Rakdos Cult

Posted in Feature on August 20, 2012

By Wizards of the Coast

My Chaos. My Carnage. My Guild.

The Rakdos Cult is a large group of hedonists, sadists, criminals, and psychopaths under the leadership of a powerful demon named Rakdos. The Rakdos Cult combines an instinctual bloodlust and desire for power. They’re sadistic and cruel simply for the fun of it. Opportunistic violence is their modus operandi. Mayhem and personal enjoyment is their goal. They want Ravnica to bow to their whims and anything that gets in their way—or happens to be walking by—is fair game.

Rakdos lacks a formal structure. The cult members despise rules or anything that curtails their freedom, so there are no laws other than the precept to please their demonic master. On the surface, the activities of the guild are run by loosely affiliated “Rings,” each led by a Ringmaster, and each with its own sphere of influence, commodities, and cult followers.
Illus. Eytan Zana
Rakdos the Defiler. Rakdos was one of Ravnica’s paruns, or founding guildmasters, and for millennia he has been in complete control of his guild. Capricious and megalomaniacal, he wants everything to happen on a grand scale. One moment roaring with satisfaction at the sight of his performers, the next ordering that they be set on fire and laughing cruelly as they die. When Rakdos is awake, he is the undisputed center of attention. His whims are catered to, whether it’s murder or mutilation, and nothing is spared to please the master. When Rakdos slumbers for days at a time, the cult members ratchet down the murder and chaos. The atmosphere in Rix Maadi becomes political and manipulative as the bloodwitches vie for control. Then Rakdos wakes up, and it’s an orgy of bloodletting and mayhem again.
Illus. Vincent Proce
Rix Maadi, the Dungeon Palace. Rakdos dwells inside Rix Maadi, a guildhall built around a lava pit in the undercity. The most direct route to Rix Maadi is an immense stone staircase that leads down an ancient tunnel called the Demon’s Vestibule. The crumbling walls of the tunnel are covered in colorful banners and old bloodstains. Rix Maadi stands at the far end of a courtyard, its ornate stone edifice flanked by jagged basalt pillars flowing with lava streams. Only the facade of Rix Maadi resembles an actual building. Inside, Rix Maadi is a large natural cavern with a high ceiling and a giant lake of lava.
Illus. Karl Kopinski
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