and, with the help of a Cradle, a Bird and Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary on his second. Van de Logt plays an Adarkar Wastes, which was swiftly followed up by a small attack on Klauser's part and a Port under which Van de Logt Frantic Searches. The next turn was extremely devastating and really showcases the true raw power of Trinity when Klauser topdecks a Plow Under and casts it putting Van de Logt back a couple of turns in terms of lands. The next turn, Klauser drew a second Port and cast a Deranged Hermit, which swiftly finished off Van de Logt who was at two lands because of Plow Under when this happened. The double Port locked him completely down from ever getting up to the all-important 4 mana.

Van de Logt sided in Wraths and Submerges while Klauser brought in Lyrists, Reverent Silence, Thran Foundries, and one Worldly Tutor to get a turn 2 Rofellos for the turn 3 Plow Under. Game 2 saw Klauser mulligan once into a great 6 card hand with none of the fat threats but 2 accelerators and 2 Tangle Wires which is also really amazing against Replenish if they don't draw into Frantic Searches. Van de Logt starts with a Plains and Enlightened Tutors after Klauser lays a Forest and a Llanowar. Klauser lays another plains and the Sky Diamond that he searched for. Klauser gets his second accelerator on the table in the form of a Priest of Titania and topdecks a Plow Under before he decides to play a Tangle Wire to buy some more time to draw into damage. The following turn, Van de Logt draws into an island and plays it after missing his previous land drop. Klauser casts Plow Under and the second Tangle Wire to lock up the game and take a 2-0 with a big fat Deranged Hermit on the next turn. Van de Logt had one chance to draw into another Frantic Search with his Frantic Search but he didn't and the Port kept him locked down to less than four mana which was not enough to cast any of the multiple Wrath of God he was holding the entire game.

Game 3 saw Van de Logt with a much better hand and therefore a better start with turn 3 Attunement and turn 4 Parallax Wave waving out Klauser's Poacher, Priest of Titania, and Elvish Lyrist leaving Klauser with only 3 lands. Van de Logt follows up with an Opalescence and attacks for 7 with Attunement and Parallax Wave. He wraps the game up swiftly two turns later with a Replenish for 2 Waves, and 2 Attunements and the classic Replenish like start was too much for the Trinity deck as Van de Logt wins his first game of the quarterfinal match putting the score at 2-1 in favor of Klauser.

Game 4 saw Klauser start off fast with a Llanowar and a Priest of Titania in the first 2 turns while Van de Logt has to Mystical Tutor for a Submerge to prevent the turn 3 threat. He Submerges and passes the turn playing an Attunement on his next turn while Klauser can only play a Poacher which puts Van de Logt on a fast clock. Klauser plays two Thran Foundries over the next two turns and makes it impossible with Van de Logt's Frantic Searches that continually reduce the size of his hand while putting nothing in it that could turn the tide of the game. He ends up with only one card in hand after triple Frantic Searching and that card was Parallax Wave, which was not enough to serve as more than a one turn Fog against the impending onslaught as Van de Logt does not draw a Wrath of God which is the only card in his deck that could possibly save him at this point. Klauser moves into the semifinals against Jon Finkel.

Benedikt Klauser defeats Tom Van de Logt 3-1

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